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We look forward to cooperating with you. Our professional video lighting business will prosper
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Dealer Standards

COLBOR is a light manufacturer dedicated to providing professional video lighting for users. We welcome capable dealers to join us and bring our products to the whole world. We hope you can showcase COLBOR products appropriately and sufficiently.
Meanwhile, providing superior customer experience is also appreciated. Specific dealership requirement will vary with product lines and
operation scale of dealers. Have a look at what make COLBOR a lighting brand and what requirements to become an authorized dealer of COLBOR.
Just contact us for further info.


COLBOR is a video light manufacturer affiliated to Guangzhou Zhiying Technology Co., Ltd. which has focused on manufacturing professional photographic equipment since 2017. With a mission to offer users suitable and excellent products to improve visual and auditory experience, COLBOR has launched a series of luminous and versatile lights. Up to now, COLBOR has four categories of products, including fill-in-pocket lights for mobile devices, chip-on-board (COB) lights of low and high watt, and fill lights for special purpose.

COLOR Product Research and Development

Product Research and Development

We are specialized in manufacturing lighting equipment for photographing. We launch each product based on all-round market investigation and full-effort research and development. At the early stage, our market research team would conduct the market survey and would pack all useful information for our product R&D team. Then the product R&D team, together with our external experts, would figure out the feasibility and would start the high- and detail-level engineering design to put together all ideas and materials to form a testing product for the market.

COLBOR Market Testing

Market Testing

Every lighting equipment will be sent to industry experts and insiders in different countries and regions for testing and reviews. This would also become a marketing measure once the product is accepted by the market.

COLBOR Marketing Support

Marketing Support

COLBOR has a professional marketing department that could offer online and offline support to help each dealer to promote products in a specific market. We also share our web traffic with our dealers by establishing connections between websites to lead the buyers to go to the shops. Click here and get in touch with COLBOR!

COLBOR After-sale Service

After-sale Service

We have built a After-sale Service Center where there are customer support engineers highly trained, proficient and up-to-date on the product trends. They would assist each dealer to cope with the after-sale issues. Additionally, we have had several overseas warehouses, very convenient for product replacement and return.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become a dealer?

It depends on the operation scale of the dealer and the product lines. Once your application is approved, our specialized staff will contact you and provide you concrete requirements.

What COLBOR product lines can I carry?

So far COLBOR has developed four categories of products, including fill-in-pocket lights for mobile devices, chip-on-board (COB) lights of low and high watt, and fill lights for special purpose. After communicating with you, a specific market analysis will be provided by our sales department. We will take your will and your region into consideration and recommend the suitable product lines to you.

Can I carry other brands?

Yes. Our marketing specialist will conduct a concrete analysis of the competitive environment of your region.

How to apply?

Please fill out our inquiry form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in COLBOR.

We look forward to cooperating with you. 
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Become a Dealer

Become a Dealer