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Lights for video studio: Top 3 picks at COLBOR

Lights for video studio will improve the visual quality of your content, whether you are shooting videos or having live streaming. They provide consistent and flattering lighting for the subject, help build the scene, and retain more details in highlights and shadows. In this article, we will recommend three COLBOR LED video lights for your studio, tell you how to make a choice among them, and offer some tips for using them properly.

Use COLBOR CL60 with softbox to offer lighting for home video studio

Table: Overview on specs of three best studio lights for video

First, you can check the table to get aware of some important specs for a light.

Video studio light









2,843Lux (at 1m 5600K, No Reflector); 19,665Lux (at 1m 5600K, With Reflector)

3,680Lux (at 1m 5600K, No Reflector); 25,070Lux (at 1m 5600K, With Reflector)

9,430Lux (at 1m 5600K, No Reflector); 52,700Lux (at 1m 5600K, With Reflector)

Color temperature

2700K-6500K (±200)

2700K-6500K (±200)

2700K-6500K (±200)

Power supply

DC power, V mount battery, NP-F battery, PD power bank

DC power, V mount battery

DC power, V mount battery





*Note: The price is from COLBOR official seller Moman PhotoGears Store.

COLBOR CL60: Studio light for video shooting under $150

COLBOR CL60: Studio light for video shooting under $150

The COLBOR CL60 is the best studio light for video at constant 65W power output. It is made of Aluminum alloy and ABS material to ensure a light weight of 550g. The size is 140*80*90mm. Both make it an ideal choice for a small studio setup. In addition, the cooling noise is less than 20dB under Quiet Mode, which means it won’t be captured when you record audio at the same in a small studio.

It features a 97+ CRI to reproduce colors accurately. The color temperature ranges from 2700K to 6500K, allowing you to adjust the CL60 to match any shooting scenarios. Ten lighting modes are preset for creating common scenes. They are adjustable at rate thus offering 46 effects. All these can be adjusted with physical buttons & wheels and a wireless app.

The rails and chutes on the body allow several CL60 lights for video studio to combine together. This offers higher power output when needed. The Matrix Control System, which means one light can work as the controller of other fixtures, ensures consistent lighting and a convenient setting.

COLBOR CL100X: Studio light for video recording under $200

COLBOR CL100X: Studio light for video recording under $200

The COLBOR CL100X is a 110W LED studio light for video. Like the CL60, it features 97+ CRI, 2700-6500K color temperature, and an intelligent temperature control system with low noise. It also supports physical and wireless control over brightness, color temperature, lighting modes, etc.

The supplied Bowens mount adapter allows the CL100X to receive most of the standard modifiers. This leads to flexible lighting during video shooting.

COLBOR CL220: Professional light for video studio under $300

COLBOR CL220: Professional light for video studio under $300

The COLBOR CL220 is a all-new LED constant light for video studio. It provides constant 220W output at each color. It offers 52,700Lux of 5600K daylight-balanced light at 1 meter with the supplies 45° reflector.

Besides the adjustable brightness and color temperature, the CL220 offers more flexibility for video lighting with its Bowens mount, NATO grooves, and NATO extension bar. It accepts most of the standard modifiers on the market and can be used with various shooting gears.

How to choose among these three lights for video studio?

This depends on the top factor you consider for a video studio light. If considering the studio space, the CL60 is the most suitable one for small studios. CL220 takes its place if you are looking for a light with high illumination. If you want a bright fixture but are tight on budget, you can consider buying the CL100X.

If there is restricted space in your studio: CL60 is the most compact to offer best video lighting for small studio

Video studio light




140*80*90mm (Light Base Not Included)

Light: 550g; Light Base: 160g


152*80*90mm (Light Base Not Included)

Light: 800g; Light Base: 160g


212*128*219mm (Light Base Included)

1570g (Light Base Included)

The table shows that the CL60 is the most compact among the three options. If you work at a small video studio and need a light that doesn’t occupy much space and can be placed flexibly, the CL60 is an ideal option. Its PowerCube design ensures a balance between higher output and compact body.

