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Four factors to consider for the best lights for podcast studio

Investing in lights for podcast studio is the first step to good lighting. This helps improve the video podcast quality, bring focus to the guest or host, and set the mood of your podcast. But how to choose the best lights for your podcast studio? In this article, we will talk about four factors you need to consider when making the choice, including:

  • The size and shape of the podcast studio
  • The camera type and quality
  • Your podcast style and tone
  • The noise levels of the studio light

Read on to learn how these factors affect your podcast studio lighting.

COLBOR CL60 is used to offer lighting for podcast studio.

Size and shape of your podcast studio: It decides how much podcast studio lighting is needed

This will influence how much lighting for podcast studio you need and how your lights are positioned to get the desired look. If you have a tiny and narrow studio, for example, you may want to use fewer lights and position them closer to you to prevent overexposing the backdrop. If you have a large and expansive studio, you may want to utilize more lighting fixtures and position them further away from you to get a balanced and natural appearance.

Camera type and quality: It influences the podcast lighting quality

This influences how sensitive your camera is to light and how well it captures the colors and details of your podcast video. If you have a low-end camera, for example, you may wish to utilize brighter and more consistent lighting to compensate for the camera's limited dynamic range and color accuracy. If you have a high-end camera, you may want to utilize softer and more varied lighting for podcast studio.

Your podcast style and tone: It decides the color temperature of lights for podcast studio

This will have an impact on how you want your podcast to appear and feel to your audience. If you have a serious and professional podcast, you may want to utilize neutral and even podcast lighting to give a clear and reliable impression. If you have a fun and informal podcast, you might want to get bright and dynamic lighting to make an impression that is alive and engaging.

Noise levels of lights for podcast studio: It should be low for getting high quality audio

Lights for a podcast studio must be noise-free or have extremely low noise levels. This is because light noise can degrade the audio quality of your podcast and add annoying background noise. Light noise can arise from a variety of sources, including fans, ballasts, transformers, and dimmers. It is advised to check the product details and reviews to see whether it is quiet enough for your podcast studio.

Get your lights for podcast studio from COLBOR

As a video light manufacturer, COLBOR is trying its best to provide the best studio lights for podcast. They are different in power outputs and functions, but come with some common features to help you get high-quality podcast lighting, including:

  • Adjustable brightness from 100% to 0%
  • High CRI of 96+ to reproduce colors accurately
  • Adjustable color temperatures (bi-color version) for creating different moods to fit your podcast style
  • Low cooling fan noises to avoid the impact on podcast audio
  • Adapt to a wide range of light modifiers to give you more control over the podcast studio lighting
  • Wireless App control for lighting adjustment without pausing the podcast

However, how can you decide which COLBOR LED podcast light to use in your podcast studio? You can consider the aforementioned factors to help you make a choice. Here is a table to offer you a reference.

Studio size


CL220/ CL330 lineup


CL60/ CL100X lineup

Podcast style


Daylight color temperature


Bi-color/ RGB


As aforementioned, the best lights for podcast studio vary by the situation. You need to consider your studio size, camera quality, podcast style, and the noise levels of the equipment. COLBOR has different products that are suitable for different podcast needs. You can check the reference table to narrow down the options, then check the product page to decide which is the best for you. After deciding which light to use, you can check some podcast lighting tips to help you get better podcast results.