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Top 5 reasons for using LED photography light

LED photography light, or LED video light, is a continuous light source which changes the lighting right at the source to reappear the light as how human eyes perceive. It usually comes with a compact size to be carried around in the carry bag.

COLBOR CL100 LED light for night photography comes with fin and groove structure.

Why using LED light for photography is important?

Are LED lights good for photography? In the case of video and film production, due to the inaccurate reproduction of cameras towards lights in contrast to human eyes, professional video lighting is crucial. Besides, a human eye is well-developed to perceive the determinative details and lighting differentiation which cameras fail to capture. Therefore, additional lighting serves as a prerequisite to acquire a comparable effect for the definition of videos or films as human eyes do.

The following factors will give a further explanation on the importance of LED photography light.

Reason 1: To see the light directly

Generally speaking, it takes couple of test shots when using strobes or speedlights to really try out the satisfying output. If you demand a check on “real-time” effects and the variations among modified shots, you should use the LED continuous light for food photography and suchlike. Its proper use is going to help you to make professional shooting.

Reason 2: To capture more colors in the eyes

When used with video light, the iris of eyes can be seen better for the pupils will stay contracted, and more details of the iris and the color of eyes can be captured.

Reason 3: To use the color temperature as tungsten or daylight

If a bi color LED is selected, it is optional to adjust the color temperature range, from 3200K to 5500K, acquiring the effect as tungsten or daylight. Besides, it is possible to match the lighting with existing ambient lighting in a more efficient and precise way.

Reason 4: To serve dual purposes

Whether it is in photography production or video production, LED panel light for photography can play its role nice and properly.

Reason 5: Effective cinematography

Another useful way to use the LED light for video shooting is to set the tone for video or photography.

When properly used, you can create a greater contrast, achieving artistic flare or imitating different time of the day. Even more, the subjects can be portrayed to seem sad, frightened, innocent or beautiful other than they actually look.

Surprisingly, you can also use LED lights for product photography  as they provide steady power and a constant light source.

Practical uses

1. To find the perfect lighting indoors

When making videos indoors, try to face a window during daytime. Under ideal condition, standing in front of the window can help obtain balanced lighting that is diffused and soft. Avoid the sunlight which is too harsh for it will create shadows on face, probably resulting in squinting.

On the other hand, a lamp - either a desktop light or a professional LED photography light - gives the perfect lighting for indoor video-making during nighttime. Although it does not require to be in complicated design, you should make sure that it emits divergent light, which gives soft lighting while reducing shadows, and that it should be placed in front of you in a level angle or slight above your face.

2. Use LED light for outdoor photography to get suitable lighting

In the case of outdoor videoing under the “evil” bright sun, seek for a proper spot in the shade. Escape from harsh sunlight which would cause sharp shadows and weird expressions.

If the outdoor is made under the moon, find a street lamp but do not go too far from it to leave unpleasing shadow on your face and distract viewers from the necessary eye contact for a video. If necessary, an on camera video light would help a lot.

3. To be careful with backlight

Making use of backlight properly will give the feeling of artistic and cinematic but is too much for a home-made video. If the backlight is stronger, it is possible that your camera would automatically expose to it instead of you, therefore, in case that your face would be buried in the dark shadow, reduce the backlight.


Whether the LED light would work for you and your photography work really depends on you. If you still feel confused, then see:

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