If you highly value illumination : CL220 takes the place

Here we list the illumination figures of CL60, CL100X, and CL220 when they are placed at 1m and used with the supplied reflector.

Color temperature
























*Note: The reflector of CL60 and CL100X is 15° while that of CL220 is 45°.

As you can see, the illumination of the CL220 is nearly three times that of the CL60 and twice that of the CL100X. If illumination is the top factor you consider for purchase, the CL220 is undoubtedly the best choice.

If you have a limited budget: CL100X is a cost-effective light that balances dimension and illumination

It is also important to decide how much you are going to spend on the lights for video studio. If you're on a budget but want a slightly brighter light, the CL100X is one to try. It has basically similar features to the CL60 but is slightly more illuminated. Purchasing a CL100X is a more cost-effective option than buying 2 CL60s to ensure higher output.

How to use them in video studios?

In general, you can adopt a one-, two-, or three-point lighting setup to arrange lighting for video studio. But before that, you need to mount them on stands, power them properly, go to setting to adjust them to the lighting you want and use modifiers or other accessories to assist in setup. Here are some tips you can follow when you use COLBOR studio lights to carry on the aforementioned steps.

Mount the light on a light stand, tripod, etc. and position it in a right place

Mount COLBOR CL60 best studio light for video on a tripod

If you choose the CL60 or CL100X, you can follow the steps below:

  • Slide the supplied light base into the chute
  • Adjust it to the proper place you want
  • Fix the base by tightening the knob
  • Mount it on a stand and tighten the knob to secure it in place
  • Loosen the angle grip to adjust the CL60 or CL100X to any angle you want

If you purchase the CL220, the mounting steps are a bit different:

  • Completely loosen the screw on the bracket
  • Mount it on a stand
  • Tighten the screw to fix it
  • Loosen the angle grip to adjust it to any angle you want

Choose between DC power and external battery to power lights for video studio

The three studio lights mentioned above can be powered by DC power with the supplied power adapter or receive power from V mount battery. You can choose either power supply that is suitable for your shooting.

If you choose DC power

Use power adapter and power cord to connect the light to the socket. You can hang the CL220 power adapter on the stand to avoid pulling the cord. Ensure that you use the power adapter supplied in the package, or it is likely to damage the fixture.

If you choose external battery

CL60: Fix COLBOR VM2 on it, install a V mount battery on the VM2, and then connect the battery to power the CL60 via Type-C port. If you want to use NP-F batteries, a VM2 and a VAP1 are needed for this setup.

CL100X: Use VM2 as mentioned above to power it with a V mount battery.

CL220: Slide the supplied NATO extension bar into CL220’s BATO groove. Install the VM3 on it for mounting a V mount battery. Connect it to power the CL220 with D-tap to XLR power cable. Pay attention that a V mount battery supporting 14.4-16.8V discharge allows the CL220 to work at half of the maximum output.

Use onboard buttons or App to set studio lighting for YouTube videos

All three lights for video studio can be adjusted by using the buttons, wheels/knobs on the body to adjust the brightness, color temperature, and light effect. A short press on the wheel/knob allows you to switch between the set brightness, color temperature. You can also control it through the app. Check the video below to learn how to use the COLBOR Studio App to make lighting adjustments.

Use modifiers to shape and direct lighting for video studio

Modifier adaptability is crucial for perfect video lighting. Follow the tips below to shape and direct your lighting.

CL60 & CL100X: Install the supplied Bowens-mount adapter to the light head, and it will be ready to accept most of the Bowens-mount modifiers. If you want to use an umbrella on it, the COLBOR UMBR is needed.

CL220: It is designed with a Bowens mount without the need for an adapter. You can directly use modifiers on it. In addition, there is an umbrella hole in the lamp base. Just loosen the screw, insert the umbrella handle, tighten the screw, and you can use the umbrella to create soft illumination.