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Buyer guide to studio light for streaming

Having studio light for streaming is essential for making your viewers feel at ease. It will be difficult to view your stream if it is too dark, but it will be hard on the eyes if it is too bright. Having the greatest streaming lighting helps people to concentrate on you and just enjoy your stream. In today’s article, we’ll discuss the following topics:

  1. Why are studio lights needed for streaming?
  2. How to choose the best lighting equipment for your streaming?
  3. Recommend COLBOR CL60 and CL100X for lighting solution to studio streaming
  4. How to light your streaming studio properly?

Why do you need studio lights for streaming?

COLBOR CL60R is used in the studio to offer lighting for streaming video.

Getting some lighting for video recording or streaming is essential when going pro on YouTube or Twitch. Viewers can only interact with you if they see you. You can't always rely on natural light to get the job done, and household illumination can only go you so far. As a result, some assistance from more modern technologies is required.

The amount of light you should introduce is determined by your goals. A little amount of face lighting may sometimes make your stream appear a lot better. Nevertheless, if you want your complete setup to be seen on the screen, you'll need more powerful lighting.

Lighting, unlike some other streaming equipment, is cost effective. Although certain premium products are expensive, you are not required to spend a lot of money on them if you do not like to. When you go live, some inexpensive bright lights might look fantastic. The key is to understand what setup is needed for your streaming.

You should also consider accessories. Although they are not always essential, items like as a photography umbrella might come in helpful in certain scenarios.

How to choose the best lights for streaming setup at studio?

High quality studio light for streaming is critical if you want the streaming video to look good. And here are some factors that you need to take into account.

Color temperature - Does it match your streaming environment?

The film studio lighting might be "cold" (with a subtle blue hue) or "warm" (with a slightly yellow tint). Selecting the proper tone for your environment will help you raise your production qualities by not washing out details and colors. "Daylight" is frequently on the cool spectrum, employing extremely bright, flat white, or somewhat blue-tinted light. It is ideal for nighttime filmmaking and dark environments. Warmer lights, sometimes known as "soft white," are preferable for daytime filming since they mix in better with natural sunshine.

There are several RGB lighting options on the market if you want to add some visual flair to your streams. They may be tuned to almost any hue and usually use various patterns to make your backdrops more attractive.

Brightness - Is it adjustable in brightness?

The lights for streaming video typically allow you to adjust the brightness to your preferences. These tools might help you take your streaming to the next level by manually manipulating the light. Each product has its unique brightness settings, however they typically range from 10 to 100 and are adjustable by 10. And COLBOR offers more flexible way to adjust the brightness. Take the CL60 as an example. Its brightness is adjustable from o to 100%. One roll of the control dial adjusts the brightness by 1%. If you long press the dial, the brightness will be adjusted by 10%.

Rotation - Is it simple to adjust the angle of studio lighting for live streaming?

Most people make streaming in small spaces. When building your streaming studio setup, you will need a light that can rotate or is portable to move around. This is the best solution that allows you to get right angle even in small space. In addition, you don't have to relocate the complete setup if you need to modify the lighting while live streaming. You can quickly rotate it and carry on with the streaming.

Price - Is it within your budget and cost effective?

Investing in studio light for streaming is a significant step in your YouTube or Twitch career. It's critical to choose anything that matches your budget while also assisting you in improving your game. The good news is that they are accessible at all pricing points. You are able to pick the best budget lighting kit for video streaming among the alternatives available by looking at specs and other information.

Our picks for the best studio lights for streaming at COLBOR

There are two top streaming studio lights at COLBOR that meet the aforementioned factors. Both the CL60R and CL100X feature variable color temperatures of 2700K-6500K and adjustable brightness of 0-100%. The included light base enables them to adjust the angle upward and downward.


COLBOR CL60R is an RGB studio light for streaming sold at Moman PhotoGears Store. It comes with light base, Bowen mount adapter, and reflector.

The CL60R is a good solution for creative lighting for studio streaming. It is equipped with a sensitive audio system that allows it to "hear" ambient sounds, talks, and even music, and then do its own real-time computation to create a precise light effect. It uses RGB LED beads to provide bright, continuous light while generating little waste heat. Moreover, thanks to an integrated fan, any waste heat is rapidly and silently evacuated, protecting electronics while not disrupting your take with loud noises.

An LCD panel, four buttons, and two dials on the back let you adjust brightness, color temperature, hues, etc., and give you lighting information at-a-glance, though you can also use the App for more control options. A Bowens mount adapter is also included, allowing you to attach a number of reflectors, diffusers, and shaping tools for extremely adaptable illumination. The CL60R weights only 600g, making it portable enough for off-site shooting or outdoor filmmaking. And it can also be powered by V mount battery, PD power bank, and NP-F battery, which also makes it simple to take up outdoor streaming.

CL60R review video

The YouTuber Camera Zone made a detailed review. He first made an unboxing to show what are in the package. Then he talked about the build quality, introduced the specs and features, and showed how to conduct lighting adjustment and power the CL60R during use. You can check the video to see what it is like to use the CL60R for streaming.


COLBOR CL100X is a video studio light for streaming sold at Moman PhotoGears Store.

Like the CL60R, the CL100X studio lights for streaming also features intelligent working temperature control, physical and App control over brightness, color temperature, etc., and includes a Bowens mount adapter. However, it comes with a higher power output of 110W than 65W of CL60R. And you can combine several CL100X together to create higher output thanks to the PowerCube design.

CL100X review video

YouTuber Andrei Dima also talked about the build quality. Then he introduced how to use the included light base, the screen and buttons on the back, and the specs. He also talked about the cooling system that ensures the CL100X to work at optimal temperature and App control that makes it simple to adjust the lighting at a distance. Check the video to learn more about the CL100X and see if it fits your streaming requirements.

Table: Comparison between CL60R and CL100X

You can check the table below to learn more about their specs, features, and differences.

Studio light






Color temperature



Output power



Lighting mode



PowerCube design

Powered by PD power bank








How to properly light you streaming studio?

Once you've decided on your favorite light for streaming, you'll need to work out where and how to place it. Choosing the right position ensures that your streams have constant illumination. Proper setup can also help you get the optimum light quality from your equipment.

Three-point lighting: It is the most common to use 3 point lighting for streaming. It necessitates light from three separate directions. This configuration produces a soft, balanced light with few to no shadows. It's a great technique but it can be costly because it requires at least three devices.

Backlight: It is an excellent method to highlight and illuminate a gorgeous wallpaper or your collection in the rear. This can contribute to the richness and personality of your stream. Most streamers will utilize RGBs to add various colors to assist balance the color temperature of the streaming.

Loop lighting: The setup is what casts a shadow across one side of your face. This is achieved by positioning the main light source slightly above eye level. It may assist clarify and highlight your face, making you appear more attractive on stream. You may also add a second source of light at a different angle to assist reduce shadows.