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COLBOR CL Series COB light is optional at 65W and 100W power output and is available at the color temperature of 5600K and 2700-6500K.

COLBOR CL Series COB Light

The COLBOR COB light is a category of chip-on-board LED light that is more focused to build excellent uniformity of brightness. It gives out natural, powerful light, thus creating a bright and pleasing environment perfect for photographers and filmmakers to start their production.
COLBOR, like other COB light manufacturers, makes every effort to conquer every problem encountered in light manufacturing. To date, we have simplified the way the COB light works, created robust and reliable design and fixed the heat generation issue... See what makes the COLBOR COB lights.

Optional Power Output

COLBOR launches several COB lights for filmmaking of different power outputs, including the 100W CL100 and CL100-M, 110W CL100X lineup, and 65W CL60 lineup. The CL100X and CL60 lineups also adopt PowerCube design for combining several fixtures together to create higher power.

Various Color Temperature

Which color temperature to use depends on the need to match the ambient lighting in the scene. The COLBOR CL series provides bi-color and daylight lights for altering visual moods without having to use gels. In addition, the CL60R RGB COB light offers full colors with adjustable saturation and hue ratings. The equipped dials ensure simple adjustment of color temperature and brightness.

Next-Gen Power Supply

COLBOR CL lineup adopts JIMO1.0 Battery Boosting Technology to remove the limitations brought on by bulky power adapters and DC power when shooting outside. They can be powered by the V-mount battery together with a battery plate. Besides that, the CL60 series receive power from PD power bank, NP-F battery, and other mobile power solutions.

Multiple Lighting Control Methods

COLBOR COB light provides several control ways for flexible lighting adjustment. The onboard buttons and dials work together with the display screen to offer visualized physical control. The COLBOR Studio™ App enables wireless control such as light control, group control, and scene customization in addition to OTA intelligent feature for updating light fixtures. The integration of the Matrix Control System enables each COB video light to control other lights when there is a Light Neural network to achieve simultaneous and consistent lighting adjustment.

Preset COB Light Effect

Light video effects improve your video's quality and presentability. Effective light video effects help viewers concentrate on the video's topic and steer them in the proper way. The CL lineup presets several lighting modes which are based on real scenarios to ease the effort of creating lighting moods for specific shooting requirements.

We would like to provide the budget but well-performing COB light source for beginner YouTubers and experienced filmmakers and we hope to work with more like-minded dealers around the world to together chase this forever and ever pursuit. Join us and together make it bigger and stronger.

COLBOR CL100X high power COB LED lights come with rail and chute for combining the lights together.


The COLBOR CL100X lineup video studio light includes bi-color CL100X of 2700K-6500K and daylight 5600K CL100XM. The PowerCube design enables the 110W light to be constructed into a matrix of up to 1100W output.

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COLBOR CL60R compact COB light offers a Bowen-mount adapter to ensure compatibility with Bowen-mount light modifiers.


The COLBOR CL60R is a 65W RGB COB light featuring Sound Recognition, PowerCube Design, and Matrix Control and working with all COLBOR Apps to achieve remote control and updates. 

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COLBOR CL60 COB LED light has buttons and dials for on-board adjustment.


The COLBOR CL60 is a bi-color high CRI COB LED that features variable color temperature from 2700K to 6500K with an impressive CRI rating of 97+. With its ultra compact size, you can create your powerful lighting studio on the move.

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COLBOR CL60M portable COB LED light for photography provides a Bowen-mount adapter, a reflector, and a light base for convenient and flexible lighting setup.


The COLBOR CL60M is a 5600K COB light fixture with constant lighting output. With its capability and performance, you can record or shoot your wonderful lives with the portable powerful light.

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COLBOR CL100 bi-color COB light features a unique fin and groove structure that allows for quicker heat dissipation.


The bi-color COB LED light COLBOR CL100 is a 100W light source with variable color from 2700-6500K and ≧97 CRI. The portability in power supply and compactness in construction are keys for its being a welcome addition to the kit for mobile filming. 

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COLBOR CL100M COB video light is in the square compact design and comes with a light base for convenient mounting.


The COLBOR CL100-M is a 100 watt daylight balanced LED light of 5600K color temperature and ≧97 CRI. With creative portable power supply and compact construction of 1.1kg, it is a perfect solution for outdoor shooting.  

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