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Small LED light: top 4 advantages in photography

Small LED light is a type of semiconductor lighting that convert current into light. Although once mainly used for indicator and traffic lights, now it is of more and more popularity in photography. This article is intended to tell you four advantages of this small light.

Small LED light make shooting light and easy

LED light is made into different sizes to meet various needs. For illumination, 5mm size is the first choice. Here the “millimeter” size stands for the diameter.

Thanks to its tiny body, lights made of LED are in compact size and light weight.
Take one of our products, PL5, as an example. This iPhone video light is card-like sized, at only 110*65*15mm and weighs just 110g. Therefore, it is ideal for photographer to bring it since cameras or camcorders take up most of their physical power.

COLBOR LED pocket light PL5

Multiple choice in color temperature

According to the Kelvin temperature scale, temperature ranges from 2700K to 6500K. And color temperature is defined within this range. Specifically speaking, the range from 2700K to 3500K belongs to warm color. Then natural light is between 3500K and 4500K while daylight is in the 3500K to 4500K range. As for cool light, it is from 6000K to 7000K.

In general, small LED video lights have a color temperature from 2700K to 6500K and are dimmable meanwhile. In photography, it is of great importance. Photographers use different color temperatures to tell stories and express emotions. So lighting is significant in this situation. The wide-range color temperature of this tiny light contributes to atmosphere creating.

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Small LED video light help show things faithfully

Naturally speaking, lights are expected to show things naturally. That is what we call the color rendering index, and it is CRI in short.

Though originally the CRI was low, ranging from 60 to 70, small LED lights with CRI 90 are now common as technology developed. And this plays an important role in photography.

The 90 CRI or higher values can help boost the aesthetic appearance that attach importance to color appearance. It is able to show things in a more natural, vivid and faithful way, meeting the need of photography which aims at beauty and reality.

High energy efficiency

Nowadays LED lights decrease the consumption of energy. To produce the same brightness, a conventional light bulb uses five times as much energy as it does. This high energy efficiency makes LED a ideal option. Further more, it owns longer lifetime, literally up to 25 years if used three hours per day.
When it comes to the using in photography, it helps a lot. It is common for photographers to go out shooting, a small LED light with high energy efficiency means they can perfectly finish their job with a full-charged light, not worrying about running out of energy.


Whether you are professional photographers or not, small LED light for photography will be the best light to assist shooting. You can achieve specific shooting effect easily because of its size and weight, multiple choice of color temperature, high color rendering and high energy efficiency.