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What is LED podcast light?

With the rise of podcasts and short videos, many individuals have difficulty producing high-quality visuals. Aside from the recording equipment, lighting is an extremely vital consideration. This needs us to select an appropriate podcast light. LED podcast light is a good choice thanks to its high lighting quality, energy efficiency, long lifespan, and more. In this article, we will dive into the world of LED in podcasting. Read on to get more information.

COLBOR LED podcast light is used with a softbox to offer soft lighting for video podcasts.

What is LED podcast light?

An LED podcast light is a lighting equipment built particularly for podcasting. It is often made up of numerous LED lamps placed in a panel or ring form, which provides adaptable and even lighting for the podcasters or participants during podcast recording. In most cases, these lights are small and portable, and they may be readily installed on a microphone stand or camera tripod. They provide a variety of color temperature and brightness settings to provide the ideal lighting conditions for video recordings or live-streaming podcasts.

What are its pros and cons?

Using LED lighting for podcast has various advantages and a few disadvantages. Here are some examples of the pros and cons.


Energy Efficiency: They are extremely energy efficient, utilizing far less electricity than conventional lighting solutions. This can assist in cutting power expenses during long-time podcast recording sessions.

Adjustable Lighting: LEDs feature adjustable brightness and color temperature settings, allowing podcasters to create the ideal lighting conditions for their recordings. This versatility aids in establishing appropriate lighting conditions for video recordings or live streaming.

Long Lifespan: LED podcast lights have a far longer lifespan than conventional lighting choices. They may endure for thousands of hours, which reduces the need for frequent replacements and saves money over time.

Cool Operation: Compared to typical incandescent or fluorescent lights, LEDs create extremely little heat. This function avoids overheating during long recording sessions and keeps the podcasting environment pleasant.

Portability: LED podcast light tends to be lightweight and portable, making it simple to transport and set up in various places. This mobility enables podcasters to record in a variety of venues without compromising lighting quality.


Higher Initial Cost: LEDs often have a greater initial cost than traditional lighting choices. This expense is typically mitigated by their higher energy efficiency and longer longevity.

Limited CRI: Certain LED podcast lights may have a lower CRI, which indicates how accurately colors are reproduced. This might cause minor color errors or less vibrant visuals in video podcasts. However, higher-quality LEDs frequently have higher CRI values.

Potential Flickering: Certain low-quality LEDs can cause flickering or strobing effects, particularly when used with specific camera settings or at lower brightness levels.

Overall, podcast LED lights provide several advantages for podcasts, including energy efficiency, customizable illumination, and a long lifespan. Despite a few possible limitations, they are extensively utilized and preferred by many podcasters due to their flexibility and ease.

COLBOR LED podcast light is also a good choice for home podcast studios.

What to consider when choosing the best podcast LED lights?

When selecting LED podcast light, there are various factors to consider, such as lighting quality and color temperature. Here are 8 important considerations for you to pick the best option:

  • Lighting Quality: Choose the one with good color rendering index (CRI) ratings. A higher CRI allows more accurate color reproduction, essential for producing visually pleasing podcast recordings.
  • Brightness and Adjustability: Select LED lights with adjustable brightness levels. This lets you adjust the lighting intensity based on your recording environment and desired ambiance.
  • Color Temperature Control: Select LEDs that provide a variety of color temperature settings. This allows you to change the warmth or coolness of the lighting to suit the atmosphere or environment of your podcast.
  • Mounting options: Consider the mounting choices for the podcast LED lights. Look for fixtures that can be readily mounted to camera tripods, microphone stands, or other podcast-related equipment. Make sure the mounting mechanism is safe and sturdy.
  • Portability and Size: If you want to record podcasts in many places or need flexibility in your setup, choose LED podcast lights that are lightweight and portable. Compact sizes make them easy to move and set up in a variety of locations.
  • Power supply: Determine the power needs. Some lights can be powered by batteries, but others require a direct power connection. Choose an option that best matches your recording arrangement and allows for a continuous power supply.
  • Durability and Longevity: Look for LED podcast lights that are well-built and sturdy, since they can sustain constant usage. Check reviews and specs to determine the estimated lifespan and reliability.
  • Budget: Determine how much you will spend on the LEDs and take into account the cost of podcast lighting. Keep in mind that higher-quality lights tend to be more expensive, but they may provide superior performance and durability over time.
  • Check product reviews: Read reviews and get suggestions from other podcasters or reliable sources. This can give information on the performance, dependability, and user experiences of various LED lights.

What LED podcast lights are recommended at COLBOR?

COLBOR has introduced several LED lights for podcast, ranging from compact LED panel and LED studio lights for podcast. Here are several popular picks among COLBOR products. We list their specs based on the aforementioned factors so you can decide which is good for your podcasting needs.

LED podcast light










Adjustable brightness

Color temperature


2700K-6500K (±200)

2700K-6500K (±200)

2700K-6500K (±200)











Power supply

Built-in Lithium Battery/DC Power Supply

AC power/V mount battery/NP-F battery/power bank

AC power/V mount battery/NP-F battery/power bank

AC power/V mount battery






Note: The price is from B&H store.