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R-360 Ring construction for 8 COLBOR lights @Lenny-Volpe Leopazzo

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The R-360 ring construction allows the use of 8 COLBOR lights to build a ring light.

I introduce to you my prototype product design COLBOR R-360 Ring Light.

This 24 inch all metal construction 360 ring with 8 built in NATO rails can easily mount 8 COLBOR COB LED lights via the built-in NATO rail design of the COLBOR lights like COLBOR CL60. The R-360 can quickly and easily mount on a universal light stand with adjustable angle positioning.

With a built-in and removable 24 inch plastic diffusion will allow for a pleasing soft and even lighting for your subject.

This idea started out on paper and slowly came together with a final design. I hope you like it.

COLBOR CL60 is the model to show the R-360 ring light design.

Welcome to try COLBOR products offline