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Meet COLBOR LED photography lights at NEC

Photographers today have a variety of lighting sources at their disposal. LED photography lights are one of these alternatives. These may be used for a variety of purposes and provide photographers with a lot of advantages. But which is the best among so many options? Today we offer an entire review of COLBOR CL60, just read on and see if it is the best LED photography light for you.

Operate and test LED light for photography at the NEC show

COLBOR CL60 will be exhibited at the NEC show on Booth No. J300.

The NEC show, also known as the photography and video show, opens on 17, 18 and 20, Sept, 2022. In the field, you can:

  • See exhibitors show their newest inventions, display their latest product lines, and provide advise on what to add to your kit bag.
  • Compare everything from cameras to luggage while getting that all-important advise.
  • The show experience includes special once-in-a-lifetime bargains and discounts. You might find it difficult to resist the impulse to make a necessary purchase. You'll not only get to test and try things out, but you'll also get to take the equipment home and start using it right away.
  • Join talks and live demos on a wide range of topics, from astrophotography to business tips, taught by photography and filmmaking specialists and legends. No matter what level you are at, you are able to learn some new methods to make you a better photographer.

In addition, the newest COLBOR product CL60 will show up at the Booth No. J300. CLICK HERE to get the ticket and test the CL60 out by yourself.

Get full information from videos of LED photography lights review

Before attending the NEC show, you can watch the online review videos to get a general idea of the new launch COLBOR CL60. Cameron Gray, an UK You Tuber, has released a review video of COLBOR CL60 on his channel. Check the video to see what makes this LED video light for photography and whether it fits your need or not.

Unboxing - Check what is in the LED photography lighting kit to see if it is cost effective

Firstly, Cameron Gray made an unboxing, showing what are included in the package. When getting the box in hand, you can see some essential information of the key features and specifications, thus getting overall impression of what the light is. After opening the box, there is a carrying bag in it that appears quite nice and is divided into several areas to better contain the light and accessories. So what are in the carrying case?

  • CL60 portable LED photography light: It is made of Aluminum Alloy and ABS materials and is relatively light. On the back, there are some manual control buttons and dials for adjusting brightness, color temperature, and lighting modes.
  • A light base: It is removable and enable the CL60 to be mounted on stand. It can attach to the top of the light fixture, allowing you to hang it from the ceiling without having to turn the light upside down.
  • A Bowen mouth reflector: You can use it to narrow the beam angle.
  • A standard adapter: This adapter is built with Bowen mount, which is the standard form factor of most lighting modifiers, allowing for use with umbrellas, softboxes, etc.
  • A power adapter: It comes with UK plug(for UK customers), long cable and USB-C connector.
  • A COB protective cover: Protect the COB LED beads from destruction, but remember to remove the cover before every use to avoid heat damage.

Features - Focus on tests of key features to judge the lighting performance

When shopping for LED photography lights, we usually take illumination, setting adjustment, and power supply into consideration. And many review videos have tested these aspects. The followings are some of their comments on the COLBOR CL60.

Clever adjustment of brightness and color temperature

The COLBOR dimmable LED photography light CL60 offers two separate dials for adjusting brightness and color temperature, which comes in three controlling modes for precise or quick adjustment.

Dave McKeegan shows us these three adjustments in the video. He nudged the brightness rocker switch to get one percent increment all the way from zero to one hundred percent. If hold and roll the dial, you can get 10 percent increments. Press down the wheel to quickly switch the preset brightness, 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%

And it is a similar story with color temperature. You can get single adjustment of 50K(roll upwards and downwards), 100K(hold and roll), or adjustment among 2700K, 3200K, 4000K, 5600K, and 6500K(press).

Keep almost the same illumination at different color temperatures

Cameron Gray also made a test on illumination, which plays an important role in photography and videography. He found that some bi-color LED photography lights only at their brightness when setting the middle color temperature. When getting cooler or warmed, the brightness dims slightly since it only runs some of the LED beads.

Cameron Gray used his phone’s inbuilt meter to make a rough test. By pointing the light source toward the wall and keeping it still at the same position, he changed the color temperature and surprisingly found that the figure of lux didn’t change much, which means that this LED light almost let out the same brightness at different color temperatures.

Several power supply options make COLBOR CL60 fully portable

If you use the LED lights for photography studio, the included power adapter can handle the power supply well. But what if you want to make exterior shooting? The COLBOR CL60 can also be powered by industry-standard V-mount battery. Even power bank can work as the power source. But pay attention, the workable power bank should satisfy the following requirements:

  • The energy storage is recommended to be above 99Wh (the lower the energy storage, the shorter the working time).
  • The type-C output port of the power bank must support PD3.0 fast charging protocol, and support 20V 4.5A (90W) or more output.

A quick way to get LED fill light for photography at a reasonable price

NAM Studio Equipment is a UK distributor of COLBOR. They know the studio equipment business well with more than 25 years of experience. With providing quality kits at a great price as their mission and goal, they traverse the world in search of technologically sophisticated manufacturers with great quality control in order to offer the most up-to-date equipment.

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