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Podcast light: Three basics to know for better podcasts

Podcast light is essential in your podcast studio. It helps improve the podcast video quality, makes podcasts look professional, and creates appealing sets and moods to increase viewers’ engagement. You can choose between LED studio lights and ring lights to illuminate the subject and the scene. Proper podcast lighting requires attention to color temperatures, light positions, and some small tips. Read on and you can get detailed information about the aforementioned things.

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Why lighting for podcast studio is important?

Proper podcast lighting not only improves the podcast video quality but also creates an appealing atmosphere to engage the audience. Below are some reasons that detailed explain why proper lighting is important for high-quality podcast videos.

It makes podcast studios look professional.

A well-lit podcast studio exudes professionalism, which could help establish credibility and authority in your industry. Poor lighting might make your podcast look amateurish, discouraging potential viewers or listeners from interacting with your content.

It creates appealing set to increase engagement.

A well-lit podcast studio offers an attractive environment that may bring in visitors and keep them interested throughout the duration of your podcast. Proper lighting improves your studio's overall look, making it more attractive and entertaining to watch.

Podcast light helps improve video quality.

A good podcast lighting setup is essential for producing high-quality footage. It helps with the removal of harsh shadows, the reduction of noise, and the enhancement of overall picture quality, making your podcast more aesthetically appealing and entertaining to watch.

It sets the mood and atmosphere of podcast videos.

Lighting has a big impact on the tone and ambiance of your podcast. You may create a distinct mood for your podcast by experimenting with various lighting setups and techniques. This sets the tone for your scenes; mood is an important factor in channel success or failure.

What are types of lights for podcast studio?

LED studio lights and ring lights are two popular light sources used in a podcast studio. They help illuminate the subject evenly and have their place in large or small studios.

LED podcast light: Ideal for large podcast studios

LED studio lights work well in large podcast studios that require two or three light sources for high-quality illumination. They come in different sizes and power outputs, allowing them to work as key, fill, or back lights.

Most models like COLBOR CL100X are adjustable in brightness and color temperature and fit a wide variety of modifiers. This provides more flexibility for you to control, shape, and direct the illumination.

Ring light: Top choice for small podcast setting

This type of podcast light is ideal for smaller, closer-up podcasting. Unwanted shadows are eliminated by an even circle of light encircling the face when ring lights are used. Furthermore, the light would appear softer and more appealing.

How to light a podcast studio?

To light a podcast studio properly, you need to consider the light color temperature, use a one-, two-, or three-lighting setup according to your podcast needs, and pay attention to some small tips like avoiding glare, having test shots, controlling the ambient lights, and continuously improving the podcast according to the reviews.

Consider color temperature: 5000K-6500K color temperature is advised for natural-looking podcast

Color temperature suggests the warmth and coolness of the podcast lighting. A warm light is yellow or orange in color, whereas a cold light is blue or white in color. Color temperatures between 5000K and 6500K are suggested for live podcast studios. This creates natural-look illumination that is pleasing to your guests and audiences.

Choose lighting setup for podcast and place lights correctly

Depending on where you position the lighting equipment, the appearance and feel of your podcast studio might differ. Here are some setups you can use. And you can also use these setups in Twitch stream lighting.

If you just want to utilize one podcast light, a ring lamp is highly suggested to illuminate your scene without casting a harsh shadow or producing glares.

If you already have two-point lighting, keep in mind that they should be 45 degrees apart from the subject. Use the key light to spotlight the subject and the fill light to soften the harsh shadows cast by the key light.

If you use 3 point lighting for podcast, here are some tips. The key light should be positioned in front of the subject at eye level. The fill light is on the opposite side to minimize the shadows. The backlight, as the name suggests, is placed behind the subject to create depth and separate the subject from the background.

If you don't have podcast lights in hand and want to make the purchase to achieve the ideal setup, you can check the article Guide to light for streaming at COLBOR. It recommends several COLBOR studio lights that not only work well for streaming but also for podcasting.

Pay attention to more podcast lighting tips for better illumination

Color temperature and podcast lighting setup are two main aspects to consider for a good podcast studio. However, you need to pay attention to some small tips to get it from good to better.

Avoid glare and reflections

Watch out for potential glare or reflections caused by podcast light shining on glasses, glossy objects, or computer screens. It will distract the viewers and make the podcast video less visually appealing. If this happens, you can adjust the light angles or cover surfaces with anti-glare coatings to reduce glare and reflections.

Have test shots and make podcast lighting adjustments accordingly

Do test recordings to assess your lighting setup before the podcast recording starts. To obtain the intended aesthetic, evaluate the overall appearance, correct any lighting imbalances or problems, and make any required adjustments. Review your recordings on a regular basis to adjust the podcast lighting and guarantee a constant level of visual quality.

Control ambient lighting in podcast studios

Be mindful of the ambient illumination in your podcast studio. Reduce the amount of competing light sources that might create undesired distractions, color casts, or shadows. It is advised to close curtains and blinds, switch off overhead lamps, and ensure the focus to maintain on the well-lit area.

Refer to podcast reviews and make adjustments accordingly

Review your recordings regularly and evaluate the podcast's aesthetic appeal. Make a note of any areas that need to be improved, such as uneven lighting, shadows, or inconsistent color. You are advised to regularly experiment with various setups and make adjustments in response to feedback. This helps you improve the podcast setup and provide a visually appealing podcasting environment.