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COLBOR CL100X review: What makes it ideal for lighting for live video?

When choosing light source to create lighting for live video, it is important to have an inbuilt fan that works quietly, a bi-color fixture to give warm and cool light, and a portable design for shooting small footage, said the YouTuber Brooker Films in his review video of the COLBOR CL100X. And he agrees that the CL100X is a light that meets the aforementioned requirements. Why did he say so? Check the video and read the article to find out the answers.

The small size makes the CL100X stand out from other lights for live streaming

The COLBOR CL100X is one of the LED lights for streaming. It sizes 152*80*90mm and weighs 880g. It is almost in the palm size. “It is absolutely tiny...you can get it into so many places where you couldn't get a big chunky video light.” Brooker Films also compares it with the 60W video light he used for lighting the videos, and came to the conclusion that “this light is smaller and is a lot more powerful”.

COLBOR CL100X light for live video is as compact as a drink bottle.

Four key features ensure best lighting for live video

2700-6500K color temperature: The CL100X is a bi-color video light, which means it goes from 2700 kelvins all the way up to 6500 kelvins. It allows you to adjust it to match the ambiance lighting to avoid mixed colors.

97+ high CRI: CRI, or Color Rendering Index measures how an artificial white light source renders colors when compared with natural daylight. The index ranges from 0 to 100. The CL100X features a CRI of 97+, which means that the colors of objects under this lighting for live video will appear almost the same as they will under natural light.

Ten preset effects: The CL100X LED light for live streaming offers ten preset lighting modes, including Fire, CCT Chase, Pulsing, TV, Explosion, etc. All these are based on real-life scenarios. They are adjustable at color temperature, brightness, and rates, giving you more flexibility to create targeted effects for your YouTube videos.

Quiet fan: The CL100X has an intelligent cooling system to automatically adjust the fan speed according to the operating temperature under the Smart mode. When Quiet mode is on, the fan noises will be lower than 20dB. This means that the noises won’t be captured by your microphone as as to avoid complex post-production for audio and distracting the viewers. “Just put it in the Quiet mode and you won't hear a hum from it. This means when you’re filming interviews or YouTube videos, this light is going to be a great option.”

Physical and wireless controls make it simple to operate CL100X light for live video

Physical and wireless controls make it simple to operate CL100X light for live video

The COLBOR CL100X has four buttons, two dials, and an LED screen at its back for adjusting lighting settings. The two dials are for changing the brightness and color temperature. You can press them to select the commonly used settings or scroll them to have small increments for fine-tuning adjustments.

The wireless app control allows you to change the lighting for live video when the CL100X is mounted on the ceiling or anywhere is hard to reach. If you have multiple different COLBOR video lights, you can use one app to control all of them at the same time. You can also create different scenes to control different groups of lights.

It is also feasible to use the CL100X as the controller for other COLBOR fixtures. This is quite helpful when you set up several lights in a large scene and want them to stay in the same settings. Generally, you can achieve the same color temperature and brightness of up to ten lights at the same time.