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What is COB rechargeable light and why does it matter?

When it comes to photography or video lighting, there is no denying that COB rechargeable light outperforms other light sources with regard to battery efficiency and performance. With its rechargeable battery and steady power, it is often used as camera or COB LED work light. When you’re out shooting, you don’t even have to worry about saving the battery in your gadget before it dies.

So, are you interested in learning more about rechargeable battery for LED lights? This article will now delve into the COB LED and attempt to determine its significance. Amazing, right? Let's get started.

Power the COLBOR CL60 COB LED continuous light with battery.

What is a COB rechargeable light?

COB LED, also known as chip on board, is used in a variety of devices. While wireless rechargeable LED lights with remote control are ideal for on-the-go devices. This type of COB LED may be your best option if you need a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

This kind of LED combines 9 or more diodes to form a single source. It is engineered to be incredibly tiny, so it will take up less space when utilized on devices.

They are designed to generate even, multi-directional light and may be utilized in a variety of applications. LED COB is used in a variety of devices such as smartphones, cameras, and so on.

What is COB LED light technology?

COB LED construction

Lighting technology is constantly evolving to emit brighter sources and stronger power while consuming less energy. COB technology is the most recent advancement.

Due to the fact that COB LEDs, which are considerably smaller than traditional surface-mounted diode or SMD LEDs, have a greater number of LEDs that may be accommodated in the same amount of area. The greater the number of LEDs, the more uniform light and the greater the lumen density are produced. Together with its rechargeable feature, the rechargeable LED light uses less energy to produce the same amount of output as other lighting technologies, making it more environmentally friendly to create home studio lighting for video.

Why is COB rechargeable light so important when running on battery power?

When developing a rechargeable battery for LED lights, there has always been a compromise between the length of battery’s duration and its runtime, and the volume of high-quality lumen output.

Previously, the greater brightness required, the shorter the duration was if you used a battery of the same size. This tradeoff, however, has become considerably less of a concern with the recent advent of COB LED technology.

For the first time, a low-wattage COB light can produce exceptionally high-quality, ultra-bright illumination. As a result, a lithium-ion battery pack that is relatively compact and lightweight can power a COB LED-based system for extended periods of time.

In fact, the portable COB rechargeable handheld light - the COLBOR CL60M, which is a type of 65W COB LED, will run for many hours using a pretty small and lightweight rechargeable battery.

Commonly, it was just impossible in previous years to provide high-quality output for prolonged periods of time while utilizing a very tiny battery! This is why the COB LEDs were the only viable option while creating our ultra-bright, ultra-efficient lighting solutions.

Why is it so important when shooting indoors and outdoors?

Rechargeable COB lights are becoming increasingly popular in photography and videography like use in horror film lighting. Designers realize the benefits of using them over traditional LED, which create up to 25% less heat than the latter.

To be honest, battery operated COB LED light don't get nearly as hot as fluorescent, incandescent, or other types of lighting, but because of how tightly they are wound up, they do become warm. This indicates that COB LEDs are the way to go if you are seeking a more powerful source for your shooting. This is why it is critical to use only the best rechargeable COB light with a cooling system and a good heatsink. Or you will risk spoiling your photoshoot.

Advantages of rechargeable COB LED light

Considering the factors mentioned above, using portable rechargeable LED light in indoor and outdoor photography offers you the following 11 advantages:

  1. Compactness: small size and light weight of chip
  2. Simply design: one circuit and two contacts
  3. Superior thermal performance: reliability, stability and long life
  4. High-intensity: cram more LEDs into smaller areas that produce higher lumen output
  5. High-uniformity: steady brightness without glare and harmfulness to the eyes
  6. High color rendering index (CRI): high efficiency with no dead lights and plaques
  7. Lower light loss and failure rates: work more straightforward
  8. Lower consumption: smallest attenuation and less than 3% within 1000H when under normal current
  9. Stable power supply: DC power supply and battery power supply for a long-lasting light outdoor with rechargeable battery that can be recharged
  10. Safety: all work under 50V for application certification
  11. Environmental protection: pollution-free


COB rechargeable light is the most modern and sophisticated technology on the market today. Simply put, they are brighter, use less energy, and provide a higher-quality light beam than standard LED technology.

Since you have read this article to master its basic information, you can try to choose an ideal COB LED for your daily life.