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Four steps to use vlogging light for phone

A vlogging light for phone in high quality is a must for a vlogger who wants to build up a following. Using it properly in vlog making is another important factor for great videos. In this article, we will offer a guide to tell you how to use COLBOR PL8R, an RGB video light, for phone vlogging. Firstly, let’s look at its features to have an overall understanding.

  • Packs RGB, white, and yellow LED beads to offer full-color lighting
  • 98+ CRI ensures accurate color reproduction
  • 2500-9000K adjustable color temperatures
  • 13 preset lighting effects for simulating real-life scenes
  • Magnetic back, 1/4’’ screw hole, and cold shoe accessory for flexible placement
  • Can be controlled by onboard buttons and COLBOR Studio App
  • Carries an HD screen to show setting figures
  • Large capacity of 5000mAh battery for a 125-min working time at 100% brightness

The COLBOR PL8R is attached to the back of the mobile phone to illuminate the vlog video.

Step 1: Mount it on phone stand for vlogging or any metal surfaces you want

The COLBOR PL8R has a magnetic back and two 1/4’’ screw holes, allowing you to position it in any place you like. The two screw holes are on the bottom and the side. You can mount it on tripods, stands, or any holding devices horizontally or vertically. The magnetic back can firmly attach to metal surfaces. Or you can attach the supplied metal plates to non-metal surfaces to ensure the proper working of the magnetic back. This complements the drawbacks of tripods or stands.

Then experiment with the position of vlogging light for phone to find the best shot. After all, you don't want to risk blinding yourself or damaging your vlogs by placing it too close or too far from the subject. In general, it should never be placed behind your microphone or camera. It is advised to place the vlogging light close to your phone to avoid harsh shadows. And here are 3 aspects to consider for proper placement.

  • Distance: Place the light around an arm's length away if feasible. This allows the PL8R to create soft and even illumination.
  • Angle: The ideal angles vary from directly onto the subject to 45 degrees on each side. Don't lean too much to one side or you'll create shadows on the far side of your face, which may be too dramatic for a phone vlog!
  • Height: Start at eye level and gradually elevate it if required. When adjusting your height, keep an eye out for any unnatural shadows around your eyes and chin.

Step 2: Choose the right color temperature for your phone vlog

The PL8R is the best light for iPhone vlogging adjustable at color temperatures from 2500K to 9000K, which means you can match the ambient light or create a contrast. Roll the upper dial upwards or downwards to adjust the color temperature at 100 increments.

The color temperature of vlogging light for phone refers to how warm or cool it is. High color temperatures result in harsher, bluer whites (which might be good for simulating sunshine), but lower temperatures are softer, simulating candlelight. Spend some time experimenting with various settings to find what you prefer.

When illuminating a phone vlog, the most natural-looking light will be similar to how the sun shines outside at different times of the day. Evening light is "warmer" (yellow-orange in color) than midday light. The "daylight" temperature is considered colder and ranges from 5400K to 5600K. A somewhat warmer setting between 4500K and 5000K tends to be ideal.

Step 3: Set proper brightness of mobile vlogging light to ensure clear look and avoid overexposure

The brightness of PL8R can be dimmed from 0% to 100%, which means you can adjust the intensity according to the distance and the effect you want. Roll the bottom dial to set the ideal brightness you want.

The brighter the vlogging light is, the more correctly the phone camera will catch colors and the clearer the feel of the vlog. Turning up the brightness can help you get that colorful look. The essential idea is to not simply turn on the PL8R and leave it at that setting; instead, experiment with several brightness settings to find which one best matches your preferences.

Step 4: Experiment with RGB mode and lighting effects to add fun to phone vlogs

The PL8R vlogging light for phone can produce any color in the RGB spectrum, and you can change the hue and saturation using the app or the buttons. You can also use the lighting effects to simulate different scenarios, such as lightning, fire, police, etc. You can adjust the brightness and frequency to get the ideal effect you need. All these can add some drama and fun to your phone vlogs.