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Basics of battery powered photography lights

Battery powered photography lights are a type of lighting equipment that can run on rechargeable batteries instead of electricity. They are often used by photographers and videographers who need to shoot in locations where power outlets are not available or convenient. In this article, we will focus on their benefits and uses, and talk about the types of COLBOR battery powered lights and the using examples.

COLBOR battery powered photography lights are used in portrait photography.

Six benefits of battery powered lights for photography

They offer several benefits to photographers, including:

Portability: Lights that run on batteries are portable and can be used in places where mains power is not easily accessible. They are therefore perfect for location-based photography such as outdoor shots.

Flexibility: Photographers may arrange and position the lights more freely when using battery-operated lights. They can be placed in places that are ordinarily hard to reach, such as a high spot atop a tree or a tricky-to-reach corner of a room.

Reliability: This is because they can provide continuous lighting even if the power goes off or fluctuates.

Cost-effective: Since you don't need to set up or rent generators, extension cables, or power strips, they are both time- and money-saving.

Safety: Generally speaking, using battery powered lights is safer than using lights that run on mains power since there's no chance of tripping over power cords or accidentally touching exposed wires.

Energy-efficient: Energy-efficient LED bulbs, which consume less energy and last longer than conventional bulbs, are frequently used in the design of modern battery-powered lights. This can increase battery longevity and save energy expenses.

Overall, battery-operated photography lights are a popular option for a variety of photographic applications since they provide photographers with more flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and convenience.

Four common uses

Battery operated LED lights for photography are commonly used in the following types of photography:

Outdoor and on-location shoots: They are perfect for outdoor photography sessions in which mains power is limited or unavailable. They offer reliable and portable lighting solutions for photo shooting in natural settings.

Event photography: They are often utilized in event photography, which includes weddings, parties, concerts, and so on. They provide flexible lighting choices for capturing candid moments or illuminating people in low-light situations.

Product photography: Battery-powered lights are excellent for product photography, especially when shooting little products or in areas where power outlets are not easily accessible. They assist in improving the details, textures, and colors of the objects being captured.

Studio photography lighting: They may also be utilized in studios as an alternate or supplementary lighting source. They allow for flexible placement and may be readily changed to provide the optimum lighting arrangement for portraits, still life, and other studio-based photography.

What battery powered photography lights can you find at COLBOR?

There are several battery operated lights at COLBOR to ensure flexibility and portability in content creation. According to the battery they use, they can be divided into 3 types.

  • Powered by Inbuilt lithium battery: The COLBOR PL Series pocket lights carry an inbuilt lithium battery to power the fixture. They can support 90-min working time at least. Some of the models have a large-capacity battery and a DC output port to serve as a power bank if needed.
  • Powered by V mount battery: Most of the COLBOR CL Series LED studio lights can be powered by the V mount battery. With the help of COLBOR VM2 or VM3, you can mount the V mount battery on the light body. This eliminates the limits of the wall outlet and power cord length.
  • Powered by NP-F battery: Besides the V mount battery, the COLBOR CL60 lineup can also be power by NP-F batteries. This gives you a more portable power solution.

Video using example of COLBOR battery powered continuous lighting in photography

Video by Leigh & Raymond Photography

In this video, the YouTuber Leigh & Raymond Photography shows how the COLBOR CL220 LED constant light for photography is used in outdoor portraits. Two CL220 lights are used in this scenario and powered by COLBOR Power 99Pro V mount battery. One of the CL220 is set at 40% of power while the other is at 30%-35%. They are placed on either side of the subject to illuminate the subject well in the open shade. You can check the video to see more details.