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Product review of COLBOR CL220 video continuous light

Video continuous light is the key to a high-quality video. The COLBOR CL220 is a new-launch product in this category. It offers constant 220W power output and comes with several features that help record excellent videos. The YouTuber NO limits ON has made a detailed review of it, including unboxing, light test on five factors, and operation instructions.

What is COLBOR CL220 video continuous light?

The COLBOR CL220 is an LED constant light for photography and video that offers constant 220W output at each color temperature. It is a bi-color fixture with 2700K-6500K color temperatures, so you can adjust from warm to cold lighting to match the video scenes. The 97+ CRI allows it to reproduce colors naturally and accurately. The Bowens mount, NATO grooves & NATO extension bar, quiet cooling fan, and preset lighting modes make the CL220 a good option for video recording.

Table: Key specs of COLBOR CL220

Color Rendering Index


Color Temperature Range

2700K-6500K (±200)

Beam Angle

≈∠ 120° Reflector ≈∠ 45°


9,430Lux (at 1m 5600K, No Reflector); 52,700Lux (at 1m 5600K, With Reflector)

COB Output Power


Rated Power

250W (Max)

Body Material

Aluminum Alloy+ABS


212*128*219mm (Light Base Included)


1570g (Light Base Included)

What are in the COLBOR CL220 continuous video lighting kit?

The CL220 comes in Standard and Lite versions. You can get the following items in the CL220 Standard version. And the Lite one differs by excluding a reflector and a carrying bag.

  • CL220 video continuous light: It weighs 1.5kg and has a COB cover on it to protect the head.
  • Carrying bag: It comes with a should strap for carrying around conveniently. You can rearrange the separate spacer as you like, store small accessories in the stiffer pouch compartment, and fix the light stands with the straps on the top for transport.
  • Reflector: According to NO limits ON, It has pretty good quality and is pretty tough.
  • Power adapter and power cord: The cord is 3m long. There is a metallic ring for hanging the power adapter to avoid pulling the cord.
  • NATO extension bar: It attaches to the NATO grooves on the CL220 for mounting various accessories on the CL220.
COLBOR CL220 package list

Light test: Five factors to test if CL220 is a good continuous light for video

When choosing the best continuous light for video, you need to consider the light output, beam angle, color rendering index, fan noises, and flicker issues. NO limits ON has made a test in his review video. Just read on to get the answers.

1. Power output: How many watts for continuous lighting video does CL220 offer?

The COLBOR CL220, as the name suggests, is a continuous video light that offers 220W power output. And the max power output is 250W. To make it more intuitive to see how bright the CL220 is, NO limits ON made a comparison test in his video. Here is the result.

COLBOR CL220 power output test

Brightness test of CL220 (middle)

To learn more about the illumination of the CL220, check the table below.

Illumination table of CL220

Here we list the illumination figures of CL220 at different color temperatures when it is positioned at 1m and is used with the supplied reflector.

Color temperature












2. Beam angle: Are there obvious fall offs and color shifts?

NO limits ON also took a look at the beam angle. When the CL220 video continuous light is used without any modifiers, “it's a pretty even beam. we have no Fall Offs, no color shifts whatsoever. It's a good performance here regardless of the color temperature.”

When it is used with the supplied reflector, the CL220 can offer brighter illumination. However, “we have a pretty pronounced hot spot, and also the fall off right at the edges is not the best.” And NO limits ON suggested you can bounce it off from the ceiling or wall to get softer lighting.

3. Color rendering index: How accurately does CL220 video continuous light source reproduce colors?

The CL220 provides sustainable 97+ CRI output. The Tungsten SSI is 85 and the TM30 index at 3200K is Rf94 and Rg102+. All these indicate that it can reproduce the colors of subjects and objects almost similar to how they look under natural daylight. You can also see the color rendering comparison between the CL220 and another light in the review video. And NO limits ON thought that “actually the skin tone looks much more natural at least to my eye.”

Compare CL220 with other video continuous light in color rendering

4. Fan noise: Will it be recorded in the background of your videos?

Nothing is less professional than having distracting noise in the background of your videos. Video continuous light usually comes with the cooling fan as it stays on for a long time thus creating heat during working. The CL220 produces fan noises lower than 28dB when the Quiet mode is on. After testing the fan noises of CL220 under Smart, Quiet, and Performance modes, NO limits ON believed that “The fan noise is really not an issue with this light.”

5. LED flickers: Is the CL220 flicker-free for video shooting?

LED flickers can be an issue for long-time video shooting. It may be hard to edit and get your viewers annoyed. Therefore, a flicker-free fixture is a top choice. According to NO limits ON, this light is flicker-free in most cases unless you need to use 1000 frames in a second.