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Why do you need TikTok background light?

You can begin with your smartphone to make a mark and grow your audience on TikTok. However, there is significantly more involved. How your TikTok videos look can greatly influence whether the TikTok users want to see your videos or not. The lighting is crucial in this aspect to create the mood. That’s why TikTok background light comes into play in video creation. In this article, we will focus on its benefits, what types of TikTok videos need it, and how to set it up.

COLBOR CL60R is a good choice for TikTok background light to create purple and other colors of background lighting.

Five benefits of background lighting in TikTok videos

Background lighting brings the following benefits to your TikTok videos:

It creates depth and dimension.

Proper backdrop lighting creates depth as well as dimension in your TikTok videos by separating you or your subjects from the background. It adds a feeling of visual distinction, making the video more attractive and professional.

It can enhance visual interest.

It can increase the visual appeal of your TikTok videos. By illuminating the background with varied colors or patterns, you may create an intriguing and eye-catching backdrop that will attract TikTok users.

TikTok background lighting helps build the mood and atmosphere.

It creates the right ambiance and tone for your TikTok videos. Different lighting strategies, such as warm tones for a comfortable atmosphere or cold tones for a futuristic look, may be used to elicit various emotions and improve the overall narrative.

It emphasizes certain props or set design.

In TikTik videos, background lighting may draw attention to any props or well-designed set you may have used in your TikTok videos. You may enhance the overall visual effect by drawing attention to particular items or features by strategically lighting selected background pieces.

It makes TikTok videos look pro and stand out from others.

Well-executed backdrop lighting may make your TikTok videos appear more professional and polished. It indicates that you have put work into the production value. TikTok is a platform with millions of users and numerous videos. Creative backdrop lighting may make your footage stand out from the others, which is the same when you use background lighting for YouTube videos.

What types of TikTok videos need background light?

While TikTok background light may improve the visual attractiveness of most TikTok videos, there are specific video types where it is especially useful:

Dance and performance videos: Background lighting can create a lively and bright mood for dance and performance videos. It contributes to an appealing backdrop that matches the movements and provides depth to the overall visual display.

Makeup tutorials: Background lighting is commonly utilized in makeup tutorials to provide appropriate visibility and accent the makeup details. It allows viewers to see the colors, textures, and makeup techniques more clearly, which increases the tutorial's instructional value.

Fashion showcases: When presenting fashion products or outfits, backdrop lighting can improve the video's attractiveness. It highlights the apparel, accessories, or even the model, making them visually appealing and drawing TikTok users' attention.

Product demonstrations: When advertising a product or displaying its features, backdrop lighting may assist create a visually appealing and professional setting. It helps viewers focus on the product while also giving the video a professional appearance.

Storytelling and vlogs: Background lighting may improve the tone and narrative of storytelling videos or vlogs. Using various lighting methods and colors, you may create distinct moods or settings that improve the entire storytelling experience.

DIY and crafting videos: Background lighting is important in DIY and crafts TikTok videos to help viewers see the materials, DIY steps, and finished product clearly. It improves visibility of subtle details and adds a visually appealing touch to the creative process.

An example of using COLBOR CL60R to create background lighting for TikTok videos.

How to set it up?

Setting up TikTok background light involves a few key steps:

Determine your target look: Choose the ideal look and atmosphere you wish to achieve with your TikTok background light. Consider if you want warm or cold tones, bright or subdued hues, or any special lighting effects. Here are 3 effects that you can achieve.

  • Color Wash: Apply colored gels or light filters to your background light to wash the background in a certain hue or create a gradient effect. Or you can use an RGB LED light and select the target lighting color. This might assist set the tone or complement the concept of your video.
  • Accent Lighting: Use additional lights to emphasize certain elements in the backdrop, such as props, artwork, or textures. This highlights the elements and provides depth to the overall composition.
  • Diffusion: Use diffusion materials or panels to soften the light and get more attractive and even lighting on the backdrop. This helps to avoid sharp shadows and hotspots.

Assess the space: Evaluate the area where you will be filming your TikTok videos. Check the available lighting sources, natural lighting conditions, and any potential constraints or challenges to your lighting setup.

Choose suitable lighting equipment: Determine the appropriate lighting equipment depending on the TikTok video vision and shooting space. You may need LED lights, softboxes, reflectors, gels, or other lighting accessories. It is advised to use adjustable and portable video lights for TikTok videos.

Position the TikTok light properly: Determine how to position the TikTok background light. Place them strategically to create the desired lighting effect in the background. Consider the lighting distance, angle, and height to get the ideal mood.

You can experiment with the background light for TikTok videos and use it creatively to get more possibilities. It is critical to strike a balance between the lighting on the subject and the backdrop, ensuring that both are appropriately lit without one overwhelming the other. Just Start and keep practicing to achieve the target visual impact in your TikTok videos.