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What are TikTok RGB lights?

If you want people to be impressed by your TikTok videos, good lighting is essential for making you appear professional and perfect. There are various types to choose from. And TikTok RGB lights are a good choice for you. They offer full-color lighting options, suit different uses, and perform well in many types of TikTok videos. In this article, we will dive into the world of RGB lighting and recommend some popular picks for you to illuminate your TikTok videos.

COLBOR CL60R RGB LED light is used to create ambient lighting for TikTok videos.

What are RGB TikTok lights and their benefits?

RGB lights are popular among TikTokers. They are color changing lights for TikTok and also adjustable in brightness. They are usually used to create a dynamic and engaging ambiance in videos. TikTok RGB lights come in a variety of types, including ring lights, LED strip lights, and more. They bring the following benefits to your video creation:

  • With over 16 million colors to choose from, they can create a vivid and dynamic atmosphere that will attract more viewers and fans.
  • They may improve the tone and ambiance of any setting, from soothing bedrooms to energetic celebrations, making your videos more expressive and entertaining.
  • They may also increase the quality and clarity of your TikTok videos by offering ideal brightness, color correctness, and user-friendly functions, making you appear more professional and appealing.

What RGB lights can you get at COLBOR to use in TikTok videos?

COLBOR has introduced several TikTok RGB lights to the market, ranging from compact RGB LED panels and somehow professional studio lights. In this part, we will recommend two fixtures for your TikTok videos. They are compact and not restricted by the home outlet, so you can place them anywhere to create lighting for TikTok videos.


The COLBOR CL60R is a versatile and easy-to-use RGB LED light that is popular among TikTokers. It includes a 65W continuous power output with RGBWW beads (Red, Green, Blue, Cool White, and Warm White) for full-color lighting options. The saturation and hue values are customizable to offer 3,600,000 colors.

The CL60R has three functions that are quite good for TikTok video recording. 13 preset lighting modes make it simple to create real-life scenarios like lightning, fire, etc. The Magenta and Green Adjustment allows you to adjust to a suitable tint for better skin tone, food color, and so on. It also comes with a sensitive audio system, which can create lighting effects according to the ambient sounds. This is especially helpful when you are shooting dance videos.


The COLBOR PL8R is a small RGB video light for cellphones and cameras. The light panel has 105 LED beads that are white and yellow in addition to RGB color to provide full-color lighting. The color may be adjusted 0-360° in the variable saturation and controllable brightness range of 0-100%. As a result, it can handle a wide range of shooting circumstances. It contains 13 already set lighting modes and over 37 lighting effects for typical scenarios. The physical control dial allows for stepless brightness adjustment, while the APP allows for remote, intelligent, and exact control.

What are the uses of color changing lights in TikTok?

TikTok RGB lights enhance your area, make you appear good on camera, and add special effects to your footage. You may also utilize color-changing lights to engage your viewers in the videos by incorporating tempting hues and effects. Here are three ways TikTokers usually use RGB lights for TikTok videos.

Create colorful backgrounds: RGB lights are used by video creators to give a colorful and lively background to their videos. The lights may be programmed to change colors and patterns to create a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching backdrop. You can use a variety of LED light colors for different situations and moods in TikTok.

Offer various light effects: RGB lights may be used to generate many lighting effects, including flashing, strobing, and pulsating. These effects may be utilized to highlight key times in the video or matched to the beat of the music. Creators may also utilize RGB lights to create a "light trail" effect while recording by moving the lights around.

Enhance product promotion: RGB lights may be used to creatively and engagingly exhibit products. Lights may be used by TikTokers to emphasize certain characteristics of a product or to create an atmosphere that compliments it. A TikToker, for example, may employ blue lights to market a skincare product that is intended to relax and calm the skin.