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Dimmable LED video light: 6 benefits you must know

LED light is a novel and versatile light source that has gained increasing popularity in the photography and filmmaking industry. However, modern photographers and filmmakers seek products that are more than just fixed, color-correct, and high CRI LEDs. The ability to dynamically adjust the LED lighting on the scene is essential to the fluctuating ambient illumination conditions and erratic DP instructions. In other words, a dimmable LED video light that supports adjustment of brightness, color temperature, etc. is a must. In general, it offers the following benefits.

COLBOR CL60 COB LED light is dimmable at brightness and color temperature, which can be adjusted via App.

1. Dimmable video light enables you to adjust color temperature for different scenes.

Your video might be impacted by color temperature in two main ways. The creative element comes first, where the hue of the LED video light affects the scene's atmosphere. On the technical side, you must control the color temperature to achieve uniformity throughout your scene.

From a creative standpoint, the light temperature you select for your films and the sort of lighting you use, such as floods or backlighting, may give your work a whole new vibe. As a result, you might choose something warmer and softer or colder and tougher.

Your footage will have a warm, soft glow from golden hours filming that might feel uplifting, fun, or romantic. Use a diffusion filter in combination with this warmer tone to create a dreamy, floating effect.

If you use a cooler light, you can be implying a harsher environment, such as one that is more industrial or clinical. For reference, the temperature of "neutral" light is around 5,500K.

Technically speaking, achieving a proper white balance requires understanding the color temperature. Our cameras, however, are not as skilled at compensating for changes in color temperature and their effect on various hues as our eyes are. In order to establish the proper white balance and offer the desired lighting color, they need to know what the temperature of the light in a scene is. Without it, your video may have casts of magenta or cyan, too much blue or orange, or both.

2. Video LED light dimmable at brightness ensures right tone for photography

The overall tone of your photos and videos is influenced by the light intensity. Most of the time, you want just the right amount of light so that the picture is neither too light nor too dark. Many dimmable LED lights for video can be lowered or brightened by onboard or remote control, which allows you to have more control over the brightness to achieve ideal lighting intensity for the shooting.

3. It allows you to see lighting as you compose your shot

Only when you press the shutter does a flash let forth a powerful flash of light. But with a dimmable LED video light, you can see how much light is required and adjust lighting in video as needed while setting the scene. By doing this, you may avoid making a lot of mistakes and get an understanding of what you need straight immediately. The low heat makes it feasible to place an LED panel near the subject you are filming without running the danger of discomfort or harm.

4. LED video lighting runs cool

Many of us have been in studios where the heat produced by traditional lighting rapidly becomes intolerably hot. During the shooting process, adjustable LED video light makes talent and photographers more at ease. And it has more fascinating features than only improving the comfort of the space.

When compared to normal bulbs, which are hotter, it is cooler. A typical light cannot be placed in a tight area; however, an LED light can. Without burning, gels can be clipped to them. Additionally, running cool eliminates or drastically reduces the need for a cool-down period after a shoot, allowing you to utilize your time more effectively.

5. Dimmable LED video light helps transit from photo to video seamlessly

Using an LED light kit, you can simply record both still photos and video footage on a set without the need for additional equipment setup. You can enjoy working with a simpler equipment setup and leave your flashes at home by carefully adjusting your light location to get excellent portrait lighting on your subject AND lighting the entire area. Continuous lighting is required for video production.

6. It uses far less electricity and is long-lasting

80% of the energy used by LED video light panel is converted into light; this is a significant gain over the 20% efficiency of traditional tungsten lighting. Less than half the energy is required by an LED light that produces the same amount of light as three 300w tungsten lamps. You are helping the environment and easing your financial burden because the majority of the country still relies on fossil fuels for energy.

LEDs also have a long lifespan. Since you can go years before replacing them, you are creating far less waste for the environment. The lifespan of an LED light is above 25,000 hours, making maintenance for them essentially unnecessary.


There is no one-stop solution to outfit your photography and videography to achieve professional lighting results. However, with the help of dimmable LED video light, you can gradually assemble a high-quality setup without going over budget.