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Why and how to get LED film lighting kit?

LED film lighting kit includes LED film lighting sources and other tools that are needed in filmmaking like light stands and softboxes. It is more flexible, durable, and energy-efficient compared to other types of lighting kits. In this article, we will talk about its advantages over other film lighting kits and tell how to build your own kit with COLBOR products.

COLBOR LED film lighting kit is used to illuminate a short film of music.

What are its advantages over other types of film lighting kits?

LED film lighting kits offer several benefits compared to other types of film lighting kits, such as traditional tungsten or fluorescent lighting:

Energy efficiency: Filming LED lights consume less energy than traditional lighting choices, which can assist cut power expenses during film production.

Durability: LEDs are more robust and long-lasting than conventional lights, requiring less replacements and upkeep.

Heat generation: It generates less heat, making it safer to use and lowering the danger of overheating during extended filming sessions.

Color accuracy: LEDs can produce a broad variety of colors with great color accuracy, making it easier for filmmakers to create the target lighting effects.

Portability: LEDs tend to be smaller and lighter than traditional lighting solutions, making them easier to move and install on-site.

Dimmable: There is smart LED dimmable filming light kit on the market, allowing filmmakers to simply modify the intensity of the light without the use of extra equipment.

Overall, it is a more affordable, efficient, and flexible lighting option for filmmakers than traditional lighting solutions.

Video tutorial: 2 ideas for building your LED film lighting kit with COLBOR products

There are already set LED lighting kits on the market for you to choose from. However, sometimes they will consist of some tools that you don’t really need in filmmaking. If you have special needs and want to have a kit that works for your film production perfectly, it will be a good idea to invest in the necessary equipment and build a kit. Here is the recommended film led lighting kit that consists of COLBOR products.

Best LED light kit for film production to have a 4-point lighting setup

Video by David Zhou

In this video, the YouTuber David Zhou includes the following film lighting equipment in his LED film lighting kit.

The CL220 here works as the key light to illuminate the subject. It is used with the BP65 softbox to offer soft and even lighting, set at 5600K color temperature to look natural, and placed on one side of the subject. One of the CL60R is also used with the softbox, set at 5600K temperature to avoid mixing color temperature, and placed on the other side to eliminate harsh shadows. The other two work as the back and background lights to separate the subject from the background, adding depth and dimension to the scene.

LED light kit for film offering flexible lighting placement

Video by Mark Wiemels

This kit is made up of the following tools:

  • A COLBOR CL220 LED constant light
  • Four COLBOR PL8R RGB video lights
  • A COLBOR BP65 65cm parabolic softbox
  • A light stand for holding the CL220 in place

In this setup, the COLBOR CL220 is also the key light to mainly illuminate the subject. The bi-color option allows it to match the ambient lighting in any environment. It is set at 5500K here and used with the BP65 softbox that is attached with a grid to avoid lighting spill to the background. The PL8R is designed with a magnetic back, offering much possibility and flexibility to the light placement. In this video, for example, the YouTuber Mark Wiemels attaches them to the metal shelves to offer overhead hair lighting and background lighting. This makes him stand out from the background and adds more interest to the whole filming setup.


Can I add a remote control to my COLBOR LED film lighting kit?

Yes. The COLBOR CTRL1 remote control is available for COLBOR CL Series lights except for CL100 and CL100-M. You can use it to turn on and off the fixtures, and adjust the brightness, color temperatures, hue, and saturation based on the lighting types. This is a good complement to wireless app control when you have set everything right before and want to make a slight adjustment without moving out the frame.

What softbox to use if I have several COLBOR lights combined?

COLBOR CL60, CL60M, CL60R, and CL100X have NATO rails and grooves on their bodies. This allows these LED lights for filming kits to be combined to create a unit of higher power output. In this way, standard softboxes cannot be used to soften the filming lighting of this unit. The COLBOR ModuFrame SE 60x60 softbox is specially designed for this setup. It can be used with a 2-, 3-, and 4-light unit.