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Three things to know about video camera LED light

Video camera LED light is an excellent investment in any video creator’s shooting gear. This small and portable lamp can be directly mounted on the cameras or tripods. It is energy-efficient, durable, robust, and offers consistent illumination that gives you more control over it. Some models are adjustable at color temperature and brightness. This ensures they work in various shooting scenarios such as vlogs, YouTube recordings, and interviews.

Use supplied cold shoe mount to mount COLBOR PL5 video camera LED light on camera

What are the benefits of using LED video light for camera?

Using LED video light brings the following benefits.

It is more affordable

This is true when you compare its entire lifespan with other types of continuous lighting sources like tungsten and HMI lights. LED can last a lot longer and is much more energy-efficient, which means it uses far less power to provide the same illumination effect.

It uses less power

Building on the previous point, LEDs use a lot less energy than other types of lighting. For instance, some LED lights use less than half the energy of a typical 300-watt incandescent bulb while producing light that is three times as bright.

It is more portable

Unlike traditional tungsten or incandescent light, many LED camera lights are battery powered. Some receive power from external batteries like AA batteries, and some come with inbuilt lithium battery. This feature means that you can use it anywhere without the restriction from power cords and wall outlets.

It emits less heat

Video camera LED light heats up to a small fraction of the heat that other types of video lights do. This is especially important when you use it for long-time video recording. It ensures the subjects and staff work in a comfortable environment and minimizes the risk of fire.

It can work with all types of devices

LED pocket light has the advantage of working with all kinds of cameras and video recording equipment. For instance, you can use it with a digital camera, a film camera, as well as when you only wish to utilize the camera on your smartphone.

What features make the best on camera led light for video?

Not all video camera LED lights can work well in video shooting. No matter what type of videos you are making, a fixture with high CRI, adjustable color temperature, and flicker-free lighting is your top choice. And then you can look for additional features that are needed for your video types. For example, vlogging videos require a really portable LED light.

High CRI ensures accurate color reproduction for camera recording

The CRI (Color Rendering Index) measures a light source's ability to render colors accurately. A CRI of 90 or higher is ideal. This will result in more accurate colors overall, and more especially, better skin tones.

Given that it averages the color performances across just 8 samples, the CRI rating is no longer universally regarded as the best criterion. Some claim that CQS (Color Quality Scale) is a superior metric to CRI. CRI is now, however, the figure that is frequently mentioned. Therefore, a high CRI rating is still a useful indicator of the color's quality.

Adjustable color temperatures help create various video moods

Depending on the type of bulb you choose, the camcorder video light looks either cold or warm to the human eye and on camera. Warm light may be approximately 3,000K, while cold light may be closer to 8,000K. This is known as color temperature, and it is measured in kelvins (K), where the lower the number, the warmer the light, and the higher the number, the cooler the light. A video camera light with adjustable color temperatures allows you to adapt to various shooting scenarios easily.

Flicker free LED on camera video lights make video creators appear professional

If you are planning to capture video, you must have camera studio lights that are flicker-free according to the specifications. This feature makes your videos appear professional, which is the key to standing out from amateur video creators. In addition, it avoids the headache caused by LED flickers, thus improving the engagement of audiences.

Video example: How to use LED light for DSLR video?

Using on camera LED light for video recording can be simple. All you need to do is mount it on the camera, power it on, and place it a bit higher than your eye level. But what if you have large LED light sources that are used off camera? In general, a 3-point setup is commonly used. But you can make your own adjustments according to the video types and lighting equipment. In this video, the YouTuber Mehran Hadad shows how he uses COLBOR lights like COLBOR CL220 to set up lighting for fitness videos. Check the video to get the setup ideas if you are interested in making your own fitness video.