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Budget LED lights for video: Top 4 picks at COLBOR

These days, lighting is the only factor in video production that is more crucial than a superb 4K camera and clean audio. It affects moods, shows or conceals details, and makes the shooting objects appear at its best. If you're a filmmaking fresher seeking for budget LED lights for video, this post is right for you! We list four choices in this article and make sure to discuss the unique features and prices of each product in order to make it simple for you to pick the option that best meets your creative demands. A comparison chart of all the lights mentioned is shown at the end of the article. Keep reading to find out more information.

Four best budget LED video lights recommended at COLBOR

COLBOR has launched a line of LED video light to meet various video recording requirements. The following are four products recommended. They are different in power output and color temperature, and perform better in specific scenarios than each other. Read on to have an overall understanding of them and try to find one that suits your filmmaking.

CL60M - 60W COB LED light fixture with cube matrix design for higher power output

COLBOR CL60M 60W COB LED light fixture with cube matrix design for higher power output

The COLBOR CL60M can be the video lighting equipment for any situation, from product videos to wedding photos. Packing 60W COB LED beads, this model offers remarkable brightness and reliable quality with a CRI of 97+ and 5600K color temperature.

COLBOR PowerCube allows you to convert the compact CL60M into a powerful light by sliding them in together, which can generate up to 650W of power. The CL60M has wide compatibility with Bowens-mount modifiers. You can rapidly switch it into a harsh or soft light if you have adaptive equipment for multi-scene filming.

The CL60M is a wise choice for your mobile studio. It receives a variety of power supply, including PD adapters, PD power banks, and portable power sources like V Mount batteries and NP-F batteries.


  • 5600K color temperature
  • 97+ CRI
  • 0% -100% adjustable brightness
  • 7 preset lighting FX
  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Physical and App control
  • Bowens mount compatibility
  • Light Neural Networks for controlling 7 lights at the same time

CL100 - Bi-color 100W COB video light for studio and location photography

COLBOR CL100 Bi-color 100W COB video light for studio and location photography

The COLBOR CL100 is a multi-function LED light for video shooting that will fit almost every production and provide film studio lighting that looks natural with its 97+ CRI and 2700-6500K color temperature.

To get rid of bulky power adapter and the restriction of DC power for outdoor filming, COLBOR introduces an exclusive power solution, JIMO1.0 Battery Boosting Technology. It provides the essential voltage of drive for the CL100 with a portable V-Lock battery and a miniature battery plate COLBOR VBS.

The CL100 adopts a smart temperature control system to adjust the working temperature in real time. When the light cooling fan is operating in Smart mode, the mechanical noise is roughly 25dB. If Quiet mode is on, the figure would drop to about 10dB.


  • 2700-6500K color temperature
  • 97+ CRI
  • 0% -100% adjustable brightness
  • 10 lighting modes to create 50 kinds of scenes
  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Physical and App control

PL5 - Best portable LED light for video that works for smartphone shooting


COLBOR PL5 best portable LED light for video that works for smartphone shooting

If you are tight in budget, the COLBOR PL5 can be the ideal addition to your filmmaking set. Packing 48pcs of LED beads and featuring bi-color temperature from 2700-6500K, it has already been promising. It boasts two special lighting effects including lightning and fire, which makes it a fantastic approach to add impact to video content.

The PL5 is built with magnetic back and includes metal plated in the package, so it is able to attach to your phone or phone case simply, offering a use-friendly lighting solution to phone filming. You can monitor the setting and adjust it accordingly via the display screen, which shows the battery status, brightness, current color temperature, and so on.


  • 2700-6500K color temperature
  • 95+ CRI
  • 1500 Lux at 30cm with the color temperature of 6500K
  • 0% -100% adjustable brightness
  • 2 light effects
  • Display screen for precise adjustment
  • Magnetic back for simple mounting on metal materials
  • On-board and App control

PL8R - Best on camera LED light for video to ease low-power anxiety

COLBOR PL8R best on camera LED light for video to ease low-power anxiety

The COLBOR PL8R is a compact, effective light that mounts easily to the cold shoe of a camera or a tripod and provides a good burst of brightness that is ideal for use as a fill light.

Additionally, its large 5000mAh battery not only provides two hours of use at 100% brightness, but it also functions as a power bank to charge mobile devices. The Type-A DC Output port is designed for charging the recording phone to ensure nonstop shooting.

With completely adjustable color hue, saturation, and brightness, this little lighting system has you covered and gives you complete control over video creation. It has a CRI of 98+ and a variety of lighting effects, so you can have the optimum illumination possible for any situation.


  • 2500-9000K color temperature
  • 98+ CRI
  • 0% -100% adjustable brightness
  • 13 lighting modes to create more than 37 lighting effects
  • Display screen for visualized adjustment
  • 1/4’’ screw holes, cold shoe mount, and magnetic back offer universal compatibility
  • Physical and App control

COLBOR had launched more lights for video recording. They come in different power outputs and have upgraded features. Check the article to get the best LED light for video if you want more options.

Buyer guide: 7 factors to consider

From the above you can see that LED lights for video come with various features and functions, which makes it difficult to choose a really suitable one for your video creation. Therefore, we offer some key factors to consider during your purchasing. Just follow the tips below and make your decision.

Beam angle

What kind of region do you hope to illuminate with the light? Do you want to add more highlight effects or brighten the entire scene? These are the key considerations you should think about when choosing the proper beam angle for your new LED light for video making. Lower-degree angles will provide a more concentrated lighting stream, whilst wider beam angles create large-scale light that covers more areas.


The lights used on professional film sets usually have a very high light output, but they also cost a lot of money and produce a lot of heat. There is no need for lighting with very high lux levels to simulate a professional set if you are recording in a home studio or other small area. To avoid safety issues, it is also important to consider how your home's outlets work with various light outputs.

Color temperature

It is essential to consider the mood of your video content because it will guide your choice of color temperature. A warm, orange hue will emanate from lights with lower color temperatures, while a sharper, blue hue will emanate from higher color temperatures. Color temperature determines the lighting color and ranges from 1000K to 10000K in most cases.


Noise is also an important factor to consider for your choice. The distractions from the background of the video make it less professional. Therefore, it is advised to avoid bigger lights that need cooling fans. Or pick one with Quiet Mode to ensure silent shooting environment.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

CRI will be the deciding element in how well your lighting system performs. Seek the best lighting for YouTube videos with a CRI of 90–95 to make sure that it will generate the same quality as claimed in the product photographs.

Power supply

Powering is also very significant. How and where you can use your lights will depend on their power requirement. Batteries offer a more transportable alternative, although their lifespan will undoubtedly be constrained. AC power ensures that the light won’t run out of power, but it sets limits on the place where you can use it.


Portability is also taken into account in various types of video production, including movie creation, tour vlogs, review videos, etc. If you are concerned about it, check the weight and dimension data in the product specification list.

Table: Specs of LED lights for video at COLBOR

Making a choice among various LED lights for videography can be a tough job. To make it simple, we list the aforementioned specs of each recommended product. You can use it as a reference and make your own decision according to your need.






Beam angle



≈∠120°; Reflector ≈∠15°

≈∠120°; Reflector ≈∠55°


1500Lux(at 30cm 6500K)


3243Lux(at 1m 5600K, No Reflector)

2998Lux(at 1m 6500K, No Reflector)

Color temperature













25dB(smart mode); 10dB(quiet mode)

25dB(smart mode); 10dB(quiet mode)












Video lighting is undoubtedly a challenging aspect of video creation, but it shouldn't be a deal-breaker. A high quality and budget LED light for video can lead to the success of your films. It's time to invest in one to light up your video.