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COLBOR PL Series Pocket Lights

COLBOR PL Series Pocket Lights

The COLBOR pocket lights are a collection of go-anywhere, do-anything lights in pocket size. They are built as companions for content creators such as filmmakers and videographers who are looking for things of beauty and presenting things of fascination each day.

In addition to the collection of pocket lights for mobile devices, COLBOR also plans another three categories, including chip-on-board (COB) lights that are comprised of low and high watt products and thus become two lines, and fill lights for special purpose. They are all intended to be excellent solutions for users on every level to improve their photo and video quality.

COLBOR has rapidly gained a reputation in the video lighting business. We are looking forward to partnering with dealers around the world to together build an industry-leading, long-standing, and profitable dealer network and to continue growing our success and popularity. Become a dealer of COLBOR to jointly brighten the colorful world.

COLBOR PL5 LED pocket light


COLBOR LED pocket light PL5, size of 110*65*15mm and weighs 110g, boast strong functions and is convenient to use.

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COLBOR PL8B portable light for photography


The COLBOR PL8B is a portable light for photography that can serve as the power bank for working smartphone. It creates natural and vivid lighting for target scenarios. The rechargeable battery, wide compatibility, and 10 lighting modes in addition to APP control, HD display make it ideal for photography, mobile shooting, etc.

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The COLBOR PL8R is an RGB video light designed for smartphone, camera and suchlike. It boasts 0-360°adjustable hue in variable saturation and dimmable brightness and solves the charging problem for mobile shooting with a Type-A port and a large capacity battery of 5000mAh.

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