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Beginner's guide to vlogging light

Vlogging light helps improve video quality, create mood, and reduce the efforts of post-production. According to the device you use to record vlogs, there are lights for phone and camera vlogging. You can choose the best lighting equipment based on your vlog types. To create high-quality vlogs, you need to learn about some common setups and tips. In this article, we will go through the aforementioned information.

What is a vlogging light: Definition and types

Generally speaking, any video light you use to illuminate your vlog video can be called vlog light. It is usually portable especially when it is used for outdoor vlogging. According to the gear to use to record vlogs, vlog light can be divided into two types - light for phone or camera vlogging.

Light for vlogging camera

Consider connecting an LED light for vlogging to your digital camera if you talk directly to the camera or conduct interviews. It will spotlight your face while also softly diffusing light for a visually beautiful finish.

Square and rectangle LED on-camera lights are the most common. They are usually positioned on top of cameras and serve as a continuous light source for subjects in front of them. They can also be placed on stands to provide directional and creative illumination.

There is also vlogging light that can be used off-camera, which is a good choice for vlog studios. It can be a panel, point light, etc. and is manufactured with tungsten, fluorescent, and LED technology.

Vlogging light for phone

Light for phone vlogging usually comes in a compact design that can work in line with your smartphone. It attaches to your mobile phone in one of two ways: one is clipping onto your phone, and the other is attaching to the back of the smartphone using magnetic back or extension wings. Which type to choose depends on your using purpose. For example, if you make selfie vlogs, you will need a vlog light that clips onto the top of the phone to illuminate your face directly.

Best light for vlogging: 3 COLBOR picks for different vlog types

It depends on the vlog types and you need to consider different factors. Therefore, we recommend three COLBOR video lights in this part. They come with some specific features that enable them to work well in some types of vlog videos.

COLBOR CL60: It offers lighting for desk vlogging with flexible placement

COLBOR CL60: It offers lighting for desk vlogging with flexible placement

The COLBOR CL60 is the best studio light for video. It is a good choice to illuminate your desk vlogs. It sizes 140*80*90mm and weighs 550g. The compact design and included light base allow you to mount it on the tripod or light stand and position it anywhere you want. This ensures great illumination even when you shoot desk vlogs from several angles. Besides accepting power from the socket through the power cord, the CL60 also accepts power from V mount battery, PD power bank, and NP-F battery. This feature also adds convenience to flexible placement.

In addition, the 97+ CRI enables the CL60 vlogging light to accurately reproduce the colors of everything in your vlogs. The adjustable color temperature ranges from 2700K to 6500K, so you can set it to various color temperatures to create different moods. This helps convey messages to your vlog viewers and makes the videos more attractive.

The CL60 comes with 10 lighting modes and offers 46 kinds of effects if changing the brightness and rate. Therefore, you can directly add effects to your vlogs when recording without post-production. The wireless App control makes it simple to control the CL60 especially when it is at a distance from you.

COLBOR PL8R: It offers lighting for makeup vlog with wide-range color temperatures and full colors

COLBOR PL8R: It offers lighting for makeup vlog with wide-range color temperatures and full colors

If you record makeup vlogs at home and need a vlogging light to help show the makeup tutorial in low-light conditions and display the final result creatively, the COLBOR PL8R RGB video light can be one of your ideal choices.

The PL8R features a CRI of 98+ so it can reveal the colors of your makeup accurately, which is of great importance for a makeup tutorial. The color temperature is adjustable from 2700K to 9000K. If you want to show how the makeup looks under natural light, you can set it at 5600K to mimic the daylight.

The PL8R can display the makeup creatively. It is an RGB light packing 105 LED beads in the color of Red, Green, and Blue in addition to white and yellow. It offers full-color lighting with adjustable hues, saturation, and brightness. Select a suitable color by using the onboard buttons or app. You can also choose among 37 lighting effects to build the target scene.

COLBOR PL8B: A pocket light to offer best lighting for travel vlog

COLBOR PL8B: A pocket light to offer best lighting for travel vlog

When choosing a light for travel vlog, portability is an important factor to consider. The COLBOR PL8B is a portable light for vlogging that you can use. It is in the dimension of 125x75x17mm and weighs 187g. You can keep it in your pocket and take it to anywhere without any burdens.

The PL8B can be mounted on various devices and gears, offering much flexibility to your travel vlog. If you use camera to record vlogs, you can mount the PL8B on the top of the camera using the 1/4’’ screw hole and cold shoe accessory. It is also feasible to mount it on a tripod to place it anywhere you want. The magnetic back allows the PL8B to attach to metal objects, which somehow frees your hands.

Battery life is another factor to consider for outdoor vlogging. The PL8B comes with a large capacity inbuilt battery of 5000mAh. It can work for 125mins under 100% brightness. If your smartphone runs out of power, it can also work as a power bank with its Type-A DC Output port.

Light setup for vlogging: 3 common setups you can use

You can set up vlogging light according to the lights you have.

One-light setup

Ring light is one of the great options if you want to use one fixture to level up the vlogging setup. It is simple to set up, offers even illumination around your face, and creates appealing catchlights in your eyes. However, it is mounted around the camera so it may limit the lighting positions.

If you want more flexibility, a single softbox light or LED panel can be your choice. You can experiment with various lighting placements and angles to ensure the best results.

Two-light setup

Key and fill lights are required for this setup. Place the most intensive light at roughly 45 degree to the subject. Then place the fill one, which is less powerful, on the other side to balance out the shadows. This is a good option if you have trouble finding the third light for professional 3-point setup.

Three-point lighting for your vlog studio

The 3-point setup is a mainstay in every photography or filmmaking studio. It is simple to set up, yet it is adaptable and flattering. If you want to become a professional vlogger, this will be a necessary setup for studio lighting for vlogging.

As the name suggests, it consists of three lights.

Key light for vlog: It is the main source of illumination and is usually positioned 45º from the camera to the left or right. Make sure it is at the eye level of the subject.

Fill: Fill light for vlog is used to reduce shadows. It is positioned on the opposite side of the camera at the same angle and height as the main illumination but is set at half the intensity. Sometimes you don’t need an actual fixture. A reflector can also do the job.

Backlight: Also known as rim or hair light, it illuminates the subject from behind and separates he/she from the background. It sits on the same side of your camera as the key light but is behind the vlogger and points toward the camera.

Four vlog lighting tips to make your vlogs stand out

Here are four tips that you should follow to better use vlogging light and get high-quality videos.

Make use of windows for best lighting for indoor vlogging

You can make use of the windows in the room when filming during the day. It is advised to shoot videos in front of the window as it will illuminate your face softly and evenly. However, do not take a video in front of a window that is flooded with sunshine since the powerful illumination from the window might cast dark shadows on your face.

Soft light is preferred

Since soft light is more forgiving than harsh light, it is chosen for the majority of video and photography. It reduces the visibility of pores, wrinkles, and other flaws, making skin appear smoother. Generally speaking, the larger the light source compared to the subject, the softer illumination it offers. Therefore, you can enlarge the light source by placing it closer to your subject or using a diffusion panel.

Watch your backlight

Is your subject's face underexposed or too dark? This could occur if your camera is set to auto exposure (AE) and there is a bright light source, such as a window, lamp, or TV behind the subject. This problem can be fixed by dimming, covering, rerouting, or turning off the backlight. As an alternative, you may try switching to the center-weighted exposure metering setting on your camera.

Mind the glare when wearing glasses

Glare may happen when the subject wears glasses and lighting reflects on it. This can distract the viewers of your vlog videos and make your videos appear less professional. Try raising the light and experimenting with the proper placement to avoid glare.