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Why do you need RGB lights for streaming?

RGB lights for streaming can offer full lighting color options. They play a role in building the mood and atmosphere and decide how professional you appear on the screen. Their unique application is to work as the ambient and background lights. Read the article to see why they are important, and what are their uses, and get your own RGB fixtures from COLBOR brand to upgrade your streaming setup.

Use COLBOR CL60R RGB light for streaming to illuminate the scene.

Why RGB streaming light is important in live streaming?

Lighting is the key element to take into account when making live streaming on any stream or social media platforms. Every successful streamer has arranged the lighting in stream since it will affect:

  • The mood
  • The atmosphere or vibes
  • How professional your live streaming appears
  • The overall quality of your streaming

Good lighting may accentuate your greatest characteristics and make you appear 10/10 on live, but bad lighting can distract your viewers, obscure your face and best features, and generate low-quality streaming.

What are their uses in streaming?

Although RGB lights can work as key and fill lighting in the streaming, the use as ambient lighting makes it stand out from daylight or bi-color fixtures.

Ambient lighting is any lighting source that is not mainly used to illuminate the topic. They are frequently colorful lights (RGB lights) that might add interest to your stream. They're a terrific way to allow your true personality to come through on stream. And you can use them to add creativity to the content creation.

Twitch streaming RGB lights may be added to any area of your streaming setup. Some streamers position RGB panels in front of them, behind the camera, to throw colors into the area and create intriguing moods and emotions. Other streamers position RGB lights to the side or behind them, allowing viewers to see the lights directly.

Streamers are very inventive with their colorful RGB illumination. RGB lights come in various sizes, from point sources or big panels that emit diffused light around the room to little LED strips. Check out the section below for two different COLBOR products that play different streaming roles.

Use COLBOR CL60R RGB streaming light to create ambient lighting.

Two COLBOR RGB lights for streaming you can choose for different uses

COLBOR has manufactured and provided two RGB lights for streaming. They are different in size, shape, and features and have different uses in live streaming.

COLBOR CL60R: Use it to illuminate the streaming background and change background colors

The COLBOR CL60R is one of the streamer LED RGB lights at 65W power output. It has a color temperature range of 2700K-6500K, a CRI of 97+, and adaptable saturation and hue ratings. All of this enables it to generate 3,600,000 lighting colors capable of properly reproducing the color of subjects and objects. The 13 lighting effects, which include Spark, Fire, Party, Lightning, etc., make it easy to replicate real-life scenes.

The CL60R offers two unique features that may take your live streaming to the next level.

  • The magenta and green adjustment acts to shift the tint toward magenta or green. This enables it to match the hue of your existing light sources, ensuring color constancy.
  • An audio-sensitive system may detect ambient sounds and music and respond with light effects. It might be quite useful when you want to create a party scene in the live streaming or make it more vibrant.

The CL60R is a choice for your streaming background lighting. Check the short video below to see how it performs.

Video by YouTuber KN film

COLBOR PL8R: Use this RGB light for streaming in the background corner to add interest

The COLBOR PL8R is a choice of streamer RGB lights with an 8W power output. It has 105 LED beads in red, green, blue, white, and yellow to provide complete color. The color temperature may be adjusted between 2500K and 9000K. The color may also be adjusted from 0-360° with varied saturation. It also has 13 lighting options, allowing you to be creative when making live streaming.

The PL8R can be used as a corner light in your streaming to add more interest to the background. It comes with a magnetic back so you can place it on any metal surface. This gives you more flexibility in lighting setup. The 5000mAh inbuilt battery allows it to last for 125 minutes at 100% brightness so you don’t need to worry about the battery life during long-time live streaming.