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Free guide to choose perfect product photography lights

Your product photos will be of high quality if you have adequate lighting! If you have a better understanding of how to choose the best product photography lights and which ones work best for your setup, you'll take better pictures of whatever product your customer requests.

In this free guide, you are going to learn about popular lights in COLBOR.

Why use photography lights?

Since an increasing number of people prefer to share moments in their daily lives, photography has become popular and trendy. Lighting is a major factor to form a suitable darkness, brightness, mood, tone and atmosphere. Therefore, a photography light is a necessity when you shoot a subject.

However, different types of photography require different gadgets. If you're a product photographer, continuous light, like LED or RGB, may be suitable for your work, as long as you work in both indoor and outdoor scenes. In this way, you can also figure out how to highlight your subjects.

Let’s take a preview. This video will explain how to adjust a led light for product photography and how to use it during shooting.

What to choose from COLBOR video lights?

COLBOR video lights are not only suitable for video shooting, but also still and product photography. One of their crucial advantages is that you can see the way your outcome appears in your photograph before you get recording and shooting, so as to make it easier to modify your parameters immediately.
This will give you 4 best photography lights for products.

Specification of four product photography lights

This table will assist you in getting to know the gadgets and selecting them easily and wisely.






Light Type

5W Small LED

8W Portable RGB LED

100W Daylight LED

65W Bi-color COB LED

Color Temperature Range

2700K-6500K (±100K)




Color Rendering Index (CRI)


≥ 98

≥ 97


Cooling Mode






100% brightness for about 90m

100% brightness for about 125 minutes



Mounting Ways

1/4” screw hole

magnetic back

1/4” screw hole

magnetic back







Net: 550g

Base: 160g

COLBOR PL5 - 5W small LED

COLBOR PL5 portable light for product photography is in a compact design.

With its card-like size, the COLBOR pocket LED PL5 is convenient to use. Although it is a small product photography lighting in your pocket, it is powerful in illumination and color rendering.

Besides, you can magnate it back on your phone or set up in your camera, by yourself or with your friends, to snap whatever you want.


  • Easy mounting: 2 extensive wings and magnetic backside
  • Wide compatibility: can be mounted to camera, camcorders, mobile devices
  • Distinctive display screen: clear and comprehensible parameters
  • Remarkable illumination: 1500Lux
  • Lighting modes: lightning, fire
  • Excellent battery capacity: 2100mAh rechargeable battery


COLBOR PL8R small product photography lighting is constructed with RGB LED beads.

The COLBOR PL8R, with R standing for RGB, is a small portable LED for product shooting and video making. It offers great possibilities thanks to its innovative and elaborate design.

Unlike traditional RGB, it has not only Red, Green, and Blue LEDs, but also the additional White and Yellow beads. In this way, you have more access to various scenes.

Besides, if you prefer to capture the product photography using natural light, PL8R is a better choice for you as it has more advantages than PL5 in terms of color and lighting modes.


  • Easy mounting: 1/4” screw hole and magnetic backside
  • More color beads: red, green, blue, white, yellow
  • Full-color natural mood: 105 beads arranged in a specific COLBOR optical layout and combined to get natural lifelike light
  • 13 lighting modes for 37 vivid effects: Fire, Fireworks, CCT Chase, Pulsing, Cop, Car, TV, Party, Explosion, Faulty Bulb, Welding, Strobe, Lightning, SOS
  • Excellent battery capacity: 5000mAh rechargeable battery
  • App Remote control
  • Visible modification: a clear detailed HD screen display for every operating

COLBOR CL100-M - 100W Daylight LED

COLBOR CL100M studio lighting for product photography is at the daylight color temperature.

The COLOBOR CL100M is a daylight-balanced LED for intermediate and professional photographers. With its special battery technology, you can shoot for a long time with constant power. Along with its steady power for daylight, it can be used as a continuous light for product photography to brighten up your subjects.

To ensure consistent and continuous use, its active cooling system would accelerate the temperature decreasing once the preset temperature reached.

If you would like to get the bright picture, CL100M is more suitable because it can emit constant mega power to brighten up your products.


