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TikTok camera light: 3 best picks at COLBOR

Investing in a top-tier TikTok lighting solution can elevate the quality of your video content. Excellent lighting is essential for making an impact on TikTok—it's as simple as that. Even if you're filming during optimal hours, like the golden hour, a TikTok camera light can significantly enhance your appearance. In this article, we will recommend 3 COLBOR video lights for you to illuminate the subject and the scene in your TikTok video. They are different in power output, design, and feature, suited for different needs.

COLBOR PL8B: 8W on camera LED light for TikTok video recording

COLBOR PL8B 8W on camera LED light for TikTok video recording

COLBOR PL8B is a feature-rich, user-friendly, and adaptable lighting tool that can enhance the quality of TikTok videos, making it a smart investment for content creators looking to elevate their production value.

It offers a wide color temperature range from 2700K to 6500K, allowing you to adjust the warmth or coolness of the light to match your creative vision or the natural lighting of your environment. With a CRI of 98, the COLBOR PL8B ensures that the colors in your videos are vibrant and true to life. Its pocket-sized design makes it easy to use in various settings, whether you’re at home or on the go. This portability is particularly beneficial for TikTok creators who often shoot in different locations. The light can be easily attached to metal surfaces, stands, or other equipment, providing flexibility in positioning and angling the light to get the perfect shot.

You can control the light remotely using a downloadable app, which is convenient for solo creators who need to adjust lighting settings while in front of the camera. The integrated 5000mAh battery not only powers the light but can also be used as a power bank to charge your devices, ensuring you don’t run out of battery mid-shoot. It comes with 10 modes and 27 lighting effects, enabling you to add creativity to your videos with different lighting scenarios.

COLBOR W100: 100W TikTok camera light for indoor and outdoor TikTok videos

COLBOR W100 100W TikTok camera light for indoor and outdoor TikTok videos

The COLBOR W100 is a compact, versatile, and high-quality lighting tool that can significantly enhance the production value of TikTok videos, making it a smart choice for content creators looking to improve their lighting setup. It delivers 3450Lux (1m, 5600K) illumination, providing a broad and even light that can cover a large area, which is ideal for creating a flattering look in videos. It offers a color temperature range from 2700K to 6500K. With a high CRI of 97+, the W100 ensures that the colors in your TikTok videos are vivid and natural.

The W100’s slim profile and light weight make it highly portable and easy to handle, which is perfect for TikTok creators who often need to set up quick and on-the-go shooting environments. It supports various power options, including a COLBOR Battery Grip, DC adapter, or PD Type-C fast charging, providing flexibility and ensuring you always have a powered light source.

CL60R: 65W RGB LED light for creative TikTok videos

CL60R 65W RGB LED light for creative TikTok videos

The COLBOR CL60R is a powerful, portable, and feature-rich lighting tool that can significantly improve the visual quality of your TikTok videos. The CL60R isn’t just a standard light; it’s an RGB light, which means it can produce a wide range of colors. This feature allows you to get creative with your lighting and add a unique flair to your TikTok videos. Its sensitive audio system allows it to create lighting effects according to the surrounding sounds, which is a good function for creating dynamic TikTok videos.

The mall form factor of this TikTok camera light is a significant advantage for TikTok creators who need to move their setup around or work in tight spaces. It’s easy to carry and set up, making it ideal for dynamic shooting environments. It comes with a Bowens mount adapter, enabling you to use a wide range of light modifiers to shape and control the light according to your needs. The CL60R offers several lighting effects, such as simulating lightning, fire, and TV, which can add drama and interest to your TikTok videos. The light features a quiet fan, which is crucial when recording videos with audio. You won’t have to worry about fan noise interfering with your sound quality.


What other lights do TikTokers use?

TikTokers frequently utilize an array of LED lights to elevate their videos and generate distinctive lighting effects. While the specific type and brand of LED lights can vary significantly, here are some popular options:

  • Ring Lights: Renowned for their soft, evenly distributed lighting, ring lights are favored by TikTokers. They offer a flattering, well-balanced illumination that reduces facial shadows, making them perfect for beauty and makeup content.
  • LED Light Strips: Versatile and capable of adding vibrant, dynamic lighting to backgrounds or surroundings, LED light strips are commonly employed. They are frequently used in dance videos and to create visually captivating aesthetics.
  • Softbox Lights: Providing diffused, uniform lighting, softbox lights are larger, studio-quality options. They are excellent for achieving professional-looking videos and can effectively eliminate harsh shadows.
  • Desk Lamps with Color Changing Bulbs: Certain TikTokers opt for desk lamps equipped with color-changing LED bulbs to establish mood lighting or inject bursts of color into their videos.
  • LED Panels: Offering adjustable brightness and color temperature, LED panel lights are well-suited for various shooting conditions. They are popular among vloggers and creators seeking greater control over their lighting setup.
  • Compact Pocket-Sized Lights: These small LED lights are convenient to transport and ideal for creating TikTok content while on the move. It is useful for providing additional illumination in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Ultimately, the selection of LED lights is influenced by the style and content of the TikTok video. Creators frequently test various lighting configurations to achieve their desired visual aesthetics and atmosphere for their videos.

What size TikTok ring light do you need?

The size of the ring light you choose should align with your preferences and intended use. Larger ring lights tend to be brighter, with 10- to 12-inch ones often used for close-up shots like selfies, while 14- to 18-inch options are better suited for standing positions, particularly if the light needs to be positioned farther away.

How to Find Good Lighting for TikTok Videos?

Although employing one of the aforementioned TikTok camera light suffices for many content creators, there are still situations where you may not require any artificial lighting. Ensuring optimal lighting for TikTok videos is crucial for producing high-quality content.

Below are some tips to assist you in discovering and achieving optimal lighting:

  • Utilize Natural Light: Opt for natural light from windows whenever possible. Position yourself towards the window to evenly illuminate your face and surroundings with soft, diffused light. This is flattering and suitable for most content.
  • Embrace the Golden Hour: Utilize the golden hour, occurring shortly after sunrise and before sunset, for soft, warm, and directional light. This can enhance the visual appeal of your videos. Shooting during this period can impart a beautiful, cinematic touch to your content.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: While natural light is beneficial, steer clear of harsh direct sunlight that can cast unflattering shadows and cause overexposure. Employ curtains, blinds, or diffusers to soften and regulate sunlight.
  • Experiment with Lighting Angles: Explore various angles for your light source to achieve diverse effects. For instance, side lighting can introduce drama, while overhead lighting can evoke an artistic flair. Stay mindful of the mood you wish to convey.
  • Consider Your Background: Ensure your backdrop receives adequate illumination and remains free of distracting shadows. Additional lighting or adjustments to your camera angle can help achieve this.
  • Adjust White Balance: Ensure your camera's white balance settings align correctly with the lighting conditions to avoid color casts that may impact the overall video appearance.
  • Utilize Filters and Diffusers: Explore the option of employing diffusion materials or filters to soften and scatter light, minimizing harshness and enhancing visual appeal.
  • Control Your Environment: Manage or eliminate other light sources that could disrupt your desired lighting setup, such as lamps, overhead lights, or computer screens.
  • Leverage Editing Tools: If your lighting setup falls short during recording, you can often fine-tune brightness and contrast during the post-production phase. Many TikTok video editing apps offer these functions.