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Lighting for TikTok videos: Seven tips to make you stand out

Illumination is crucial when it comes to creating successful TikTok videos. Setting up lighting for TikTok videos properly helps you create the target mood and atmosphere in the videos. It also guides the audience’s eyesight to which you want them to pay attention to. But how do you which is the right lighting for your videos. Let’s check some tips to help you get the right TikTok lighting setup.

Use COLBOR CL60R as key light in the TikTok lighting setup

Use one or more LED lights for TikTok videos according to video types

There are no similar content producers, and thus no one "best" lighting for creating TikTok videos, whether for vlogs or full-fledged studio shoots. However, the ideal light for filmmaking in certain genres or shooting scenarios may exist.
When filming while walking, for example, it is preferable to have LED lights for TikTok videos that are smaller and lighter. It should ideally be battery-powered and capable of connecting to a camera or smartphone. Small LED panels or soft boxes can be used.

Avoid standing facing the window directly

When filming yourself, take note to not stand facing the window. In this case, the entire face will be illuminated identically, and the resulting image will appear flat looking. There may also be situations where too much bright light may make you uncomfortable. In addition, you will need to choose a specific period of time when you can shoot videos, and if the weather changes, the lighting will also change.

In such cases, it is better to use face lamps or circle lights for making videos. Invest once, but you will always have an opportunity to start filming with nice looking lighting.

Adopt 3-point lighting setup to get professional TikTok lighting

Three-point lighting is typically the most popular option of setting up lighting for TikTok videos. The reason for this is that it will correctly emphasize the essential element in your videos and is rather simple to set up.

It is made up of the following light sources:

  • Key light: It focuses on and highlights the primary item or person in the frame;
  • Fill light: It is soft light that fills in shadows and other dark regions, particularly on brighter backdrops;
  • Backlight: It is used to generate contrast between the center object and the backdrop).

Use RGB lights for creative TikTok videos

Use COLBOR CL60R to offer lighting for TikTok videos in full colors

Including vibrant images in the backdrop of your TikTok videos and Reels is an excellent approach to stand out in the infinite scroll. Not to mention that they instantly make you seem cooler. Using RGB video lights, such as the COLBOR CL60R, is a simple method to splatter vibrant colors across your walls.

And you can use this light for making TikTok video to make a low-cost and simple background for TikTok video shoots.

  • Tape or stand a large sheet of unrolled white paper in two stands.
  • Then, at two different heights, set two lamps on either side of the paper.
  • Splash two distinct colors on the paper from separate perspectives with COLBOR CL60R. Your shot will look to have been edited with a professional, vivid backdrop into your chosen material.

In addition, you can select any color lighting you want to illuminate the subject or the scene. This can be simply achieved by using the onboard buttons or wireless app control. There are also 13 lighting modes like cop car and fire. That means you can make colorful TikTok videos that are unique and reduce the time of post-production editing.

Set the brightness of lighting for TikTok videos according to the style

The choice of brightness in video lighting is determined by the type of lighting and how it is applied. Brighter, dimmable lights will provide you with a broader choice of applications as well as the opportunity to shoot video at a lower ISO to eliminate graininess.

Set proper mood and ambience

Aside from technical benefits, lighting will assist express tone signals to the audience, whilst disregarding this component may damage the experience. Poor lighting, for example, might make a serious situation appear overly light. Videos intended to be amusing, on the other hand, might look overly dismal if they are dull and the colors are washed away.

Using lighting for TikTok videos to emphasize target things

What do you want your audience to notice? Good lighting will help to draw attention to the most important element of your film. Directing the light to certain areas may bring viewers' attention to the targeted objects, ensuring that no critical details are missed.

Overall, the appropriate lighting for video shooting will help you get the most out of your business or pastime. Emphasizing specific aspects by lighting or darkening allows you to manipulate human psychology and make images look dynamic or stagnant and frigid. The selection of lighting equipment and its proper use are critical components in achieving high-quality outcomes.