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Why and how to get lighting for webcam streaming?

For a streamer, lighting plays a crucial role in determining the success of their content creation. Fundamentally, it is clear why you need lighting for webcam streaming: it ensures visibility to the audience. Also, you need some tips and tools to help you appear appealing and professional on the webcam streaming. In this article, we will focus on the aforementioned aspects to help you delve into the world of streaming.

COLBOR PL5 has a magnetic back that allows you to attach it to the laptop to offer lighting for webcam streaming.

Why lighting is essential for webcam streaming?

Firstly, let’s have a look at the functionality of the webcam to see why lighting is important.

Essentially, a camera's main purpose is to capture light and translate it into a visual depiction. When lighting conditions are not ideal, the camera adjusts settings, which can impact image quality. Here are potential issues in low light scenarios:

  • Prolonged Exposures: Could result in image blurring.
  • Signal Boosting: Might introduce noise or graininess.
  • Pixel Aggregation & Smoothing: Can lead to image blurring and pixelation.

Even if you believe your space is well-lit, additional light sources can enhance webcam performance. Even high-end cameras known for excelling in low light situations can benefit from proper lighting. Here are the benefits that proper lighting bring to webcam streaming:

  • Clarity and sharpness: Proper lighting may greatly enhance the clarity and sharpness of your video. Without proper lighting, the camera struggles to capture colors and details, resulting in a grainy or fuzzy image.
  • Professional look: It helps you come off as professional and clear during video conversations or streaming. It is especially crucial in a professional atmosphere, where first impressions count.
  • Viewer experience: Good illumination improves the viewing experience by displaying clear and bright images. It helps to prevent issues like washed-out colors and unattractive shadows, making the streaming more engaging.
  • Focus on the subject: Soft, indirect light aimed at your face keeps the audience's attention on you, ensuring that you are the major point of interest in the streaming.

Best lights for webcam streaming: 3 picks from COLBOR

As aforementioned, you need artificial light sources to illuminate you and the scene properly during webcam streaming since natural light is not always available. COLBOR video light manufacturer has introduced a lineup of continuous lights that work well in video creation, steaming, etc. Here we will recommend 3 picks that are good for webcam streaming.


COLBOR PL5 is a 5W fill light for webcam streaming.

The COLBOR PL5 is a versatile and cost-effective fill light that offers easy adjustability, enhancing your appearance on webcam for streaming. Here are some key features of the PL5:

  • Size and Portability: It’s small, with dimensions of 110x65x15mm and a weight of 110g, making it highly portable.
  • Mounting Options: The light has a magnetic back and metal plates, allowing it to attach firmly to laptops, phones or phone cases, which is particularly useful for webcam streaming or video calls.
  • Illumination: With an illumination of 1500Lux at 30cm and 6500K, it provides strong lighting despite its small size.
  • Color Rendering: The PL5 has a high color rendering index of Ra≥95, ensuring accurate color reproduction.
  • Color Temperature Range: It offers a wide color temperature range from 2700K to 6500K, accommodating various lighting conditions.
  • Battery Life: It has a built-in 2100mAh battery, capable of running at 100% brightness for about 90 minutes.
  • Charging: The device can be charged via a Type-C port, with a charging time of approximately 2.5 hours.
  • Display: A clear display screen shows the current settings, including battery life, brightness, and color temperature.


COLBOR PL8B is a 8W portable light for webcam streaming.

The COLBOR PL8B is a portable option of lighting for webcam streaming, offering a range of features to enhance your shooting experience. Here are some key aspects of the COLBOR PL8B:

  • Color Temperature: It offers a wide color temperature range from 2500K to 9000K, allowing for natural and vivid lighting effects.
  • Color Rendering Index: With a CRI of ≥98, it ensures accurate color reproduction.
  • Power Bank Functionality: Features a Type-A DC Output port and a large capacity 5000mAh battery, which can also serve as a power bank.
  • Runtime: It can run for approximately 125 minutes at 100% brightness without charging the recording device.
  • Mounting Flexibility: The PL8B can be mounted using two 1/4” screw holes, a cold shoe accessory, or its magnetic back, making it compatible with a variety of devices like laptops, DSLRs and tripods.
  • Lighting Modes: It comes with ten preset lighting modes, including Fire, CCT Chase, Pulsing, TV, and more, to create over 27 light effects.
  • App Control: An intelligent APP control is available for precise lighting adjustments and to work with other COLBOR products for synchronized effects.
  • Display: Features an HD OLED display that shows lighting parameters in real-time for informed adjustments.
  • Dimensions: It has a compact size of 125x75x17mm and weighs 187g, making it highly portable.


