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COLBOR CL330 review: What makes it a choice for lighting for YouTubers?

The COLBOR CL330 is a good choice to offer lighting for YouTubers. It offers constant 330W output, making it powerful enough to work as a key light. The Red-Green Color Compensation functions to adjust the Duv value to ensure consistent lighting colors. This avoids weird skin tones and reduces the efforts in post-production. YouTuber NO limits ON has made a review of CL330. check the video and read on to see what he thought about the CL330.

Unboxing: It offers necessary items in lighting kits for YouTubers

The COLBOR CL330 is one of the LED lights for photography studio. It comes in Standard and Lite kits for YouTubers, which differ in including a carrying bag and reflector or not. You can get the following items in the CL330 standard version.

  • CL330: It is a light fixture for YouTubers made of Aluminum Alloy and ABS material. It weighs 2.07kg including the light stand.
  • Power adapter: It includes a wire lanyard for hanging the power adapter on the stand to avoid pulling the cable.
  • Power cord: It is 3m long and has different plug types to fit the outlet in different countries.
  • Reflector: It turns the beam angle to 45° for more concentrated and bright illumination.
  • COB cover: Use it to protect the COB LED beads when the CL330 is not used.
  • NATO extension bar: It helps to mount accessories on the CL330.
  • Carrying bag: You can use it to store all your lighting gears and carry it conveniently with the supplied shoulder strap. There is also a strap on the top to fix the stands.

COLBOR CL330 package list

Red-Green Color Compensation: Key feature that ensures consistent lighting for YouTubers

The CL330 adopts LED beads of four colors. This enables it to adjust the Duv value to shift to red or green tint. This function ensures color consistency and fewer efforts in post-production. “No more weirdly colored skin tones and problems with matching the lights from different manufacturers,” said YouTuber NO limits ON.

Other features that make CL330 one of the best lights for YouTubers

Here are 6 features that make the CL330 one of the best lights for YouTubers.

96+ high CRI: It ensures accurate and natural color reproduction in YouTube videos

CRI, or color rendering index, measures from 0 to 100, based on how accurately it can create light that resembles a natural light source like the sun. In general, the higher the CRI, the more accurate color rendering it produces. The CL330 features a CRI of 96+, which is decent for YouTube video lighting.

The 96+ CRI makes COLBOR CL330 one of good lighting options for YouTubers.

Bowens mount: It accepts standard modifiers to shape and direct YouTube lighting

The CL330 comes with a Bowens mount, which fits most of the modifiers on the market. This allows you to mount modifiers like softbox on the CL330, giving you more options to shape and direct the lighting for YouTubers.

NATO grooves: Extends the accessory options for flexible YouTube recording

The NATO grooves and NATO extension bar bring more flexibility to adding accessories. For example, you can mount the COLBOR VM3 on it, which helps mount the V mount battery to power the CL330.

Lighting effects: Help simulate real-life YouTube video scenes

The COLBOR CL330 has 10 preset lighting effects, including Fire, CCT Chase, Pulsing, TV, Explosion, Faulty Bulb, Welding, Strobe, Lightning, and SOS. All these effects are adjustable at rates, color temperature, and brightness. You can select the target effect and fine-tuning it to achieve the ideal video scene.

Physical and wireless control: It is simple to operate to offer best lighting for novice YouTubers

The CL330 offers a simple-to-operate interface. There are four buttons, two knobs, and an LCD screen at the back. You can adjust the setting by simple press or scrolling and then check the exact setting on the screen. Besides that, you can use the COLBOR Studio App to have wireless control. If you have more than one COLBOR light, you can use the app to have group control. You can also buy the COLBOR CTRL physical controller separately to power on or off the light and adjust the color temperature and brightness.

Low fan noises: No background noise will be captured in the videos

The CL330 offers three temperature-controlling modes. When the Quiet mode is on, the fan noises are low and won’t be captured in your YouTuber videos. This ensures noise-free recording, thus making you a professional YouTuber without distracting noises in the background. Just jump to 1:12 of the video to check the noise test.