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How to choose the best LED light for wedding video?

Wedding videography is not only about finding the best camera angles. Lighting is also important in capturing wedding footage to preserve these special moments. LED lights are gaining increasing popularity. The best LED light for wedding video is compact, doesn’t create much heat, reproduces colors accurately, and features adjustable color temperatures and brightness. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the best light fixture for shooting wedding videos, the reasons why COLBOR CL220 is a good choice, and how to use it to get high-quality videos.

COLBOR CL220 has a Bowens mount for attaching a softbox to offer soft lighting for wedding videos.

How to choose the best LED light for wedding video: 6 factors to consider

There are 6 factors to consider for the best LED light for wedding video to ensure capture the meaningful moments of the couples. These factors include CRI, color temperature, Dimmability, Portability, power options, and cooling noises. Read on to see why they are essential.

CRI: Look for LED lights with a high CRI, preferably 95 or above, to ensure correct color reproduction in wedding videos.

Adjustable Color Temperature: Choose LED lights with adjustable color temperature to complement the ambient illumination at the wedding site. Lights ranging from warm (e.g., 2700K) to cool (e.g., 6500K) are suitable for a variety of shooting scenarios.

Dimmability: Choose dimmable LED lights so you may change the light intensity and create the ideal ambiance for various scenes during the wedding.

Portability: Consider the portability, especially if you need to move around the wedding venue. Look for lightweight solutions that allow for flexible installation, such as mounting on light stands or attaching to camera rigs.

Battery Life and Power Options: If you plan to film in areas without easy access to power outlets, pick LED lights with long-lasting batteries or rechargeable batteries for longer use.

Silent Fans: If you're utilizing high-power LED lights, be sure they have silent fans to reduce distracting noise during the ceremony or reception.

By taking these aspects into account, you can choose the best LED light for wedding video, resulting in stunning, well-lit footage that captures the important moments of the day.

Video review: Why move to COLBOR CL220 LED constant light for wedding videography?

The YouTuber Myong | Camera to Freedom works in wedding videography, photography, and other content creation projects. He makes a video review of the COLBOR CL220 LED constant light and recommends the CL220 as an LED lighting option to use in wedding videography. Here are some reasons he mentions.

It is one of the battery powered LED video lights for weddings

“What makes this so great is that it can operate with a battery”, said Myong | Camera to Freedom. With the COLBOR VM3 and the supplied NATO extension bar, you can mount the V mount battery on the CL220’s body and offer a power supply. There are no cords running to the wall. You could if you wanted, but you're not required to. This is especially important for wedding videography since there is generally a large crowd near the lights, and any cord connecting the light to the wall may cause a lighting stand accident.

It doesn’t get hot and has low cooling fan noises

The COLBOR CL220 carries an intelligent temperature control system to cool the fixture properly. This ensures optimal working status during continuous wedding video shooting. In addition, the cooling fan noise is at a low level, which is 28dB (±2dB) at 1m (*lab date). “This (CL220) does a great job with the fan noise being on very minimal”, according to the YouTuber Myong | Camera to Freedom. You won’t capture annoying cooling noises in the wedding videos.

App control is available and is simple to connect and operate

The CL220 can be controlled by the COLBOR Studio App. This means that you can use your smartphone to turn on or off and adjust the light. In most cases, the LED light for wedding video will be mounted on the light stand and placed high to shine down on the couple. Therefore, app control is necessary in this situation since it is hard to reach. According to Myong, it is simple to pair the CL220 with the app. It is normal that when you walk away from the fixture, the connection is disabled. However, they will reconnect immediately when you are close to the fixture.

How to use LED light for wedding videos?

Here are some simple tips about placement, lighting quality, color temperature, brightness, and lighting control.

Place it properly and point it down toward the couple

Place the LED lights strategically to highlight important areas such as the altar, stage, or dance floor. The key is to place it high so it can point down towards the bride and groom. This eliminates the issue of blinding the couples and guests and allows you to capture special moments without disturbing the ceremony procedure.

Use modifiers to offer soft LED lighting for wedding video recording

Use softboxes, diffusers, or bounce cards to soften the intensity of the LED light and avoid harsh shadows on the subjects. This will help create a flattering and romantic atmosphere for the wedding video. If you use the CL220, you can also buy a soft sheet to place it in front of the supplied reflector of the CL220, just as the YouTuber Myong | Camera to Freedom does, to soften the illumination.

Set proper intensity and color temperature to create target wedding atmosphere

The best LED light for wedding video should have adjustable color temperature to produce a natural look and fit the ambient lighting conditions. Warmer color temperatures (like 3200K) can provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for indoor weddings, while cooler color temperatures (like 5600K) could be more suited for outdoor or daylight situations. As for the brightness level, it is advised to set it at a proper level that can illuminate the subject while not overwhelming the wedding lighting. For example, setting the CL220 at 5% of power output is adequate, according to Myong | Camera to Freedom.

Use the mobile app to control the LED wedding lighting

You may occasionally need to adjust the brightness or color temperature of your lights. With strobes, you normally use a remote attached to the camera. With LEDs, you utilize an app.

The COLBOR Studio App allows you to adjust the brightness and temperature. It also allows you to adjust the lights to zero brightness. This is handy for saving battery life while the lights are not in use. You may position the lights, switch them on, and then set them to zero power until they are needed for illumination.