COLBOR CL60R RGB LED light can offer hue lighting for webcam streaming.

The COLBOR CL60R is a versatile and compact lighting solution that’s well-suited for webcam streaming. Here are some reasons why it’s a good choice:

  • Portability: Its small form factor allows it to fit in a messenger bag, making it ideal for on-location shoots and streamers with limited space.
  • Power Options: It can be powered by PD power banks, offering flexibility for streamers who need to set up their lighting in various locations.
  • Color Adjustability: With RGB capabilities, you can set the lighting for webcam streaming to any color, enhancing the visual appeal of your streams.
  • High CRI: A high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 96+ ensures accurate color representation, which is crucial for high-quality video streaming.
  • NATO Rail System: The built-in NATO rail system allows for easy attachment of accessories and the ability to connect multiple lights for increased brightness.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing only 600g, it’s easy to handle and adjust during live streams without causing disruptions.
  • Affordable: Despite its professional features, the CL60R comes at a reasonable price, making it accessible for streamers who are conscious of their budget.

These features make the COLBOR CL60R a strong contender for content creators and streamers looking for reliable, high-quality lighting without breaking the bank. Whether you’re streaming from a home studio or on the go, the CL60R’s combination of portability, performance, and price point make it a smart investment for enhancing your video production quality.

How to light for webcam streaming: 5 tips to follow

To set up lighting for webcam streaming perfectly, you need to follow these 5 tips:

  • Get lighting equipment to create and shape the webcam streaming lighting
  • Ensure that the light source is in front of you, not behind
  • Maintain balanced lighting
  • Pay attention to the webcam lighting positions
  • Test your setup to optimize the lighting conditions

Read on to get the details.

Get lighting equipment to create and shape the webcam streaming lighting

While professional lighting equipment is not a necessity, it represents the ideal lighting solution for webcam situations. These tools assist in achieving the right balance and fill of light, leading to a polished appearance on webcam:

  • "Daylight" bulbs provide bright, natural-looking illumination without the yellow hue of conventional lamp lights.
  • Streaming webcam with ring light is favored by vloggers and models for their naturally balanced light source.
  • Key lights function as effective spotlights on subjects and complement side lighting from windows or other sources to achieve overall balance.
  • Light diffusers aid in reducing lighting intensity or reflecting light to enhance fill and balance.
  • Webcam light stand for live stream helps support the light source and hold it stably.

But what specific webcam streaming light to invest in? COLBOR has several options. We will recommend some popular picks later.

Ensure that the streaming light is in front of you, not behind

Webcams are designed to automatically capture and adapt to the brightest light source. When this light originates from behind you, it can shift the focus away from you. To prevent being backlit, ensure that you position yourself facing, rather than with your back to, a window or any other light source.

COLBOR CL60R light for webcam streaming is placed in front of the streamer to ensure proper illumination.

Maintain balanced lighting in webcam streaming

There are two ways to balance the lighting for webcam streaming:

Utilize multiple light sources: Ensuring that your webcam lighting is well-rounded is crucial for maintaining visibility. Relying solely on a single light above or in front of you can create harsh shadows on your face or background. Use several light sources from various angles to balance your lighting and present your best self.

Allow for adequate space: Even with top-notch lighting equipment, excessively bright light can overexpose your face, making it challenging to focus on facial details. To address this issue, consider moving the light source farther away from your face to enable the camera to adjust the balance automatically. If the brightness remains too intense, experiment with diffusing the light using a professional diffuser or craft your own using materials like wax paper or tissue paper at home.

Pay attention to the webcam lighting positions

When setting up lighting for webcam recordings, you have various options for placement. However, there are some placements that are better to avoid.

Avoid positioning your lights directly above you, as this can create unflattering and distracting shadows that detract from your face. Optimal lighting comes from the front, particularly when complemented by natural light from a side window to soften any shadows.

While it ultimately depends on personal style, it's advised to avoid harsh side lighting for webcam streaming. This type of lighting can cast dark shadows on your face and convey a somber or serious atmosphere during video calls. It's generally preferable to have bright and balanced lighting.

Similar to lighting from above, illuminating yourself from below can produce unflattering shadows. This lighting angle also tends to give off a "horror movie" vibe, making you appear like a villainous character. Unless that is your intention, prioritize front-facing lighting for a more favorable effect.

Test your setup to optimize the lighting conditions

After preparing your lighting for webcam streaming, it's essential to test it before going live. Use a tool such as Photo Booth on a Macbook to make adjustments to your lighting until you achieve the most flattering appearance.

Pro tip: Once you've identified a setup that suits you, maintain it as is! This way, you won't need to spend extra time configuring it for your next video call.