  • 7 built-in lighting modes for 30+ kinds of vivid effects: flash, faulty bulb, welding, lightning, pulsing, explosion and SOS
  • Strobe free lighting
  • Illumination: 4130Lux(at 3.28ft/1m 5600K, None Reflector); 14546Lux (at 3.28ft/ 1m 5600K, with Standard Reflector)
  • The JIMO1.0 Battery Boosting Technology: steady and essential power.
  • Connector: GX16 3-Pin Connector
  • Ideal for product shooting, wedding, advertising, documentary and music video.

COLBOR CL60 - 65W Bi-color COB LED for product photography

COLBOR CL60 continuous light for product photography comes with a Bowen-mount adapter and a standard reflector.

The COLBOR CL60 is a studio light for video and photography. With its functionality of bi color, it can easily brighten up the scene and your product through adjusting the color temperature. It is characterized by Smart and Quiet mode to maintains proper temperature and noiseless operation.

If you like lighting for product photography at home for more moods and shifting between hard and soft light, CL60 is quite better than CL100-M.


  • 10 built-in lighting FX: Fire, CCT Chase, Pulsing, TV, Explosion, Faulty Bulb, Welding, Strobe, Lightning and SOS
  • Illumination: 2888Lux (at 1m 6500K, No Reflector); 20240Lux (at 1m 6500K, With Reflector)
  • Powerful output: 46066 lux at 3.3’with PowerReflector provided
  • The JIMO1.0 Battery Boosting Technology : steady and essential power.
  • Universal Bowens Mount Adapter
  • Power supply via PD power bank, PD adapter and other mobile power solutions e.g. V Mount battery, NP-F battery.

All of the above mentions both large and low light product photography. There is no fixed standard for the best lights for product photography, because it is up to your preference and your desired outcomes.

Tips to choose an ideal COLBOR video light

If you are just getting started as a product photographer, you should take the two factors into consideration when choosing your photography light:

  • Application
  • Budget


Understand what kind of mood and tone you want to get in your photos and how long are you going to use. You must be clear about your purpose to use it, because each type of photography lights is designed to serve a certain purpose.

For example, referring to the PL5 and PL8R, due to their compact size, it’s better off shooting one to two products in a relatively small scene at the same time. But you can’t control PL5 remotely via Bluetooth.

Conversely, due to mage power, the CL series is more suitable for use in large scenes and can be remotely controlled through a smartphone app.

If you prefer to get the soft light product photography, CL60 will be your best choice for its modifier can shift between hard and soft light.


Budget studio lights for product photography are very important in setting up your device. If you just shoot for yourself or play with friends, I don’t think you would want to spend a fortune on your gear. COLBOR, ideal for novice, intermediate and professional photographers, allow you to achieve your expected picture at a reasonable price.

If you are a student who loves shooting and have a simple light setup for product photography, you don’t even think about it. Just get a PL5 or PL8-R to start practicing your shooting skills!

If you are a novice or a professional photographer for product shooting, you can get a CL100M or CL60 to level up your devices.

Summary of pros and cons






Lighting Modes





Number of Operators

1 (portability)

1 (portability)

Better for 2

Better for 2


48 beads

105 beads to get natural lifelike mood

Can be adjusted to ≈ ∠120°(With Standard Reflector 55°)

Can be adjusted to ≈∠ 120° Reflector ≈∠ 15°


Relative small scene for simple products in short-term shooting  

Relative small scene for simple products in short-term shooting

Relative large scene for large products in long-term shooting

Relative large scene for large products in long-term shooting


Longer than PL8-R

Shorter than PL5

JIMO1.0 Battery for steady and essential power

JIMO1.0 Battery for steady and essential power

Special Point

Small & portable

Five types of color beads: red, green, blue, white, yellow

Constant power for steady output

Shift between hard and soft light

Targeted Groups

Novices, intermediate or professional photographers

Novices, intermediate or professional photographers

Intermediate or professional photographers

Intermediate or professional photographers






Since you understand how to choose the ideal product photography lights, you also need to make sure you know the types of devices you need for your shooting or recording before you put your hand deep in your pocket. Because I believe that you don’t want to buy too many gadgets and don’t know what they are and how to use them.

Let’s grab the right one from COLBOR, and snap the wonderful moment!