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What to notice when choosing a handheld photography light?

As handheld photography light is a very popular choice for people who wish to try out portrait photography, cosplay shooting, vlogging, video conference and so on, an increasing number of people prefer to record or shoot life anytime and anywhere.


Handheld photography light is a portable light, which, via artificial light, can affect a wide range of aspects in your final image, including clarity, tone, emotion, and a lot more. It can also make up for the shortcomings of natural light.

Speaking of artificial light, many portable lights for photography are now available on the market. But today I would like to share some wonderful portable battery powered photography lighting that you may not know. Do you know what major aspects should be paid attention to when choosing a handheld photography light? This will give you a comprehensive answer.

Four aspects you should know when choosing a handheld photography light

There are many alternatives for different handheld led photography lights, and it can be challenging to know which one is best for you. You must consider the kind of photography you'll use it for, the kinds of settings you'll shoot in, and the kinds of outcomes you want.

In this part, four aspects have been summarized that you need to look out for to ensure you choose the best small led light for photography possible. 

Portability and lightweight size

For a small photography light, the main thing you need to look for is its portability, ultra-compact size, and light weight. It seems clear, right? Many portable lights can be attached onto the phone or camera like COLBOR PL5, so they are very flexible and you can almost forget about them while shooting.

Frequently, these portable video lights or small selfie lights can be mounted onto stands, giving you additional options for the setup you desire.LED pocket light -COLBOR PL5

Make sure your camera is compatible with the type of adapter that your photography lighting equipment has. If not, there are several adapters available. However, they would likely cost more.

The weight of the light is another aspect that affects portability. Handheld lights should be as light as feasible without compromising their structural integrity or durability.

You must make sure that the YouTube camera light you select is cozy for you. It should be mounted to your camera such that it is completely out of the way. If you're always fiddling with the light or it's tiring your arm out, it might be a hint that you need a smaller, lighter light.

LED lights and brightness

Reasonably, a photography light should be responsible for illuminating the scene you wish to capture. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the light you select has the appropriate level of power and brightness.

The majority of small portable lights have adjustable brightness, which means that you can dim down the output as necessary. However, not all lights have an extra-luminous compact led panel light that increases brightness. It depends on the kind of illumination you want, but it's wise to double-check.

Some small portable LED lights have bi-color LED lights, meaning that there is more freedom in the color of the light because half of the LEDs are white and the other half are yellow.

The ability to regulate the temperature, which is necessary for music video light as well, will be a professional feature, so you should confirm this as well. Additionally, if the package includes one or two light filters, it will greatly improve your photography's adaptability.

Battery life

When you’re out and about with a portable camera light, the last thing you want is a dead battery to limit your shooting time.

It suggests that you should always check to see whether the handheld light includes a battery life indicator, a button with a flashing light to alert you when the light is running low on power. As a result, you may be ready to take the final shots you want to prioritize.

On the basis of the type of light, it may contain a lithium battery that can be recharged, regular batteries that need to be changed periodically, specialized battery technology that supplies consistent power, or it might plug directly into the camera.

Your choice will depend on your particular preferences and the intended use of the item. For instance, the JIMO1.0 Battery Boosting Technology is an exclusive power solution provided by COLBOR portable video light to relieve the restrictions caused by the cumbersome power adapter and the DC power in outdoor shooting.Handheld photography light

Accessories and additional features

Similar to any other product, the more you invest in photography lights, the more you’re likely to acquire. However, there is still the possibility of more affordable choices. High quality is accessible with the proper accessories and features.

A distant remote control, such as the COLBOR Studio App, is one of the most helpful features and is always a bonus since it allows you to tinker with the settings without having to fumble with the small light's controls.

Another accessory that will be quite useful and handy is a carrier or storage bag for the light. Since it’s a portable battery powered photography light, it won't be permanently installed in a room.

Not many handheld lights will feature a stand, but if they do, that's another excellent option since it will provide you with even more flexibility in using your light.

Specifications comparison between COLBOR lights

Since the applications of portable photography lights vary from case to case, choosing a light should depend on your preference. If you’re going to participate in indoor activities like interviews or product shooting, the PL series would be better for you. Conversely, if you’re about to do some outdoor activities, the CL series would be better for you.

COLBOR Product

Color Temperature

Battery Type

Battery Capacity




V-Lock battery & battery plate COLBOR VBS





V-Lock battery & battery plate COLBOR VBS




2700K-6500K (±100K)

Plug-in charge (Type-C)





Built-in Lithium Battery /DC Power Supply




Handheld photography light is one way to obtain high-quality photos that will make your product stand out. Choosing the right light can make you more effective in shooting and recording!