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How to get lighting for instagram videos?

When venturing into short-form video platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, it's crucial to ensure that the content you create is of high quality. Proper lighting is vital for producing compelling videos. Without clear visibility, it's challenging to showcase a new product effectively or deliver a persuasive narrative about a service. However, managing lighting can be quite tricky. In this article, we will tell you how to get lighting for Instagram videos, focusing on the following topics:

  • What types of lights are used to create lighting in Instagram videos?
  • What features to look for in the best light fixture for your content creation?
  • What tips to follow for the best lighting for your video recording?

What types of light sources are used to create lighting in Instagram videos?

Natural light, ring, softbox, and LED studio lights are four common light sources to offer Instagram video lighting.

Natural Lighting

Let's begin with the fundamentals, focusing on the sun. If you're shooting in a location with favorable window lighting, it's ideal. When filming, it's best to place your subject in front of the windows. It's important for the lighting to be softened, either by clouds or sheer curtains. If the light is too intense, it can cause your subject to appear overexposed or washed out.

LED ring light

When you view beauty vlogs or follow your favorite fashion influencers on Instagram, you'll see a bright circle of light reflected in their eyes. This effect isn't due to night vision—it's achieved with a ring light for Instagram videos. This is the most popular lighting accessory among top internet personalities. Positioned right behind the camera, a ring light provides even illumination for your entire face as seen from the camera's perspective. It helps remove unflattering shadows and gives your skin a radiant, glowing appearance. They are particularly useful for close-up shots, fashion photography, and makeup demonstrations.

Softbox lighting

If you don't have the advantage of excellent natural lighting, don't worry. Box lights can be a lifesaver and are available at quite affordable prices. Typically sold in pairs, they provide an even distribution of light when placed at equal distances. Using just one would result in lots of shadows. These lights come with built-in diffusers, ensuring that the lighting is soft and not harsh.

LED studio lights

LED studio lights are good solutions to lighting for Instagram videos. They offer numerous advantages, including energy efficiency, long lifespan, and low heat emission, making them ideal for extended use. With adjustable brightness and color temperature, LED studio lights provide versatile lighting control, ensuring optimal illumination for various creative needs. Their compact design and lightweight nature facilitate easy setup and mobility within studios. Additionally, many models come with advanced features such as wireless control and programmable settings, enhancing convenience and precision in professional lighting setups.

What features to look for in the best light for Instagram videos?

When choosing the best lighting for Instagram videos, it's crucial to consider a range of factors that can assist in achieving the intended lighting effects and enhancing the overall video quality. Here are some compelling and practical factors to consider:

Adjustable Color Temperature: Seek out lights that offer adjustable color temperature settings, usually spanning from warm (approximately 3200K) to cool (around 5600K). This feature lets you align the lighting with your surroundings and create various atmospheres.

Dimmability: Opt for lights with dimming options, which enable you to adjust the light intensity. This provides greater flexibility in achieving the desired appearance and prevents overexposure.

High CRI: Choose lights with a high CRI rating (above 90) to ensure accurate color reproduction. This makes your Instagram videos appear more natural and vibrant.

Portability and Power Options: For location shoots, it’s important to have lightweight and portable LED video light to facilitate easy transport and setup. Look for lights that can operate on both AC power and batteries, with battery-powered options being particularly useful for outdoor shoots or locations without accessible power outlets.

Heat Management: While LED lights are energy-efficient, they can still produce heat. Choosing lighting for Instagram videos with effective heat management systems will ensure both longevity and safety during extended use.

Mounting Options: Select lights that offer a variety of mounting options, such as tripod mounts, light stands, or mounting brackets, to accommodate different shooting environments.

Durability and Budget: Choose lights crafted from robust materials to ensure they endure regular use. Take your budget into account and focus on the features that are most crucial for your video production needs. Remember, a higher price doesn’t always mean better quality; even inexpensive lighting can significantly enhance your content if chosen wisely.

Reviews and Recommendations: Check reviews and seek advice from fellow videographers to assess the performance and reliability of the Instagram video light you’re considering.

How to set up lighting for Instagram reels: 5 tips to follow

Getting lighting for Instagram videos requires not only suitable fixtures but also attention to some tips.

Adopt 3-point lighting setup for a pro look in Instagram videos

As the name implies, this video lighting technique involves using three light sources: a key light, a back light, and a fill light. The position, intensity, and size of these lights can be adjusted based on the filming requirements.

The key light serves as the main and brightest source of illumination, typically positioned to the side of the camera and in front of the subject. This light creates shadows that the fill light addresses. Interestingly, the fill light doesn't have to be an actual light; a reflector can often be used instead to bounce light back into the shadows. Lastly, the back light is placed behind the subject, adding depth and separating them from the background.

Consider color temperature to create the desired mood in videos

Lighting comes in various color temperatures, ranging from cool to warm, which affect the appearance of videos and photos by making them look blue or yellow. These color temperatures are measured on the Kelvin scale, spanning from bright daylight to dim candlelight. Choosing the appropriate light temperature is crucial for establishing the desired mood in your video.

Experts advise against mixing different color temperatures. This not only disrupts visual consistency but can also cause difficulties for your camera in balancing and adjusting to the conflicting light sources.

Lighting Dos and Don’ts for better video quality

Setting up lighting for Instagram videos enhances the visual impact of your scene. Here are key considerations when filming videos for social media:

  • DO test your lighting setup beforehand to avoid unnecessary retakes and excessive editing.
  • DO utilize natural light whenever possible and when it complements your setup.
  • DON’T film in poorly lit spaces assuming you can fix it in post-production. Relying on editing alone may not salvage visibility, potentially deterring viewers from watching your video through to the end.
  • DON’T position your subject indoors with a window behind them, as this can result in them appearing too dark to see clearly.

Consider space around to balance your focal point and placement of text and elements alike

When preparing to film Instagram reels or other videos, it's beneficial to plan the placement of text and graphics in advance. This foresight allows you to position yourself correctly within the frame, ensuring that you are not completely off-center. You should remain the focal point of the video, but positioning slightly to the side to allow space for text and other elements is a recommended practice.

Ensure clean and tidy background for appealing Instagram videos

Even if you have excellent lighting for Instagram videos, a highly cluttered background can overshadow its impact. When strategizing your Instagram Reels, aim to locate a clean, uncluttered area with neutral or brand-matching walls. This doesn't just pertain to the background and its color, but also involves tidying up the space. Ensure that your workspace is neat, as this can significantly enhance the overall presentation.