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What are the best LED lights for video production at COLBOR?

LED lights have grown popular among video creators. There are a number of great options on the market. But deciding which to choose can be tricky. In this article, we will recommend the best LED lights for video production at COLBOR, and focus on the following aspects to help you dive into the LED lighting world.

  1. LED video light basics explained
  2. How to choose the best product that suits your recording needs?
  3. Features and reviews of Top 3 picks at COLBOR

COLBOR CL60R LED light for YouTube videos can be held by the light base.

The basics of LED lighting for video production

LED lights have been used in appliances and Christmas lights since the 1950s, and in the last decade, LEDs have become a choice for house illumination and, more recently, video production. So what are they?

What does LED stand for?

LED is an abbreviation for light emitting diode. It is a semi-conductor with the ability to emit photons. LED video lighting is approximately 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. The color rendition of these lights has improved over time. The brightness is outstanding (on par with HMIs that run on ordinary home electricity). In addition, compared to HMIs or bigger tungsten lamps, the price point is exceptionally low.

What advantages do LEDs have?

They bring the following benefits to video production.

  • Save your time and money since they are low-energy saving and durable lights
  • Offer various lighting options to reduce the cost of video shooting
  • Most models can last up to 20 years
  • They don’t produce much heat thus avoiding fire hazards during use
  • You may get a variety of effects such as oscillating, dimming, and strobing.

How to choose best LED lights for video production: 6 factors to consider

You can consider the following factors to narrow down the range of options.

Beam Angle

How much space do you hope this light will illuminate? Do you want to brighten the entire scene or create a more focused effect? These are the most critical factors to consider when selecting a beam angle for your new video light. Broader beam angles provide light that spans a larger area, whilst narrower beam angles produce a more focused effect.

Light output

The lights used behind the scenes on professional film productions are likely to have a high power output, but they will also be expensive and emit a lot of heat. There is no need for very high lux to create the sense of a professional set if you are recording in a home studio or a somewhat small location.

Color temperature

It is essential to consider the mood of your video because it will guide your choice of color temperature. A warm, orange hue will emanate from lights with lower color temperatures, while a sharper, blue hue will emanate from lights with higher color temperatures. The color is determined by its color temperature, which typically falls between 1000K and 10,000K.

Brightness adjustment

LED lights for video production should have the ability to change the brightness levels. Working at the same brightness level won't always work, whether you arrange your shots indoors or outside. Check to see whether the video light can be adjusted for brightness.


Distractions in the backdrop of your films are unprofessional. As a result, it is best to avoid bigger lights that need cooling fans. When it comes to lighting, larger isn't necessarily better.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

CRI stands for Color Rendering Index and is scaled from 1 to 100. An LED video light with a CRI higher than 90 will produce a comparable effect to natural lighting in photographs, making the colors appear incredibly exact and realistic.

Top 3 LED lights for film and video at COLBOR

According the aforementioned choosing tips, we list top 3 picks at COLBOR. They are different in power output. Check the specs table and features below to see if they are suitable for your video production.

Table: A quick look at specs of COLBOR LED lights for video production

LED studio light








Color temperature

2700K-6500K (±200); RGB


2700K-6500K (±200)

Beam angle

≈∠120°; Reflector ≈∠15°

≈∠120°; Reflector ≈∠15°

≈∠120°; Reflector ≈∠15°

Illumination (at 3.28ft/1m 5600K, with standard reflector)




Output power




Brightness adjustment

Quiet cooling mode

CL60R - Compact RGB LED light for video offering creative lighting solution

Compact RGB LED light for video offering creative lighting solution

The CL60R is the only RGB LED light among these three options. It adopts RGBWW COB beads, offering full colors with variable hue ratings and saturation. The sensitive audio system enables it to “hear” the ambient sounds and output light effects accordingly. These two features work together to add more creativity to your video with a wide range of colors and an audio-visual balanced experience.

The CL60R itself measures 140*80*90mm in size and weighs 600g. It receives mobile power supply from V mount battery, PD power bank, NP-F battery, etc. It is a portable lighting option for shooting indoors and outdoors.

For more details, you can check the below video by YouTuber Christopher Michael Law. He introduces the build quality and features in the video and talks about some problems you may encounter when using the CL60R.

CL100X - LED light for mobile video shooting with flexible video lighting control

LED fixture with flexible video lighting control

The CL100X LED lights for live streaming include bi-color CL100 at 2700-6500K and daylight CL100XM at 5600K, with a max draw of 120W. 

The PowerCube design enables you to combine up to 10 LED lights for video production to form a light matrix up to 1100W. Besides physical control by the onboard buttons and wheels, the CL100X can also be controlled by the COLBOR Studio App. Or you can build a Matrix Control System, and use one CL100X as the controller of other fixtures to achieve consistent brightness and color temperature adjustment.

YouTuber Andrei Dima made a detailed review of CL100X in his video. You can check it to see the unboxing, build quality, specs, and ways of adjustment.

CL220 - 220W bi-color LED lights for video studio of large area

220W bi-color LED lights for video studio of large area

The CL220 offers consistent 220W power output in video production. Featuring color temperature of 2700-6500K and a CRI of 96+, it is able to reproduce the colors accurately. For more color rendition reference, the TM-30 index is Rf94 and Rg102+ at 3200K.

Besides compatibility with Bowen-mount modifiers, which is also the feature of CL60R and CL100X, the CL220 is also built with standard NATO groove to fit various NATO accessories. It gives you more flexibility to shape the lighting and build your own LED light kits for video production.

Check the review video by YouTuber Pav SZ to learn more about the build quality, control methods, and so on.