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How to get suitable light in your pocket?

A light in your pocket refers to a kind of ergonomic handheld lighting which features tiny size and portability. It is always called the pocket light. Its portability is far beyond traditional lighting. You can use anywhere you like and however you like.

Use pocket light COLBOR PL5

Light bead

Thanks to the improvement of LED technology, nowadays, LED can achieve similar levels of traditional light bulb using fewer watts. LED is relatively cheap and durable for it has no glass or filament. Thus, most of the light beads of pocket flashlight are LED.

Features: Portability

For the sake of portability, portable video light is designed to be even smaller than a name card holder. Such a tiny and portable design satisfies your everyday needs and enables you to carry it to wherever you want without effort.


Comparing with traditional lighting, pocket torch is much more convenient to carry, which quite fit the outdoor activity. If you go outdoors to take photos or record a video, it allows you move at will without worrying about the weight and the bulk of your lighting.


Limited by the tiny bulk of led pocket flashlight, the scope of illumination is inevitably not as wide as the one of ordinary lighting. Also, the battery capacity of it is probably inferior.


Imagine that you are going to take a long journey or shoot outdoors for a long time. It’s inconvenient to carry a traditional large lighting. In this situation, using a portable light for outdoor photography will be a good choice. When you go hiking, boating or camping, a suitable light is a great help.

Factors to help make sure the light in your pocket is well suited

To choose best pocket flashlight that meets your requirements, you should take these factors into consideration.

1. Light output/Brightness

The price of led torch light varies from $3 to over $300. Light output plays an important role in the price. The light output is measured in lumens (lm). The higher the number of lumens, the greater brightness can be seen.

2. Dimming

Torch flashlight which is dimmable enables you to easily adjust light levels. It is not only convenient but also energy-saving. You can select low brightness so that the light can work for a longer time.

3. Battery capacity

You should have known the run time and battery type of the small light before you decide to put the light in your pocket. Knowing the run time, you can know how long it will last after a full charge and whether you need to prepare a spare lighting or power source if you need to spend a long time outside. The battery type is a significant factor to be concerned for it determines how often you replace batteries or recharge your light.

Batteries can be divided into two types: rechargeable batteries and disposable batteries. If you need to frequently use a torch light, the rechargeable one would be a better choice. It can be recharged through a USB connected with your computer. It is palpable that rechargeable battery is more environmentally friendly than the disposable one for it reduces waste. Disposable batteries might be convenient when you are outdoor and difficult to find a power source. When it comes to the price, the rechargeable batteries cost more at the beginning while the disposable one cost less initially but its long-term cost is high.

4. Size and weight

The so called pocket light is universally light that you might hardly tell the weight difference between two lights. You can pick the one with good appearance when other factors are similar.

5. Impact resistance

It happens that we drop the light by chance. Good impact resistance matters under this circumstances. No one wants to buy a light that is fragile.

6. Water resistance

Good water resistance is of much concern if you are going to use your light in the rain or in the snow.

7. Accessories

Accessories of the light in your pocket may improve your usage experience. Accessories might be a clip, a lanyard, or a hook, which enables you to easily attach it to your belt or knapsack. Nowadays, some lights in pocket size are equipped with strong magnets that they can adhere to metal objects with no need for extra support.