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All to know about LED video conference lighting

LED video conference lighting should be compact, adjustable, easily mounted on your device, and flattering. It is energy-efficient, adjustable in brightness and color temperature, and brings other benefits to video conferences. In this article, we will dive into the world of LED lighting in video conferencing, talking about its types, its benefits, and what is used to ensure it better fits your needs.

COLBOR PL5 is mounted on a phone rig and offers LED lighting for video conferencing.


LED is an abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode. LEDs, unlike traditional bulbs, do not create light by heating a filament. Instead, when an electrical current runs through the semiconductors within the LED, they produce light.

LED video lights have several advantages, making them an excellent choice for video conference. Let's look at some of these benefits:

  • Energy Efficiency: LEDs use substantially less energy than incandescent bulbs, making them more ecologically friendly and cost-effective in the long term. LED lights can help you save up to 80% on your energy expenditures.
  • Long Lifespan: LEDs have a far longer lifespan than incandescent lights, lasting up to 25 times as long. This results in fewer replacements and lower maintenance expenses.
  • Low Heat Production: LEDs, unlike traditional bulbs, release extremely little heat, making them safer to touch and lowering the danger of fire.
  • Instant On/Off: LED lights switch on quickly, removing the need for a warm-up period. This is especially beneficial in circumstances requiring immediate lighting, such as video conference lighting.
  • Multiple Color Options: LED video conference lighting is available in a number of colors, allowing you to design personalized lighting schemes to suit your mood and atmosphere.

What are the types of LED lights for Zoom meetings?

LED video conference lighting comes in two common types, ring light and LED panel.

LED Ring Light

Ring light, as the name implies, is a circular lighting fixture with a big hollow hole in the center that resembles a "ring."

When capturing photos or films, makers can set their cameras in the big empty space. As a result, you may place your smartphone or laptop webcam between the light during a "Zoom call." It's also ideal for high-quality modeling shoots. The ring structure ensures that the object of focus receives even light.

LED Panel

An LED light panel for video conference is a collection of LED displays organized in the shape of a panel. This panel is frequently square or rectangular in shape. The LED panel light provides video or picture session illumination as the ring light does. Creators frequently employ more than one LED panel unit depending on the goal of the photographs.

Ring light VS LED panel for video conferencing: which to use?

There is no obvious winner in the video conferencing contest between LED ring lights and panel lights. The selection is ultimately determined by your own preferences, unique demands, and financial limits.

Ring lights are popular among remote workers and multimedia makers because they provide even lighting, appealing eye reflections, and mobility. Panel lights are ideal for individuals looking for advanced lighting capabilities since they provide adaptability, control over lighting settings, greater coverage, and improved light output.

Consider your budget, available space, desired effect, and the possibility of other usage beyond video conferencing. Weigh the benefits carefully and examine how each choice fits your needs.

    Why to use it for video conferencing?

    LED lighting is the newest kid on the block, and it has numerous significant advantages over incandescent lighting. LEDs are significantly smaller, much more resilient, have a much longer lifetime, require much less energy, and can operate at much lower voltages.

    All of these characteristics make LED light perfect for video calls. They are bright, tunable (in terms of brightness and color), and can operate for hours on a single charge without emitting much heat. Because they are compact, strong, and lightweight, they are simple to attach to your laptop, desktop, tablet, or camera. They can also be mounted on a desktop stand, which takes up minimal desk space. This make it convenient to use LED light for laptop video conferencing.

    How to get soft light for video conferencing with LED lights?

    You might use a softbox umbrella or an umbrella reflector to soften LED video conference lighting. However, there is a far simpler and less expensive way you can use.

    If your desk is against a white wall, set your LED light to maximum brightness and point it at the wall. By bouncing the light off the wall, a big portion of the wall will reflect the light back at you. Each point on the wall will become a light source, illuminating you from all directions. The wall efficiently transforms into a gentle light source that can assist in smoothing any shadows on your face while also concealing any unattractive wrinkles.

    If your wall isn't white, you may still utilize this approach by attaching a few large pieces of white paper or a couple of sheets of white foam board to the wall.