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NATO Rail Rain Cover for COLBOR COB Lights @hkfung

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The NATO rain cover is attached to the COLBOR light combination.

The package list and details of the NATO rail rain cover

The design is a NATO Rail Rain Cover for COLBOR COB lights. COLBOR lights like COLBOR CL60 can be used more frequently in outdoor conditions without hesitation.

With a pair of metal bars (A/B depending on various model or matrix of Colbor COB lights), and a sheet of Plastic with metal mesh (Cello Flex / Hog mesh / Screen Glass) , LED light can withstand raining outdoor.Custom size Plastic can be ordered to protect specific models.Special request of larger Plastic can be made for a larger matrix system.

COLBOR CL60 is used to show how to use the NATO rail rain cover.

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