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Product review: Get to know COLBOR CL60M lighting for YouTube studio

The COLBOR CL60M offers lighting for YouTube studio at constant 65W power output. It features 5600K color temperature and 97+ CRI to simulate natural daylight with accurate color rendering. It makes YouTube studio lighting setup more flexible with its various mounting options, multiple power supplies, Bowens-mount adapter, and PowerCube design. Its quiet cooling fan also plays a big role in recording high-quality videos. YouTuber MarkusPix has made a review video to show the aforementioned features in details.

Unboxing: What are in CL60M YouTube studio lighting kit?

The COLBOR CL60M studio light for video shooting includes the following items in the package.

  • CL60M video light: It is made of Aluminum Alloy and ABS material, sizing 140*80*90mm and weighing 550g.
  • Bowens-mount adapter: It can firmly attach to the CL60M and accepts most of standard modifiers.
  • Reflector: It turns the beam angle to 15° for brighter illumination.
  • Power adapter: It comes in different plug types to fit the outlets.
  • Light base: It attaches to the grooves on the CL60M, comes with a 1/4 screw for mounting on the stand, and is adjustable at angles.
  • COB cover: It protects the COB beads when the CL60M is not working.
  • Carrying bag: It stores and protects the lighting gears and ensures convenient carrying.

COLBOR CL60M package list

It comes with 4 features that add more flexibility to lighting for YouTube studio

The CL60M offers various mounting options, multiple power supplies, wide-range modifier compatibility, and a modular design. All these allow you to place it anywhere you want, shape the studio lighting for YouTube videos, and get higher power if needed.

Various mounting options for mounting light for YouTube studio anywhere you want

The CL60M has two grooves on the top and bottom of its body. This brings various mounting options.

In general, you can use the supplied light base. Slide it into the groove, tighten the knob to fix it in the right place, and mount it on the stand, tripod, etc. You can loosen the grip to adjust it to the target angle.

If you are someone who prefers everything to be as lightweight as possible like MarkusPix, you can make use of a hot shoe mount as he did in the review video. Slide it into the groove in the place you want and tighten it, and you will get a 1/4’’ screw hole for mounting to stands or attaching a ball head.

Multiple power supplies for setting up lighting for YouTube studio without restriction from wall outlet

The CL60M comes with a USB-C power port with the power requirement of DC 20V 4A. This allows it to accept multiple power supplies. Here are four ways that you can use:

  • Get power from wall outlets by using the power adapter.
  • Use a V mount battery to power the CL60M. You can mount it on the rail of the CL60M with the help of COLBOR VM2 and connect it to the power port with D-tap to Type-C cable.
  • Use the VM2 and VAP1 to offer power for CL60M by NP-F batteries.
  • It is also feasible to power it with a PD power bank that supports PD3.0 protocol and has an output of 80W or above.

Bowen-mount adapter for accepting various types of modifiers to shape YouTube studio lighting

In the review video, MarkusPix also shows how he uses the CL60M with modifiers like softbox. There is a Bowens-mount adapter in the package. It can be firmly attached to the CL60M light fixture and allows you to mount standard Bowens-mount modifiers on it. Attach the adapter, take out your softbox, mount it on the light, then everything is done. You can get soft lighting with accurate color rendering, you don’t need to “white balance it or gray card”, said the MarkusPix, “just turned it on, and set the camera to Daylight”.

PowerCube design for offering YouTube recording studio lighting at higher power output

The CL60M has a PowerCube design, which means you can combine several CL60M lights together to build a higher output system. This design gives more options for lighting for YouTube studio. You can use a single CL60M as the key light in a small studio or fill light in a larger setup. If higher power is required, you can combine them together to ensure enough power.