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COLBOR UMBR Rail Mount Umbrella Bracket @COLBORLIGHT

COLBOR UMBR is mounted on the CL100X, allowing the CL100X to be used with an umbrella modifier.

COLBOR UMBR is designed by COLBOR to mount the umbrella via NATO rail on the COLBOR CL60 and CL100X series lights. Also, using the COLBOR NATO Extension Bar can also fit with CL220 & CL330.

With compact in size and lightweight only 0.03kg, the UMBR is super cute and useful for users who need to use the umbrella.

COLBOR UMBR design details


  • Size: 35*30*32mm
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 33.1g
COLBOR CL100X is used as the model to show how to use the UMBR.

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