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Product review: What is COLBOR PL5 YouTube camera light?

The COLBOR PL5 is a YouTube camera light at 5W. The 1/4’’ screw hole and cold shoe mount allow it to be directly mounted on the camera. It is ultra compact, sizing 110*65*15mm and weighing 110g. Its color temperature ranges from 2600K to 6500K and brightness is adjustable from 100% to 0%. The 95 CRI enables it to render colors accurately. The preset Lightning and Fire effects help to simulate real-life scenarios for cinematic lighting. The YouTuber Stuart Rodwell has made a review video of PL5, talking about its features and uses and showing how the lighting effects perform in video shooting.

Unboxing: What are in the package of PL5 camera light for YouTube videos?

The COLBOR PL5 LED pocket light offers the following items in the package.

  • PL5 camera light: A total of 48 beads can be seen from the light itself, with 24 apiece for cool and warm tones.
  • Cold shoe mount: It is a mix of plastic and metal. It allows the PL5 to mount on the camera directly.
  • Type-C charging cable: It supplements 5W of power when charging the PL5.
  • Carrying pouch: It helps store the PL5 and makes it simple to carry the PL5 around.
  • Metal plates: They can be attached to surface that is not made of metal so you can place the PL5 anywhere you want with its magnetic back.

What are the benefits of using YouTube camera light?

Using camera light for YouTube videos offers the following benefits.

It is more simple to adjust on-camera light for YouTube video recording.

The biggest benefits is that you can adjust YouTube camera lighting more easily. If you use off-camera fixtures, you need to adjust the place of the key, fill, and back lights. When using an on-camera light as your key light, you may change the brightness and move it around more freely to illuminate the subject and object.

It is cheaper than off-camera options

On-camera lighting attachments are an excellent choice for low-cost lighting in video production. They may save you hundreds of dollars, and the added convenience makes them even more helpful for optimizing both convenience and cost-effectiveness.

It is safer to use in YouTube studios

Off-camera illumination may be dangerous in many situations, particularly on confined interior sets. Using fixtures such as construction lights and others can quickly heat up, providing a fire threat if necessary safeguards are not taken. On-camera lights are a much safer solution that will not heat up or cause damage if you want to optimize the safety of your filming areas.

COLBOR PL5 is mounted on the camera to offer warm lighting for the scene.

What features allow PL5 to offer YouTube channel camera lighting?

The COLBOR PL5 comes with the following 5 features that make it stand out from other camera lights.

Compact size for portable YouTube recording

This YouTube camera light comes in the size of 110*65*15mm, which is just a bit larger than a credit card. Together the weight of 110g, it is a extremely portable option for YouTube lighting, especially for outdoor recording.

Bi-color temperature for various video moods

The color temperature is adjustable from 2700K to 6500K. You can adjust it to any color temperature that matches the ambient lighting if needed.

High CRI for accurate color reproduction of YouTube talents

CRI, or color rendering index, implies how accurately a light fixture can reproduce colors. The PL5 features a CRI of 95. According to Stuart Rodwell, this is pretty decent, which means the PL5 can render the colors of objects and subjects well.

Robust build quality for indoor and outdoor filming

The PL5 is made of plastic material, which, according to Stuart Rodwell, feels pretty robust. In addition, it has a magnetic back. This allows you to attach it to any metal interfaces for flexible placement.

Long battery life for nonstop YouTube recording

The PL5 comes with an inbuilt lithium battery with a capacity of 2100mAh. It can run for 1.5 hour when set at full brightness.

What are the uses of PL5 YouTube camera light?

COLBOR PL5 YouTube camera light illuminates the subject with its Fire lighting mode.

Use two lighting modes to create cinematic lighting for YouTube videos. There are two preset lighting modes in the PL5, including Lightning and Fire. Both of them are adjustable at brightness and speed so you can have fine-tuning to set a specific lighting effect that meets your need. Stuart Rodwell has shown how he uses these two effects in his review video. And he said that with a little bit of sound design and stuff thrown in, you can kind of blag those effects.

The PL5 also has plenty of other practical uses.

  • Practical light. You can also spice it up with some light gels.
  • Hair light. This is especially good in interview situations just to separate your subject from the background.
  • Laptop light. You can simply attach it to your laptop using its magnetic back.
  • Key light. This is not the intended use. But if you're in a pinch it seems to be doing the job.