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Note: The ACC Design Contest has ended, and the results are announced below.

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COLBOR Accessories Design Contest

Winner Announcement
The Best Creativity Prize goes to @MYLES NEWTON.
There is no winner of the Best Design.
The Best Practicality Prize goes to @SANDRO ALENCAR MROWINSKI.



Contest Rules

Over $30,000 prizes waiting for you

Over $30,000 prizes are provided.
Total prizes of the Accessories Design Contest



What is NATO design?

COLBOR innovatively integrates the military-developed NATO Accessory Rail into COB Lights, enabling stacking and accessory attachment.

NATO design enables stacking and accessory attachment.



What You Can Get

1. Participation Prizes

As long as you 1. Post the design work 2. Fill in the form below 3. Pass the manual review. You can get this for free (Contact via Email)

Participation Prizes include PL5/S6E and COLBOR brand T-shirt.


2. Winner Prizes

COLBOR will select 3 winners from entrants. The winners will receive this following items.

The prizes for Best Design, Best Creativity, and Best Practicality



How to Join

Duration: September 1 to November 15

It takes four steps to join in the Accessories Design Contest.



How your Design would be shown

The design works you submit will remain on the COLBOR website with an exclusive page.

Sample of accessory display page


    Organizer's Rights

    The organizer has the right to change the competition rules if necessary.

    The organizer has the right to interpret all rules and make decisions regarding the winners.

    Download Product Files

    If you don't have the physical COLBOR products, you can download the following files to help you design the accessories.

    65W video light

    65W video light

    110W video light

    220W video light

    330W video light

    Welcome to try COLBOR products offline