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Why do you need RGB pocket light for content creation?

Looking to add a vibrant touch to your photography or videography? Enter the world of RGB pocket light - compact, versatile, and bursting with creative potential. Whether you're a seasoned photographer seeking to illuminate your shots with splashes of color or a videographer aiming to enhance visual storytelling, RGB pocket lights offer a wide range of possibilities. In this article, we'll delve into the reasons to use RGB pocket lights for your creative workflow, explore their diverse applications, and recommend three top COLBOR options to improve your lighting game.

COLBOR W100R RGB pocket light is used for cosplay photography.

Five reasons to use RGB pocket light for content creation

The RGB lighting options and pocket size make it a good choice for content creation. Here are five reasons that you need it.

RGB light offers various colors

RGB pocket lights are incredibly versatile due to their ability to produce a wide range of colors. This versatility makes them suitable for various applications. For example, in product photography, they can be used to create the color of the product or the logo to highlight the subject. In events and parties, RGB lights can enhance the atmosphere by providing colorful and dynamic lighting effects.

Pocket size ensures great portability

The compact and lightweight design makes RGB pocket light suitable for on-the-go use. Whether you're a photographer shooting on location, a filmmaker filming outside, or just need portable lighting for an event or gathering, they can fit neatly into your purse or pocket, giving you diverse lighting options wherever you go.

It is adjustable in brightness and colors for great lighting flexibility

RGB pocket lights often include adjustable brightness and color temperature settings, allowing users to tailor the intensity and color to their exact requirements. This level of control enables precise adjustments to achieve the desired lighting effects, whether it's warm, natural-looking light for portraits or vibrant, saturated colors for creative projects.

RGB pocket light comes with preset special effects for adding dynamic elements to content creation

Many RGB pocket lights come with built-in special effects settings. These effects may add dynamic elements to your images or videos, making them more visually appealing and interesting. Whether you're filming a music video, producing visual effects for a performance, or simply adding excitement to your content creation, these special effects options provide limitless creative opportunities.

RGB LED is energy-efficient for long-term usage

RGB pocket lights commonly use LED technology, which is noted for its energy efficiency. LEDs use less electricity than traditional lighting sources while providing bright, constant illumination. This energy efficiency is especially useful for long-term usage, allowing customers to enjoy longer battery life or use the lights with portable power sources without worrying about excessive power use.

What are its uses in photography and videography?

What can the RGB pocket light be used for? If you're a photographer, an RGB pocket light is ideal for long-exposure light painting, pulling the shutter in the studio, lighting product pictures, and adding pops of color to your settings. If you're a videographer, it'll be much more useful as a compact video light. You may use it to produce accent, fill, and rim lighting in videos.

  • Accent Lighting: RGB pocket lights can be positioned to highlight specific elements of a scene or subject. By selecting colors that contrast with the main lighting, you can draw attention to particular areas and create depth in your photos.
  • Fill Lighting: These lights can be used to soften shadows on the subject’s face or other parts of the scene. By adjusting the color, you can match or complement the existing ambient light and fill in the shadows without overpowering the main light source.
  • Rim Lighting: Placing an RGB pocket light behind the subject can outline them with a soft glow, separating them from the background. This technique adds dimension and can be particularly effective when you use contrasting colors to create a dramatic effect.

Additionally, they are great for:

  • Creating unique backgrounds by projecting colors onto walls or backdrops.
  • Illuminating subjects with creative hues for a more artistic look.
  • Adding sci-fi effects or playing with shadows to create a mysterious vibe.
An image example of using RGB pocket light for light painting.

    What is the best RGB pocket light: 3 options at COLBOR

    COLBOR has introduced several RGB lights in pocket size to the market, offering content creators portable and creative lighting solutions. Here we will make an introduction to them, talking about their features. Read on to learn about them and choose the one that best suits your lighting needs.

    COLBOR PL8R: 8W small RGB LED panel lighting, capable of working as power bank

    The COLBOR PL8R is a versatile and compact RGB video light, designed to enhance your photography and videography with vibrant colors and effects. With a color temperature range of 2500K-9000K and a CRI of ≥98, it ensures high-quality lighting for any scene. The light features 105 LED beads, including white, yellow, and RGB colors, offering full-color illumination. It’s equipped with a 5000mAh battery, providing approximately 125 minutes of runtime at 100% brightness. The PL8R also supports physical and app control, making it easy to adjust settings and create custom lighting scenes. Its magnetic back and universal setup ensure compatibility with various devices and surfaces. Whether you’re shooting a film or capturing stills, the PL8R is a reliable tool for creative lighting solutions.


    • A CRI of ≥98
    • 2500K-9000K adjustable color temperatures
    • Full-color options adjustable in hue and saturation
    • Magnetic back for flexible attachment
    • Cold shoe and 1/4’’ screw hole for universal mounting
    • 13 preset lighting modes for simulating realistic scenarios
    • 5000mAh battery capacity, capable of working as a power bank
    • App control available
    • HD display screen for showing lighting settings

    COLBOR W100R: 100W pocket RGB LED light, ideal for indoor and outdoor shooting

    The COLBOR W100R is a cutting-edge portable LED video light, boasting a sleek camera-inspired design and powerful 100W output. It features a large Φ31mm light bead and advanced diffuse transmission technology for a uniform beam with reduced glare. The light offers a broad color temperature range from 2700K to 6500K and a high CRI of 97+, ensuring natural and vivid lighting conditions. The RGBCW LED allows it create full-color lighting. With options for COLBOR power grip, DC adapter, or PD Type-C fast charging, it provides flexible powering solutions. Its compact size and enriched accessories ecosystem make the W100R an ideal choice for content creators on the move.


    • A CRI of 97
    • 2700K-6500K adjustable color temperatures
    • Illumination: 6,500Lux (at 1m 5600K, with supplied reflector)
    • Full-color options adjustable in hue and saturation
    • Multiple power options, including DC power, battery grip, etc.
    • Compatible with a wide range of light modifiers
    • App control available

    COLBOR W60R: 60W portable RGB video light, adding creativity to content creation

    The COLBOR W60R is a dynamic and portable LED light, perfect for content creators and videographers on the go. It delivers a powerful 60W output with a Φ31mm light bead, ensuring a broad and even light distribution. The W60R features a color temperature range of 2700-6500K and full RGB color control, along with a high CRI of 97, for accurate color reproduction. It’s designed for versatility, offering multiple power options including DC power, battery grip, and PD Type-C fast charging. With its lightweight and pocket-size design, the W60R is an ideal lighting solution for creators seeking quality and convenience.


    • A CRI of 97
    • 2700K-6500K adjustable color temperatures
    • Illumination: 3,520Lux (at 1m 5600K, with supplied reflector)
    • Full-color options adjustable in hue and saturation
    • Multiple power options, including DC power, battery grip, etc.
    • Compatible with a wide range of light modifiers
    • App control available