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Something you should know about LED COB light

What is a LED COB light?

LED COB light, with COB standing for “Chip-on-Board”, is a type of LED which consists of an array of LED chips mounted on a substrate such as silicon carbide. It features compactness, energy efficiency and outstanding uniformity of brightness, which makes it gain popularity from photographers and filmmakers.

COLBOR CL100 COB LED light fixture is used with a light modifier to light up the scene.


1. Homogeneous luminosity

Compared to other LED, COB light produces excellent uniformity of light. The beam it sends out is concentrated and clean. If it is used to create some special shadow effect, the outline of the shadow will be more distinct than that of other LED.

2. Compactness

COB chip LED light consists of multiple diodes which are mounted on a single substrate. The gap between each diode is narrow. Such design reduces the volume of it and makes it convenient to be utilized for various applications.

3. Energy efficiency

Compared with other types of LED, COB LED light has greater energy efficiency that it has a brighter light output but consumes less energy.

COB LED pocket light merits

1. Durable
The thermal resistance of COB LED is low, which guarantees conductivity, reliability and life span. Because the LED chips are directly mounted on the substrate, spot welding is unnecessary, which means, the failure rate of the light is reduced. In general, the design make it durable.

2. Good lighting effect
Composed of mounted LED chips, COB LED array appears as a single light source. It offers high intensity and homogeneous luminosity. Comparing with other types of LED, the homogeneous luminosity of it is remarkable. For those who require high standard lighting effect, LED COB light is a great option.

3. Energy-saving
Compared with other LED, LED COB light consumes less energy when sending out same lumens of brightness.

4. Space-saving
The circuit configuration of cob package effectively saves spaces.

5. Simple installation
LED chip on board have only one circuit and two contacts for the whole chip. Thus, the installation of it is convenient.

Drawbacks: Heat dissipation issue

Although LED COB light performs well in homogeneous luminosity and energy efficiency, it has a considerable shortage that its heat dissipation is an issue. Because all of the light’s LED chips converge on a single substrate, it generates a lot of heat when providing powerful lighting. If the heat accumulates constantly, it will take a toll on the light’s running status. Besides, active cooling may make a noise, which be an issue for filmmakers who need to record sound. Therefore, to guarantee the smooth operation and reduce the breakdown, an excellent heat sink is needed when the light is working.


COB LED light source is appropriate for various outdoor and indoor lighting applications. It can be applied for universal illumination in industrial, residential, architectural and others. For instance, it can be used as street light, spot light, and strip light. The homogeneous luminosity of it enables it to play a crucial role in filmmaking and photographing.

Why choose the COB LED video light?

1. Flexibility
The compactness of chip on board LED array provides ease for utilizing it in different places. The traditional DIP light is cheap but bulky. Compared to DIP light, it is more portable and flexible for outdoor applications.

2. Outstanding light effect
The high intensity and homogeneous luminosity of chip on board can provide users good experience. It meets the need of high standard lighting applications.

3. Simplified installation
COB LED light panel requires only one circuit and two contacts for the whole chip while SMD light requires one circuit for each diode contained in the chip. Such circuit configuration enables it to be installed without striking a blowing.

How to choose a LED COB light?

To choose a LED video light panel like COB LED panel, here are some of the factors you need to care about.

  • Light output: Light output is determined by the lumens of a light. The higher the number of lumens, the brighter light can be seen.
  • Lighting mode: Nowadays, there are various COB LED lights in the market. Some of them are capable of changing lighting modes according to different requirement of scenes.
  • Power supply: Before purchasing the light, it is necessary to identify its power supply requirement. A stable power supply is needed if the light is portable.
  • Internal cooling device: For the reason that COB LED chips produces a large amount of heat, a good heat sink is essential.