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What makes the best continuous LED lighting for video?

Videographers and photographers are looking for the best continuous LED lighting for video. The hassle of synchronizing your camera to your trigger and flash is gone, and you can see the shot through the viewfinder in real time. In this article, we will go into the following topics:

  1. What are the benefits of using continuous LED lighting for video?
  2. How to choose the best lighting equipment for your video production?
  3. What continuous lights for video can you get from COLBOR?

What are the benefits of LED continuous video lighting?

We all know that video creation requires continuous lighting. But what are the benefits of the LED type? LEDs have several benefits over traditional bulbs, including:

  • LEDs emit less heat
  • LEDs have a long lifespan.
  • LEDs require less energy than traditional lights (such as incandescent and tungsten) and are thus more eco-friendly.
  • LED prices have been falling year after year, making them more affordable

What to look for in the best continuous LED lighting for video?

There are 6 factors to take into account.

Beam Angle

How much space do you hope the video continuous light will illuminate? Do you want to light up the entire scene or create a more focused effect? These are some important things to consider when selecting a beam angle for your new video light. Broader beam angles provide the light that spans a larger area, whilst narrower beam angles produce a more focused stream of light.

Light Output

The lights used behind the scenes on professional film productions are likely to have a high light output, but they will also be expensive and emit a lot of heat. There is no need for very high lux lights to create the sense of a professional set if you are recording in a home studio or a somewhat small location.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

CRI will be the determining element in how well your lighting system performs. To make sure that your light will generate the same quality as claimed in the product photographs, seek a video continuous light source with a CRI of 90–95. To prevent a situation where "Expectation vs. Reality," this is the specification to watch out for. It is especially important for the lighting for makeup videos.

Color Temperature

While choosing the best continuous LED lighting for video, keep the video atmosphere in mind, since this will assist you choose the appropriate color temperature. Lower color temperature lights will generate a warm, orange hue, whilst higher color temperature lights will provide a sharper, blue hue. Color temperature influences the hue of your lights and often runs between 1000K and 10 000K.

Working Noise

Noise is also an important consideration. Distractions from the background will make your video appear unprofessional. Therefore, it is advised to avoid using larger lights that use cooling fans and produce obvious noises during working. The good news is that some brands like COLBOR are working to make video lights run quietly when the cooling fan is on. For example, the CL100X offers Quiet Mode. When it is enabled, the noise of the cooling fan is lower than 20dB, which won’t be captured by camera.


Portability is an important consideration in many genres of cinematography and video creation, such as travel vlogs, review videos, movie production, and many more. A battery operated continuous light for video offers great portability when you take video shooting outside.

What LED continuous light can you get in COLBOR?

As a video light brand, COLBOR has launched different types of LED continuous lights. We divide them into two categories and introduce their common features below.

CL Series - Continuous LED lights for video with various power outputs & mobile power supply options

The COLBOR LED studio lights is a type of chip-on-board LED light that is primarily focused on creating great brightness uniformity. It emits natural, intense light, resulting in a bright and appealing scene ideal for photographers and videographers to begin their work.

They come with different power outputs, including the 100W CL100, 110W CL100X, and 65W CL60. It has bi-color and daylight lights for changing moods without the need for gels. Furthermore, the CL60R has the complete color capability with customizable saturation and hue ratings.

The COLBOR continuous LED lighting for video has various control options for flexible adjustment. The onboard buttons and dials, in conjunction with the display screen, provide visible physical control. COLBOR Studio App offers wireless control, making it simple to adjust the lighting when the light is at distance. The Matrix Control System allows each COB video light to control other lights to accomplish simultaneous and consistent illumination adjustment.

PL Series - Best LED light for YouTube videos with compact design and wide compatibility

The COLBOR PL Series LED light for mobile video shooting includes pocket lights of 5W and 8W. They are compact and lightweight to ensure great portability. The magnetic back and 1/4 screw hole make it simple to mount on metal surfaces, DSLRs, tripods, etc. Each of them carries an HD display to show lighting parameters in real time, so you can adjust the setting with awareness.