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Is it good to use LED lights for wedding photography?

Wedding photography is more than just finding the ideal camera angles and positions for your couple. More significantly, it's about the light, since outstanding lighting is what distinguishes an image from the crowd. In this article, we will focus on using LED lights for wedding photography and explore some common questions.

COLBOR CL220 LED light for wedding photography mounts on the stand and has a handle for grip.

Are LED lights good for wedding photography?

Definitely yes, since it performs several functions. Let us have a look at some of them.

LEDs are available in a variety of intensities and hues.

Instead of adjusting your camera settings and prepping for your shooting, you may select the LED illumination that best suits your needs. LED photography lights are available in either daylight or tungsten balance, as well as bi-color.

By using the proper LED illumination, you may capture colors that appear undeniably more than they do, saving you time in post-production. Many LEDs are also dimmable and may be lighted up or turned off by the controller, providing you with more control over the brightness.

LED lights consume far less power and last significantly longer.

LED lighting for wedding photography converts 80% of the power they utilize into light, which is a significant increase above ordinary tungsten's 20% competence. A LED lamp that produces the same amount of light as three 300w tungsten bulbs uses only a fraction of the electricity of a single 300w tungsten bulb.

Furthermore, LEDs have a long lifespan. You may go a long period without replacing them, suggesting that you are emitting far less garbage into the environment. They require no maintenance and last for more than 25,000 hours before needing to be replaced.

LED lights for wedding photography enable you to see the light

If you want to see how the light looks with speedlights and strobes, you must take many test photographs. However, with continuous LED lights, you can see exactly how it appears and how it changes as you alter it. They might be a wonderful "bridge" to utilizing off-camera flash if you're new to artificial lighting.

What are the benefits of using battery powered LED video lights for weddings?

Typical, battery powered LED video lights bring the following benefits to wedding photography.

They're much more mobile. You may use it wherever you like because it does not need to be adjacent to a power supply outlet to function normally.

There's no power cable to get in the way. They do not have unsightly power cords. As a consequence, it looks better while also being more practical. There is no requirement for a nearby power outlet to activate the light, so you may place it wherever you like without worrying about the power cord being tangled.

They save your time. You will save a lot of time setting up these fixtures, running wires, and connecting power cords because they do not require any hookups.

How to use LED lights for wedding reception photography?

Below are some steps to follow when using LED lights for wedding photography.

Access the environment and then place LED fixtures properly

When you're setting up, consider the position of all of your lights. They can be set at 45-degree angles in corners towards the center of the room. Pay attention to other workers' illumination and change yours accordingly.

Match color temperature with the room light

You can adjust the color temperature for indoor weddings and set up the white balance on your camera to match the light hue to avoid mixing color temperatures. Therefore, it is a good choice to invest in LED lights with variable color temperatures. For example, you can use the COLBOR CL220. It is a 220W LED constant light for photography available at bi-color model at 2700-6500K color temperature. You can adjust it to match any room color. Besides that, it features 85 tungsten SSI and TM-30 index of Rf94 and Rg102+ at 3200K. This ensures accurate color reproduction for the wedding photography.

Utilize light modifiers

For additional directional control and less light leakage, use a diffuser or bounce card.

You can control LED lights for wedding photography with your hand

Generally, the best LED light for wedding video and photography allows you to control the lighting via an App or a remote controller when you are distant from the fixture. Use this kind of equipment and adjust the setting flexibly to create outstanding wedding photography.

Talk with the DJ about his or her lighting arrangement

Prepare for moments where the DJ will employ extra or excessive illumination (for example, the couple's arrival). Increase the intensity and decrease the ISO to reduce the amount of ambient illumination in your image.

Find the best location to photograph the couple

Consider your position in regard to the couple. Find the ideal lighting by positioning yourself in a location where there will be no direct light or needless things in your photo.

Adjust the settings of your camera

After experimenting to find the right settings, dial them in to strike a balance between the illumination and camera controls. Increase the ISO until you get the ideal amount of light in your photographs in low-light circumstances.