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Best LED photo light for photographers

LED photo light is an artificial light that produces photography lighting using Light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Compared to traditional bulbs, it brings the following benefits to content creation, including:

  • It produces less heat and can stay cool.
  • It has a long lifespan.
  • It requires less energy than traditional lights (such as incandescent and tungsten) and are thus more eco-friendly.
  • Many LEDs provide continuous illumination (rather than simply short bursts of light).
  • LED prices have been falling year after year, making them more affordable.

It is a good choice for photographers and videographers, but how do you know which to use? In this article, we will dive into to world of LED photo light, talking about its types, choosing steps, recommended products from COLBOR, and how to use it to get high quality photos.

Use COLBOR LED lights for photo booth to illuminate the subject

    Best LED photography lights: 4 picks at COLBOR

    COLBOR has photo studio LED lights at various power outputs. They are adjustable in brightness and come with some features that play a big role in photo taking. Here we will recommend four of them. You can first check the specs table which includes the factors mentioned in the choosing guide.

    Table: Overview of the aforementioned factors of COLBOR lights

    LED photo light



    COLBOR CL220



    2,082Lux (at 1m 5600K, No Reflector); 22,655Lux (at 1m 5600K, With Reflector)

    3,680Lux (at 1m 5600K, No Reflector); 25,070Lux (at 1m 5600K, With Reflector)

    9,430Lux (at 1m 5600K, No Reflector); 52,700Lux (at 1m 5600K, With Reflector)







    Color temperature



    2700K-6500K (±200)


    Adjustable brightness?






    Note: The price above is from the B&H store.

    COLBOR CL60R: RGB LED photo light offers full-color lighting for creative photos

    COLBOR CL60R: RGB LED photo light offers full-color lighting for creative photos

    The COLBOR CL60R, whose R stands for RGB, comes with variable saturation and hue ratings to create 3,600,000 colors under HSI mode. This RGB LED photo light features a CRI of 97+ and a color temperature of 2700K-6500K. Besides adjustable color temperature and brightness, it also offers the Magenta and Green Adjustment function to ensure color consistency with other lighting sources. This function also allows for a better look of the subject. For example, you can adjust it to the Magenta tint when taking portrait photos, which gives a better skin tint. It is also a good choice for creating backgrounds of various colors, which saves money and space for keeping a bunch of backdrops.

    COLBOR CL100X: An LED photography light with modular design to create higher power if needed

    COLBOR CL100X: An LED photo light with modular design to create higher power if needed

    The COLBOR CL100X also features 97+ CRI and 2700-6500K color temperature. Its 110W power output allows it to work as an LED key light for photo studios. Its body has NATO rails and grooves, which make it possible to combine several CL100Xs together to build a more powerful lighting matrix. If you use one CL100X and want to shape or direct the lighting, the supplied Bowens-mount adapter plays a role in mounting modifiers. It is also possible to soften the LED lighting from CL100X combination. The ModuFrame SE, for example, is a softbox specially designed for this use.

    COLBOR CL220: It is one of high power LED lights for photography

    COLBOR CL220: It is one of high power LED lights for photography

    The COLBOR CL220 is an LED constant light for photography at 220W power output. When used with the supplied reflector, it can offer powerful 52700 lux of 5600K daylight lighting at 1 meter (* lab data). The 97+ CRI allows it to reproduce colors accurately. Its brightness is adjustable from 0% to 100% and the color temperature ranges from 2700K to 6500K. Besides that, its Bowens mount and NATO grooves ensure adaptability with a wide range of light modifiers and photography gears. You can create the LED lighting you want for different photo effects.

    COLBOR PL8B: A small LED light panel for photography with magnetic back

    COLBOR PL8B: An LED photo light panel at pocket size

    The COLBOR PL8B packs a total of 60 LED beads on a 125x75mm panel. It is really compact and lightweight for photo shooting. It is an ideal LED photo fill light. You can mount it anywhere you want to illuminate the subject. The magnetic back and supplied metal plates allow you to attach it to any metal surface. The cold shoe mount makes it ready for on-camera use. In addition, the PL8B has two 1/4’’ screw holes so you can also mount it on tripods, stands, etc.

    What are the types of LED lights for photos?

    If classified by the shape, there are 3 common types. That is, LED panel, ring light, and light bar.

    LED light panel

    Light panels emit gentle, pre-shaped light. There is a shape and size for almost any imagined usage, ranging in scale from pocketable to window-replaceable. Light panels, on the other hand, perform well when a broad source is required to fill an environment without taking up much area.

    LED photo ring light

    It is an LED photo light commonly used in portraits, beauty shots, and macro photography. It has a number of small LED beads forming a circle. It generates an appealing catch light on a subject's eyes when utilized in photography. Simultaneously, it generates uniform, diffused illumination, akin to a softbox, which aids in the elimination of shadows. You may place this light in front of the subject, with the camera in the center of the circle.

    LED light bar

    LED photo light bar is a good and affordable alternative to a flashgun or a stand-mounted lamp for photographers and videographers. Photographers do not need to sync the light with the shutter button on their camera because it generates a continuous light source. Photographers and videographers may film in a range of situations without being attached to a power supply thanks to the inbuilt battery.

