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Content creator lights: Why, what, and how to use

Have you ever viewed the content of a popular YouTuber or a viral TikTok video and wondered why your videos don't have the same visual appeal? What may not be apparent is that behind the scenes, these content creators likely utilize special lighting to elevate their ordinary surroundings. Quality lighting is essential for content creators to produce compelling, high-quality videos. But what content creator lights to use and how to get perfect illumination? In this article, we will focus on these points to help you get great lighting for your content creation.

COLBOR lights for content creators are used for interviews.

Why lights are important for content creators?

Lighting is a crucial aspect to consider when engaging in photography or videography for your streams or social media platforms. It's well-known that successful content creators have mastered their lighting setups. Lighting influences content creation in the following aspects:

  • The mood
  • The atmosphere/vibes
  • The professionalism of your content
  • The overall quality of your content

Proper lighting can enhance your appearance, making you look exceptional on stream. However, poor lighting can be distracting, obscure your face and best features, and result in low-quality streams. Ensuring you present yourself well on camera is always a priority.

Since streaming closely resembles photography, it is essential for any content creator or streamer to understand the impact of lighting on their on-screen image and learn how to utilize lighting to achieve their best appearance on camera.

What are the best lights for content creators: 4 picks at COLBOR

COLBOR focuses on manufacturing LED light for content creators. These fixtures fall in the category of continuous light, come with different power outputs, and feature various functions that are good for content creation. Here are four popular choices.

COLBOR PL8R: 8W RGB LED light for creative content creation

COLBOR PL8R 8W RGB LED light for creative content creation

For content creators looking for content creator lights that are lightweight, versatile, and easy to use, the COLBOR PL8R is a strong contender. This versatile and portable RGB LED light offers a range of features tailored to meet the needs of content creators across various platforms.

The COLBOR PL8R is designed with both flexibility and quality in mind. It provides adjustable brightness and color temperature, allowing creators to customize their lighting setup to match different environments and achieve the desired mood for their content. The high CRI (Color Rendering Index) ensures accurate color representation, which is crucial for producing professional-quality videos and photos.

Additionally, the PL8R is compact and portable, making it easy to set up and transport, whether you’re working in a studio or on location. With user-friendly controls and advanced features such as wireless app control and programmable lighting modes, the COLBOR PL8R empowers content creators to experiment with different lighting setups and achieve professional results without the need for complicated equipment.

COLBOR CL60M: 65W daylight LED light to create a natural look for content creators

COLBOR CL60M 65W daylight LED light to create a natural look for content creators

The COLBOR CL60M emerges as a top contender for content creators seeking a versatile and budget-friendly lighting solution. Compact yet powerful, this LED light is praised for its portability, being small enough to outshine its competitors. It boasts a Bowens mount for accessory compatibility, and its ability to run on both AC power and a USB-C powerbank adds to its flexibility. The inclusion of a robust case ensures safe transport and storage. With the convenience of app control, multiple units can be synchronized for complex lighting setups. Whether for studio work, filmmaking, or YouTube content, the COLBOR CL60M offers a bright, high-quality light output that won’t break the bank, making it an excellent choice for creators at all levels.

COLBOR W100: 100W content creator light for filming vlogs and outdoor shootings alike

COLBOR W100 100W content creator light for filming vlogs and outdoor shootings alike

The COLBOR W100 stands out as an exceptional lighting choice for content creators who demand both quality and convenience. This bi-color LED light offers a wide color temperature range from 2700K to 6500K, ensuring versatility for various shooting conditions. Despite its lightweight at just 345g, it doesn’t compromise on power, delivering an impressive 3450Lux at 1m. Its high CRI of 97+ guarantees accurate color rendition, crucial for professional-looking content. The W100’s compact size belies its robust feature set, including app control for easy adjustments and a variety of power options, from DC to USB-C fast charging. Its affordability and portability make it a smart investment for creators looking to enhance their production value without the bulk and expense of traditional lighting equipment.

COLBOR CL330: 330W powerful light for professional content creation

COLBOR CL330 330W powerful light for professional content creation

The COLBOR CL330 is a stellar lighting option for content creators, offering a constant 330W output that’s powerful enough to serve as a key light. Its Red-Green Color Compensation feature is a game-changer, allowing for precise adjustments to the Duv value for consistent lighting colors, which is essential for maintaining natural skin tones and reducing post-production work. The light’s 96+ high CRI ensures accurate color reproduction, vital for high-quality video content1. Additionally, the CL330’s Bowens mount and NATO grooves extend its versatility, accommodating a wide range of modifiers and accessories for flexible lighting setups. Lightweight and robust, the CL330 is an ideal choice for YouTubers and professional videographers looking for reliable, high-performance lighting without the hefty price tag.

Six tips for using light for content creation

Investing in light for content creators is the first step to perfect videos and photos. Besides this, there are some tips that you can pay attention to.

Think about what content you are creating

While it may seem straightforward, it's crucial to think about the intended purpose of your video. For instance, if you're filming an interview, selecting content creator lights that flatter your subjects is key. In this case, a ring light might be ideal. On the other hand, if you're capturing dancers, you'll need a more extensive setup to clearly showcase their movements. In such cases, filming outdoors and utilizing natural light could be beneficial. Always take into account who or what will be in front of the camera, the filming location, and your desired outcome before you begin shooting.

Try 3 point lighting

This basic lighting setup guarantees consistently perfect lighting. It is particularly effective for content creators speaking on camera, such as YouTubers and interviewees. It involves three lights: the key light, fill light, and backlight.

  • Key Light: Serving as the primary light source, it defines the details of the subject's face. Position it at a 45-degree angle in front of the subject, to the left or right of the camera.
  • Fill Light: This secondary light minimizes shadows cast by the key light on the subject's face. It should be less intense and placed on the opposite side of the key light, still in front of the subject and on the other side of the camera.
  • Backlight: Used to separate the subject from the background, creating depth and dimension. It should be the brightest of the three lights and placed behind the subject at a 45-degree angle.

Maintain a proper mix of natural and artificial light

Ambient light refers to the natural illumination from the environment, like sunlight, while artificial light includes any lighting that is man-made. Achieving a good mix of both types of light gives your videos a natural appearance.

Control your light direction

The way you position your lighting relative to your subject can significantly change the mood of your video. For instance, front lighting produces a brighter and more natural look, whereas back or side lighting results in a more dramatic and moody effect.

Pay attention to color temperature

To achieve a well-lit video, it's essential to match the color temperature of your content creator lights with that of the environment. Properly balanced color temperatures reduce the need for extensive color correction during post-production. Additionally, keep in mind that some lights can become very hot quickly. To maintain comfort, opt for LED or fluorescent lights that stay cooler.

Avoid some common lighting issues in content creation

Lighting problems can frequently arise during filming. Here are a few common issues and how to avoid them:

  • Glare from glasses. This can be minimized by using UV-coated or anti-glare glasses. Alternatively, position your lights higher than the glasses and farther from the camera.
  • Inconsistent lighting in the footage. Prevent this by ensuring you are satisfied with the lighting setup before you start filming. Conduct test videos and review them on a larger screen, like a laptop, to evaluate more critically.
  • Avoid placing lights directly above or below your subjects. This placement is unflattering and can be unsettling or distracting for your audience.