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Product review: What is COLBOR CL60 lighting for home videos?

The COLBOR CL60 is the best studio light for video at 65W power output. It is compact and powerful enough to provide lighting for home videos. In this article, we will focus on the review of it to see how people think about the CL60. The YouTuber Patrick Levar made a detailed review on the COLBOR CL60 in view of the package list, key features including high CRI, changeable color temperatures, and preset effect modes.

Unboxing: What are in the package of CL60 light for making videos at home?

COLBOR CL60 package list

According to Patrick Levar’s video, you can see the package includes the following items.

  • CL60 video light: It is made of robust aluminum alloy and ABS material and comes with a rubber cover on the front to protect the COB beads.
  • Light base: It is connected to the light and helps mount the fixture to a tripod or a stand.
  • Power adapter: It comes in different plugs to suit the socket in different countries.
  • Bowens-mount adapter: It is mounted on the front, and allows you to use most of the standard softbox, umbrella, and such-like modifiers on the CL60.
  • Reflector: To mount on the front and narrow the beam angle to 15°
  • Carrying bag: It comes with a shoulder strap to make it convenient to carry it around.

What key features make the CL60 a good choice for lighting for home videos?

According to Patrick Levar, this light for home studio video comes with the following key features to make it an ideal light for making videos at home.

97+ high CRI to reproduce color accurately

The CL60 features a CRI of 97+, which is excellent in the opinion of Patrick Levar. He said that most typically good lights have a CRI from 80 to 90 and a CRI of 91 or above is considered excellent. Patrick Levar also explained what CRI stood for in the video. The CRI stands for color rendering index, which means how accurately the output light reproduces the color. The higher the value, the better the quality.

Changeable color temperatures under CCT mode to match different scenes at your home

COLBOR CL60 light for home video studio has color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K.

The CL60 offers lighting for home videos with adjustable color temperatures from 2700K to 6500K. It has some inbuilt presets, including 2700K, 3200K, 4000K, 5600K, and 6500K. You can press the button to switch among them. Scrolling up and down the button allows for small increments at 50 so as to fine-tune the color temperature to match the scene.

10 preset lighting effects under EFF mode

Patrick Levar displayed 10 preset effects of the CL60 in the video, which include Fire, CCT chase, Faulty Bulb, Welding, Pulsing, TV, SOS, Lightning, and Explosion. “We are also able to control the rate of all those effects from one being the slowest to five being the fastest and we can still control the intensity and color temperature within each effect”, said Patrick Levar.

Offer lighting for home video studio with low cooling fan noises

The cooling fan can be set to Smart or Quiet mode. When under the Smart mode, it will basically detect when it needs to increase its speed. When using the CL60 under Quiet mode, “honestly this thing is super quiet”, said Patrick Levar. He did a test by placing its mic quite close to the cooling fan, and as you can hear, the noise is too low to be noticed.

What’s the light output when using CL60 for lighting for home video recording?

This is quite important when you decide whether to use a light or not. And another YouTuber, Cameron Gray, has taken a test in real-life use. And he came out with the inclusion, “This light doesn’t really change brightness as you change color temperature, which is really good.” You can jump to 22:30 of the video to see how Cameron Gray made the test.