    One COLBOR LED photo light is placed upwards and the other is downwards to illuminate the subject.

    Seven steps to find the best LED light for photoshoot

    If you are new to LED photo light and want to get one or more fixtures for taking photos, you can follow these steps:

    • Step 1: Understand your photo lighting requirements
    • Step 2: Consider CRI for great color accuracy
    • Step 3: Evaluate output in lumens and energy efficiency
    • Step 4: Choose right color temperature to create the mood you want
    • Step 5: Check key features and what customization options that LED photo light offers
    • Step 6: Compare various options and check LED photo lights reviews to help make a choice
    • Step 7: Decide your budget and balance between features and costs

    Read on to learn about each step in detail.

    Step 1: Understand your LED photography lighting requirements

    Before entering into the realm of LED photo light, it's critical to first know your lighting needs. Consider the sort of photography you do the most, whether it's portrait or product, and how much control you need over the lighting. This will serve as the foundation for picking the best LED light for your shooting style.

    • Determine the photography you take up the most.
    • Determine whether you need lighting control for certain effects.

    Step 2: Consider CRI for great color accuracy

    Color accuracy is critical for photographers because it guarantees that true colors are reproduced in their photos. When selecting an LED light, consider the Color Rendering Index (CRI). A CRI of 90 or above suggests greater color accuracy, more closely approximating natural light.

    • Look for LED lights with a CRI of 90 or higher.
    • Make sure your photos have proper color reproduction.

    Step 3: Evaluate output in lumens and energy efficiency

    Lumens are units of measurement for the quantity of light emitted by an LED light. Consider the amount of light you need for your photography and choose a lamp with enough output. Furthermore, energy efficiency is an important element to consider because it has a direct influence on your power costs and the environment. Look for LED lights that use less energy while yet offering optimal brightness.

    • Examine the light output in lumens.
    • LED lights that are energy efficient should be used.

    Step 4: Choose right color temperature to create the mood you want in photography

    LED photo light comes in a variety of color temperatures, ranging from warm to cold tones. It has a considerable influence on the atmosphere and ambiance of your images. Recognize the intended impact for your photographs and choose the optimal LED light temperature to achieve it.

    • Consider the atmosphere and emotion you wish to create.
    • Choose the appropriate LED light temperature.

    Step 5: Check key features and what customization options that LED photography light offers

    LED lights are available with a variety of features and customization choices that can improve your photoshoot experience. Look for lights with changeable brightness levels so you may modify the intensity of the light based on your subjects. Some LED lights also provide color temperature adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune the illumination to your liking.

    • Choose LED lights with variable brightness settings.
    • Consider lighting with adjustable color temperature.

    Step 6: Compare various options and check LED photo lights reviews to help make a choice

    Once you've determined your needs and preferences, it's important to explore and evaluate the many LED light alternatives on the market. Investigate several brands, check customer reviews, and examine the manufacturer's overall reputation. Warranty and customer support are important elements to consider when making a purchase.

    • Investigate several LED light brands.
    • Consider consumer feedback and reputation.
    • Check the warranty and customer service provided.

    Step 7: Decide your budget and balance between features and costs

    LED photo light is available at a variety of pricing points, so it's critical to plan ahead of time. Determine the features and quality you desire, then look for LED lights that are within your budget. Keep in mind that purchasing high-quality lighting equipment is a long-term investment that may significantly improve your photography.

    • Determine your LED lighting budget.
    • Find a happy medium between features and pricing.

    How to take good photos with LED lights?

    Lighting is a crucial aspect of photography. It is the element that gives any scene structure, texture, and highlights. There is no feeling of depth or dimension in images unless there is light. In this part, we will offer general tips for good LED photo lighting and give video tutorials on using COLBOR CL100X and CL220 for taking portrait photos.

    General tips of using LED photo light properly

    So, how do you get good lighting when having photoshoots with LED lights? Here are some pointers:

    Check that your background is evenly lit. The background should be well-lit, with no harsh shadows or dark patches.

    For different effects, use different colors of light sources. You can experiment with different LED light colors to create various effects for your photos.

    For example, red may produce a sunset-like effect, whereas blue and green can produce more special effects such as glowing eyes or other effects suitable for Halloween or Christmas photos. Experiment with different colors to achieve different results!

    Video tutorial on using CL100X LED photo light for indoor portrait

    Video by Shoot Film Like a Boss

    In this video, the YouTuber Shoot Film Like a Boss shows how to use CL100X to illuminate the subject of portrait photography. The number of CL100X used, the diffuser, and the distance & angle can all make a difference in the final photos. Check the video to learn some photo-shooting ideas.

    Video tutorial on using CL220 LED light for outdoor portrait

    Video by Leigh & Raymond Photography

    As aforementioned, the COLBOR CL220 is a high power LED photo light. Besides using it in photo studios, it is also good to use it in outdoor photo shots. And you don’t need to worry about the power supply since it can be powered by a V mount battery. Just check the video to see how the YouTuber Leigh & Raymond Photography use the CL220 LED photo light.