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COLBOR LED studio lights vary by output, color temperature, etc. and use different accessories to shape lighting.

CL Series LED Studio Lights for Video and Photography

The COLBOR LED studio lights fall in the category of chip-on-board LED light that is more focused to build excellent uniformity of brightness. It gives out natural, powerful light, thus creating a bright and pleasing environment perfect for photographers and filmmakers to start their production.
COLBOR, like any other LED studio lights supplier, makes every effort to conquer every problem encountered in light manufacturing. To date, we have simplified the way the studio light works, created robust and reliable design and fixed the heat generation issue... 

We would like to provide the budget but well-performing LED studio lights for beginner YouTubers and experienced filmmakers and we hope to work with more like-minded dealers around the world to together chase this forever and ever pursuit. Join us and together make it bigger and stronger.

COLBOR CL220R comes with Bowens mount, light base, and grip handle.

COLBOR CL220R RGB Light for Studio

The COLBOR CL220R RGB light for studio offers full-color lighting options. It features M/G color balance function, adjustable color temperature, 97+ CRI/TLCI rating, Modular Design, and Matrix Control. All these make it perfect for YouTubers, live-streamers, and other content creators.

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COLBOR CL220 LED lights for film and video are constructed in Bowen mount and lamp grip.

COLBOR CL220 and CL220M LED Constant Light for Photography

The COLBOR CL220 LED constant light for photography is well crafted to maintain constant output of 220W at each color temp and increase lighting possibilities with BOWENS mount, NATO groove and many accessories. It is a product line of 2700-6500K bi-color CL220 and 5600K daylight CL220M.

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COLBOR CL330 is in a cuboid design and comes with a bracket.

COLBOR CL330 and CL330M LED Lights for Photography Studio

The COLBOR CL330 LED lights for photography studio include the bi-color CL330 of 2700-6500K and daylight CL330M at 5600K. It outputs accurate color with a TM-30 index of Rf96/Rg103. The Red-Green Color Compensation functions to achieve the color consistency of all lighting.

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COLBOR CL120R is an LED studio light with Bowens mount.


The COLBOR CL120R is an LED RGB video light designed for cinematic photography and videography. It offers excellent lighting quality. Its compact size, Modular Design, and Matrix Control function, M/G color balance feature make it perfect for YouTubers, live-streamers, and content creators seeking exceptional RGB capabilities.

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COLBOR CL100X is in grey color.

COLBOR CL100X and CL100XM LED Lights for Streaming

The COLBOR CL100X LED lights for streaming include bi-color CL100X of 2700K-6500K and daylight 5600K CL100XM. The PowerCube design enables the 110W light to be constructed into a matrix of up to 1100W output.

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COLBOR CL60R is one of the LED lights for recording studio. It offers a Bowen-mount adapter and a reflector.

COLBOR CL60R RGB LED Light for Studio

The COLBOR CL60R is a 65W RGB LED light featuring Sound Recognition, PowerCube Design, and Matrix Control and working with all COLBOR Apps to achieve remote control and updates. 

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COLBOR CL60 has buttons, control wheels, and a display screen on the back.

COLBOR CL60 Best Studio Light for Video

The COLBOR CL60 is the best studio light for video that features variable color temperature from 2700K to 6500K with an impressive CRI rating of 97+. With its ultra compact size, you can create your powerful lighting studio on the move.

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COLBOR CL60M provides a Bowen-mount adapter, a reflector, and a light base.

COLBOR CL60M Studio Light for Video Shooting

The COLBOR CL60M is a 5600K studio light for video shooting with constant lighting output. With its capability and performance, you can record or shoot your wonderful lives with the portable powerful light.

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COLBOR CL100 falls in the category of LED studio lights for video. It is square and has a light base.


The bi-color COB LED light COLBOR CL100 is a 100W light source with variable color from 2700-6500K and ≧97 CRI. The portability in power supply and compactness in construction are keys for its being a welcome addition to the kit for mobile filming. 

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COLBOR CL100M is in a square compact design and comes with a light base.

COLBOR CL100-M Daylight Balanced LED Light

The COLBOR CL100-M is a 100 watt daylight balanced LED light of 5600K color temperature and ≧97 CRI. With creative portable power supply and compact construction of 1.1kg, it is a perfect solution for outdoor shooting.  

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