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COLBOR PL5 LED small light released

Designed to assist in perfecting lighting effects of photography, LED small light COLBOR PL5 is now available! Featuring good portability and excellent illumination, PL5 satisfies the needs of outdoor and indoor photography.
COLBOR PL5Here are the key features of PL5.
  • Remarkable illumination: 1500Lux, 2700K-6500K color temperature, 95+ high color rendering index
  • Tiny size: 110*65*15mm in size, 110g in weight
  • Strong magnet: Easy to attach to metal surfaces
  • Excellent battery capacity: 2100mAh rechargeable battery
  • Distinct display screen: Clear and comprehensible parameters

Outstanding illumination, compact dimension

With high intensity of illumination up to 1500Lux, LED small light PL5 has two common lighting mode that is suitable for various applications. CCT mode offers 2700K-6500K wide range of color temperature at 0%-100% brightness, allowing users to adjust accordingly. EFF mode offers special lighting effects such as lightning and fire, helping create ideal atmosphere. Moreover, the color rendering index of this led flashlight reaches 95+, which contributes to presenting the natural and real features of a subject.

PL5 also stands out for its compact dimension. This pocket light weighs only 110g, similar to a name card holder. The tiny size of PL5 makes it possible to be carried to anywhere. For those who need to shoot outside for a long time, PL5 is the best LED small light.

Ingenious magnet design, various applications

The back of PL5 is equipped with strong magnet that it can be tightly attached to metal surfaces. For instance, it can be attached to a phone surface. In this way, photographers’ hands can be free from holding a cumbersome light fixture. There are two extension wings on the top of the led torch light, which fits most of the cell phones. It’s worth noting that a cold shoe is embedded between those two wings, allowing users to attach an external microphone. The compatibility of such small LED light makes it suitable for various applications including filming, photographing, and broadcasting.

Excellent battery capacity, comfortable shooting experience

PL5 is equipped with a rechargeable battery of 2100mAh, which enables the led torch to work for about 90 minutes at 100% brightness. Such excellent battery capacity guarantees comfortable experience of outdoor shooting. When its power is running out, a type-C USB cable connected to a computer or portable power source can recharge it.

Distinct display screen, comprehensible parameters

The built-in display screen of this pocket led flashlight is another great feature that can’t be missed. The parameters such as battery life, current brightness and color temperature shown on the display screen are clear and comprehensible. Besides, the display screen supports memory function that users can save the previous settings. With such an intuitive display screen, users can know the current condition of the pocket flashlight and make accurate adjustment according to the needs in real time.

Undoubtedly, such ingenious and portable led light fixture COLBOR PL5 would be a good assistant for filmmakers and photographers.